how to change shop name on shopify

How to Change Your Shopify Store's Name and URL hey everyone and welcome back to another,drop of fie


Updated on Jan 13,2023

How to Change Your Shopify Store's Name and URL

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How to Change Your Shopify Store's Name and URL

hey everyone and welcome back to another,drop of fied video training tutorial in,this video I'm gonna show you how you,can go into Shopify and change your,stores name and the stores URL and,domain name now why would you do this,say you've been running a Shopify store,for a while and you're just not happy,with the results or maybe you are happy,with the results but you feel like,there's more opportunities elsewhere and,you just want to start fresh and rebrand,your store how do you do that,well I'm gonna answer those questions in,this video and by the end of it you'll,know exactly how to rebrand your stores,name and URL so let's get started,so what I'm gonna do is log into my,Shopify dashboard and change the stores,name mine is currently the biggest easy,I'm gonna go down to settings on the,bottom left of the menu and so once we,get to the settings menu,we're gonna go to general which is the,first option you can choose click on it,and the first thing that comes up is,your stores name now you can change this,to anything you want you probably should,do some research on what kind of names,are effective what kind of names you,want to represent your store when you,rebrand so I'm gonna change mine to,fountain pen Emporium and I'm just gonna,press Save and so if we refresh the page,we will see that in the top left our,official store name is fountain pen,Emporium so now once this changes we are,working with our new store name but we,don't stop there because just changing,your store name doesn't actually change,the URL because when you set up a,Shopify store with Shopify they give you,an admin URL which is the one you see,right here and that basically is the,primary domain of your store so those,can't just really change based off of,the nature,how domain names work so if you want to,change yours and be more accurate to,what it is the biggest easy mine Shopify,dot-com does not really represent and,fountain pen Emporium very well you need,to buy a new domain name or transfer an,existing domain name that you already,have over so we can do that by going,into our online store on the left hand,menu going down to domains and here,you'll see your current domain name and,this is going to be the primary domain,name if it's the only one and so if you,want to change yours you can either go,to change primary domain if you've,already linked other ones or you can go,and buy a domain name you can also,connect existing domain names if you've,already purchased one that you want to,use and here you can transfer your,domain name if you bought it from a,different website that maybe you aren't,happy with you can transfer it to,Shopify so what I'm going to do is for,the sake of this video and ease of,understanding it instead of connecting,an existing domain name I'm just going,to buy a new domain name so we've got,the fountain and Emporium,and you can find these for very cheap so,I'm gonna buy this one and as you can,see we purchased our domain name and,before we do anything else we need to,verify our email address so once we,verify our email address I will be right,back,so now that we've confirmed through the,email that we have registered our new,domain we can go and set this as our,primary domain so if we go back to the,domain screen through here and now that,we're back at the domain screen we can,see that our domain is connected so if,we want to change our primary domain so,that the biggest easy my Shopify com,which was our old domain redirects,automatically to here which builds link,equity we can change it through here and,so now we can go to either the fountain,pen Emporium dot online or WWF fountain,pen Emporium online so this is gonna be,your choice essentially with Shopify you,get both of these I'm just gonna make,mine the fountain pen Emporium dot,online and I'm gonna save it and so as,you can see our primary domain,successfully changed so now no matter if,somebody goes to the fountain pen,emporiums out online or WWF Alton pen,Emporium dot online or the biggest easy,dot my Shopify dot store this is where,they're going to be sent and so in the,future this is going to be the primary,domain which means this gets all of the,link equity that comes with being a,primary domain these two won't build,link equity because these just redirect,to this domain and so that's basically,how you do it if you want to rebrand,your Shopify store with your store name,and your store URL and that's gonna,pretty much do it for this video if you,liked the video be sure to leave a,thumbs up on it if you have any,questions you can always leave a comment,down below if you find this video,important or maybe it'll help someone,out feel free to send it to them and if,you feel like these videos help you out,pretty,and consider subscribing to our channel,we're pretty much posting content on a,pretty regular basis and if you hit the,bell next to the subscribe button you'll,be sure never to miss a video thanks so,much for watching and have a great rest,of your day,I'll see you in the next video

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