how much is shopify after the free trial

✅ Shopify 3 Months For $1 🔥 How To Register For Shopify $1 Dollar Offer & Free Trial [2023] Shopify


Updated on Jan 16,2023

✅ Shopify 3 Months For $1 🔥 How To Register For Shopify $1 Dollar Offer & Free Trial [2023]

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✅ Shopify 3 Months For $1 🔥 How To Register For Shopify $1 Dollar Offer & Free Trial [2023]

Shopify free trial three months for one,dollar of Shopify so yes you can tell by,the video title and tell by everything,in today's video that I'm going to be,showing you how you can get the Shopify,free monster Shopify for only one dollar,so you basically pay one dollar a month,for three months of Shopify which is an,insane deal and I had to make a video,for you guys on this new update Shopify,on here on internet website so you guys,don't miss out so,um if you do want to take advantage off,the bat of this offer I'll provide a,link Down Below in the video description,so you can instantly get access to that,right now,and also if you do want to see if this,still is actually available whenever,you're watching this video I'll provide,a link Down Below in the video,description so you can go ahead and,actually check to see if this still is,going to be available whenever you're,watching this video so this video can be,you know a year old two years or,anything like that and the links down,below will get you the best deal that is,available for Shopify regardless of when,you're watching this video so yeah the,first step to begin today's video is to,click the top link Down Below in the,video description and um just to clarify,I'll give you some context on how insane,this deal is in terms of saving if we go,over here to shopify's pricing plans,right here you'll see that they have,free even price implants so normally,well just with their um bare minimum,like pricing plan right here off the,cheapest plan right here they have on,their website,um the basic plants so you normally have,to pay 29 a month,and you'll be able to get again right,here three months of Shopify for one,dollar on select plans,so that's crazy and again like I said,just before in the introduction Shopify,does like you know do different deals,and change their trolls from time to,time so,um normally they have a 14 day trial but,for some reason it's like only a,three-day trial so,um again I will be updating the links,down below to the best troll offers,because they even had like 90 day free,trials in the past actually so if there,are like any new trials like that I'll,update the links down below for you so,again like I said regardless when you,watch this video you'll be able to get,the best trolls and the best deals for,Shopify but like I said the premise of,today's video is to go over there three,months to Shopify for one dollar which,is crazy so let's click on sign up and,I'm gonna go through the exact process,so you don't miss out so you can skip,all these like little Nitty Gritty steps,so it's just basically like a survey for,Shopify really so it doesn't really,affect anything so I'll just click on,skip skip,and skip,and then what you can do right here if,you do have a name for your store you,can put in a name for your store right,here so I'm going to put in a minute,website,and just a random text I guess so let's,just click on next,put in your location just click on next,should be like automatically like I said,to your region as well then you'll click,on like how do you want to create your,Shopify account so your free trial and,if we just want to click on whatever you,want to do so I'm going to click on the,email,once you put in your details click on,create Shopify ID,and there you go once all this is set up,for you in the background you'll see,that you come to your Shopify dashboard,right here and as you can see build your,dream business at your own pace enjoy,three months of Shopify for one dollar a,month when you sign up for a monthly,basic or starter plan,crazy crazy stuff guys so if we go over,here and we also get this prompt right,here at the bottom right hand of the um,web page right here on your troll just,started but of course if you want to,enjoy free monster Shopify for one,dollar a month when you sign up for a,monthly or basic plan you can either,click the top call to action right here,inside of the dashboard or the bottom,call to action on the bottom right hand,corner so if you click on pick a plan,right here,this is again so you can activate your,Shopify,three months for one dollar deal so as,you can see,this is going to be the deal right here,so only a dollar USD a month for the,first three months which is just,absolutely crazy stuff so enjoy three,months Shopify for only one dollar a,month on select plans so obviously you,can't do this with the Shopify or the,advanced Shopify plans unfortunately but,nevertheless the fact that we can,actually go ahead and do these for the,basic plan again if we go over here to,the pricing plan you normally have to,pay 29 a month for the basic plan right,here but with this deal right here you,only pay a dollar USD for the first,three months of your Shopify account,which is just crazy so you can click on,choose this plan right here so let's,choose this plan,okay,and then you can see that you will be,able to go ahead and choose this billing,cycle so monthly one year or dollar USD,for the first three months which is an,amazing deal so I still honestly,couldn't believe my eyes when I first,saw this that Shopify was doing this,promotion so again I wanted to,definitely make a video for you guys so,you can definitely take advantage of,this offer while still available Okay so,you will be charged one dollar,and obviously after the three month,period you will be charged fully which,is going to be 29 a month,so do keep that in mind Bob this is,going to be a special deal where you get,it for three months for like one dollar,so once you go ahead and choose your,billing Cycles so let's just choose that,you'll need to put in your business,address or your details right here so,you're putting you choose your region,you'll choose you're putting your like,your first name your last name your,address all that type of stuff then,you'll go ahead and choose how you like,to pay so you can pay via credit card or,PayPal both options obviously going to,be up to you but you have both options,available so if we click on credit card,right here you're put in your details,here here and all that type of stuff,your region your name your address and,all that type of stuff,then with the PayPal you can just,connect your PayPal account and use it,to pay your bills and you'll be,redirected to PayPal to add your billing,information which is pretty cool stuff,so it's very very simple to do and very,very simple to actually activate your,one dollar a month times three months,plan so basically you only pay a dollar,per month for the first three months all,the basic Shopify plan which is crazy,stuff an amazing deal to take advantage,of also if we go over here to pick a,plan like we just discussed through the,middle part of today's video as you can,see the most popular is going to be the,basic Shopify plan and you can't,obviously choose the one dollar a month,plan for the first three months for the,Shopify plan for 79 a month or the,advanced trip of my plan but you can do,this with the basic Shopify again for 29,a month which you normally have to pay,but like you only get it for like you,can basically pay like one dollar a,month for the first three months for the,basic Shopify plan and you can do the,same thing for the starter plan right,here as well which would normally cost,you five dollars a month but you can go,ahead and pay one dollar a month for the,first frame for the Shopify starter plan,which is going to be up to you as well,but obviously if we go up here the best,Shopify plan,a transaction fees for all third party,payment providers is two percent and the,same with the currency conversion tree,right here which is going to be two,percent in terms of features you get two,staff members and up to four locations,and shipping of right here after 77,discount then with the starter plan,right here the payments so when it comes,to third-party transaction fees if not,using Shopify payments it's five percent,and online credit cards which is going,to be five percent plus this given,amount right here in Australian currency,so it's going to vary depending on your,own currency of course,and then the features you get one user,and shareable product pages,and then when it comes to like old plans,as you can see all plans come with,shareable product pages unlimited,products uh 24 7 support fraud analysis,about the card recovery manual order,creation sales channels fast and,reliable checkout and as you can see the,list goes on right here now in terms of,watch Shopify and how does it work we do,actually have a whole video where we go,over exactly what Shopify is on the,internet website the YouTube channel so,you can feel free to watch one of those,other videos I have to watch in this but,I'll briefly go over it here as well so,Shopify is a complete Commerce platform,that lets you start grow and manage,their business with Shopify you can,create and customize an online store,selling multiple including web mobile,social media online marketplaces brick,and mortar locations and pop-up shops so,you can basically sell in multiple,places,manage products inventory payments and,our shipping,and of course these are like the things,that Shopify can do for you in a nice,little summary and in terms of like,going over more information Shopify is a,completely cloud-based and host and,hosted so basically Shopify is you know,hosted and basically cloud-based which,means that you don't have to worry about,upgrading or maintaining software or web,service because Shopify will do that on,your behalf this gives you the,flexibility to access it from your,business from almost anywhere including,your mobile device,again we'll have a more detailed,explanation of what Shopify is all about,on my YouTube channel we have other,different videos to go over this and we,also have a video that goes over the,Shopify pricing and cost as well and we,kind of like briefly went over that in,today's video right here as well but to,go back over here you know how much to,Shopify cars,um but again they have been updating,their trial periods but like if you do,go with a free trial it's completely for,free and obviously if you do go with a,special deal it's only one dollar a,month for the first three months which,is just absolutely insane,um so if we just minimize these can I,use my own domain name with Shopify yes,you can use your own domain name with,Shopify if you have an existing domain,name you can connect it to Shopify from,your stores admin,if you don't have a domain name yet you,can either buy one for a Shopify or a,third-party provider,and then the last FAQ right here is do,you do you need like a designer or,developer to use Shopify and now this is,going to be no you don't need a designer,or developer to use Shopify sign up for,Shopify allows you to customize the look,and feel of your store with the online,store Builder and themes add features,and functionality to your store with,apps,um yeah that's basically the FAQ section,so,um yeah I wanted to make a quick video,and a bit of a tutorial and walk you,through the process step by step and how,you can get started with Shopify so you,can actually get Shopify for only one,dollar a month for the first three,months so again I wanted to make this,video to update you guys so you can take,advantage of this special deal we have,plenty of videos on the YouTube channel,right here where we go over shopifying,so much more so I definitely wanted to,inform you of this new deal while still,available and we will be uploading new,videos in a nearby future as well,regarding Shopify so make sure to,subscribe to the YouTube channel so that,you guys don't miss out on that and if,you did find Value in today's video and,if you are going to be using a special,deal make sure to leave a like it does,support this video and get it out there,for more people to see,and again if you do want to take,advantage of this special deal all you,have to do is simply click the top link,Down Below in the video description and,you'll be able to start your free trial,and enjoy free months of Shopify for one,dollar a month which is again just,absolutely an amazing deal,and again if this deal does expire by,the way I will be uploading the links,down below so you can still get the best,deal available regardless when you're,watching this video so you'll still be,able to get yourself a nice free trial,or some sort of like deal whenever,you're watching this Shopify video that,I created for you right here so yeah,that's basically it links will be down,below to everything we discussed in,today's video and yeah thanks for,watching today's Shopify free trial and,how to get Shopify free for free months,for only one dollar or not really free,we can get a free trial but you can,basically get Shopify for one dollar a,month or three months which is just an,incredible deal so yeah thanks for,watching today's Shopify three months,off Shopify for only one dollar a month,video cheers

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