how to change order number in shopify

Shopify Order Number Setup How To Change Shopify Order Number Shopify Dropshipping Tutorials hey goo

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Shopify Order Number Setup How To Change Shopify Order Number Shopify Dropshipping Tutorials

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Shopify Order Number Setup How To Change Shopify Order Number Shopify Dropshipping Tutorials

hey good morning guys,welcome to oman's kitchen today we'll be,doing,general settings so we are gonna do,the most basic settings the first set of,things to do,once you've opened your store all right,so before anything else let's scroll,down,and disable password,that's the first thing we need to do,disable the password,click save,next we want to go to settings,general,and we want to start making some small,changes here,just a few changes so,the first change is we're gonna do,we're gonna change the email address,where,it says store contact email and send our,email,we're gonna switch that out to our,support email,and i would like support,at a,miles kitchen,dot com or any other support email that,you choose could be,info could be help whatever it is,and we'll go into how to get your,get yourself or get your store a nice,classy support email as well,next we want to edit the legal name of,the business,the reason we want to do this from,now is when we go to generate the legal,pages,it will populate with this information,as,well as the legal name of the business,and some,of the address information,right so mw,online marketing,sir this is so this is the company,this is my company what we do is,customer service online marketing,and e-commerce and,this company is the official owner,of our store so i have to,add that in there's a phone number,already,as well as the address from when you're,signed up,and moving down we're gonna change,the time zone i want it to be esd,says gmt5 which kinda it kind of,tracks me to jamaica,so that would suck,because they try to get me to do like,a verification every every single time i,log in,yeah so want to change the time zone,if you are somewhere else,change it to a u.s times one it's one of,the ways that shopify panda uses,to track you and,central time is good gmt6,i like imperial for the weight system,it doesn't really matter but i just like,imperial,and then we set a prefix for our site,this is what our order number will look,like,now the reason you want to set a prefix,and not just,leave it with the default hashtag or,number sign,whatever whatever whatever is because,you want to differentiate,your order number from another source,in the event that a customer has an,issue,and they contact you you need to be able,to verify that,yes this order indeed came from my store,simply by looking at the order number,that,way if you don't have the generic um,the generic order number someone comes,in and says hey,mine is are the number one zero,zero one but you are like,no my orders are of the format,number sign a one whatever whatever,k so if that's not the order number that,they have or the the the sequence of the,order number that they have,then it's not from your store and,this just serves to you know,help persons to find the store that kind,of wronged them,if if something went wrong with their,order on the other store,are on whoever's store,now once you have this information,completed,we click save,and that's that we have,completely set up the general,information of the store,the next set of settings we'll be going,into is,shipping then legal then payments,and then we hop onto the different,apps and categories collections,products then the theme,all right so guys remember to like share,and subscribe,it really does help if you haven't,started your store already,there is a link in the description gives,you 14 days free trial,go ahead and use it it helps the channel,a lot helps me out,helps you out because we're gonna be,using most of the revenue generated from,this channel,to test crazy advertising schemes to see,what works with this store,so it's all our store guys so,all right thank you for tuning in,remember like share and subscribe for me

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