how to change your shopify domain name

Creating A Domain Name For Your Shopify Store as we all know coming up with the store,the main aim i

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Creating A Domain Name For Your Shopify Store

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Creating A Domain Name For Your Shopify Store

as we all know coming up with the store,the main aim is heart like when he start,what they call what he started having,huh both ideas for your store the,magnetics like super confusing and this,is something that every single girl,skips and their teacher student that I,review this on YouTube and that's,exactly why I'm afraid this video,because I mean this is something that's,very simple and straight to the point,I know there's a lot it would I would,love to get a former when it comes to,create they store domain name so here's,a four month I use for all my students,his segments from a program you guys get,to see we teach one of my students how,to go ahead and come up with the store,domain name it's pretty straightforward,going to do is either it gets two,syllable word or pick up one word of,thing that just sort of is a random name,that you've made up he is the exact,blueprint on how to go ahead and make it,awesome domain name with these that's,such shock Phi domains and then the,first one hundred underneath domain name,registration Kara this one here yes,there now let's sort of put into some,things like folks that would top,products so bright in the searching of,yep okay so let's take generate domain,and see if that's available so my advice,I'll give you thirty criterias now what,I want you to do is one you want to find,a domain digging calm and then to since,I'm recording this you'll be able to,it'll pop up in the skype group chat,you'll be able to watch it after about,number one you want to find something,Eddie ENCOM number two,you wanted to have two words max like,viral products top box okay yes hot,goods so,words max or you can find a one word at,product like Cody and dot-com came up,calm okay,what's another brain target calm so,could be one so weird word that makes it,look like a store so cover with a bunch,of different names you that available,for calm and you could send it to me on,skype and I'll help you pick the best,one and then once you find our next one,just purchase it through Shopify pushes,it through here,and it'll be able to pretty easily link,it up to your store okay cool so how,many have we how many do you think I,should come up with send me probably,three to five vervain pipe names pretty,easy to straight to a point right like a,lot of people but surprisingly don't,teach this they just tell this didn't go,go make a domain they tell the YouTube,you let's go figure I own domain I'm,gonna show you Facebook acts that's why,they talk about that product research,how to find top five winning products,this song but most teaching you the,simple stuff and that's about this,channel I'm going to go ahead and,release more and more simple and,straight to the point content just like,this show you guys how to go ahead and,you know create a domain think that's,something that people don't teach so if,you guys enjoyed today's video,pressure with day what's the cool stuff,they know you've ever seen let me go,very simple to sleep kettle that's a,pretty cool name likes me calm like if,you get a full level domain that like,sound something that's something pretty,cool but most of them have already saw,it out but yeah,before we end today's you know let's,start by announcing our sodas witness,what doubted dollars with courses or,consult calls with me the one is here,because one qualify with the,Bella follow minutes grab hit the,subscribe button Oh,bell I'll be picking the best coming,every single bigger other than that of,the guys have an amazing day to besiege,us tomorrow more that lift straight to,the point videos furthermore if you guys,want to work one-on-one with me if you,want to join my program and link in the,description book in an application go,through my free training schedule in a,free strategy session with either myself,or one of my partners and we'll go ahead,and build your strategy and see what's,stopping you from getting the results,you're looking for and maybe we can help,so definitely sign up below if you guys,want if you're headed join my program,and work with me one of one I don't that,hope you get that amazing then I we see,you guys tomorrow,peace

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