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How To Change All Shopify Themes Background Image 2021 okay i'ma just say it i don't think you,guys

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Change All Shopify Themes Background Image 2021

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How To Change All Shopify Themes Background Image 2021

okay i'ma just say it i don't think you,guys are ready for this video,this is about to be the ultimate,shopify theme video,for changing your background image so no,matter what theme you have,no matter what theme you have,i will be able to change that background,so i think so let's get into it we got a,bare bones website right here this is,the debut theme,i already did a video on the debut theme,but,let's get spicy let's just we could pick,any of these,free ones if you have a paid one,and you want to use that that's fine,but moving a little slow,but i've been hearing a lot of people,just complaining about,like um not being able to uh,change some of the uh css,on their thing whatever,theme they have it's like hey i feel,free because some of this stuff,is like it is hard to find the answers,to i'm not gonna lie,but this little trick should be able to,help you with,anything you may have and,this is about my second time trying to,do this nope about my fourth time,so we're gonna see if this works with,any of these other themes because i made,one for,debut so let's see,any mini mine emo imma choose you all,right,we're gonna go with minimal you may not,be using minimal but it doesn't matter,just follow along,let's use that that look nice we're not,going to have none of those pictures so,it doesn't matter no not really,so this is what we're doing we are going,to,let this thing load up and then,i think i'm making my main but it,shouldn't really matter,let me exit this bad boy out,yeah it's still like adding it okay and,it's added,i want to publish this,okay so minimal is my main one now and,we're gonna get,right into it so to start,we're going to go to edit code,and what you can do is you can come in,well let me do that you can come into,the assets folder,and you can add your own image if you,have one so if you have a little kitten,image that you want to add to your,website you can add it here it's,perfectly fine,i won't be doing that i will be using,this website pixels that i use in,my last video for the debut theme and i,will be,choosing one of these pictures,of new york and,huh some nice pictures,i am just going to pick this one,nice little picture we're going to do,copy image address,in a second sorry about that people,i wasn't paying attention all right so,what we're going to do is we're just,going to click on any random white space,and inspect that spot,and we are about to find out if this is,working or not,all right so let's open this up a bit,whoa i think i see it okay all right so,you're gonna,you want to open up this because it has,the blue crap,that's showing you that everything on,the page is highlighted,and we want to get the section that we,actually care about,all right,this could be a little bit more,complicated than i thought,but let's try this,so this isn't about to do anything we're,gonna right click this,div class all right we'll right click on,that and then click copy and then copy,selector,and then what we're going to do is come,back in here and we're going to go to, s so,in my debut theme one,you don't have this the,scss.liquid but this should still,work and we're going to paste this in,with like control v or you can do um,command v if you're on a mac and we will,be,adding brackets and then a closing,bracket,and then i'm going to type in background,image we're going to manually,insert some code,so at this point you can add your,file that you uploaded if you did upload,one if you didn't,that's fine but if you did it will be,something it would just,literally be the name so like that dot,png,or jpeg whatever you have,you'll just upload it right here since,i'm not doing that i'm actually getting,a,picture from this website i'm gonna go,to the picture copy image address,and then i'm gonna come right there,between and then paste,my pictures link in there,and i'm also going to make sure there's,no repeats so,background repeat,let's about that one a little wrong and,then we're going to type in,no repeat semicolon,let me scroll down a little bit for the,people who can't see in the back,uh then we're gonna do this last one,background,size and then cover and that should be,it,literally um let's see if it worked i,mean i told you i did this for the debut,theme let's see if it works for this one,too,make me look good and it worked,unfortunately it didn't get this section,but,that this is why if we go back into here,i would probably just have to call it,for the body,but um first,let's see if we could fix this,because i want to make sure you guys get,the best video,that you can get so we went for the main,right here and that's why it wasn't,working,i'm sure if you go for the body it might,be the same issue,let's see copy selector off the body,section,and then i'm going to come up here,and all we're doing is removing this,okay,so let me delete this let's save,and it should like it should blend into,like up here too,which i didn't want but we're just,trying stuff out,so you get the whole page if you do this,you would just oh that doesn't look too,bad you would just have to,uh remove this background or change the,color the background up here for the,menu,but yeah this is this doesn't look too,bad you just got to change the,some colors but i'll show you how to,change those colors in,other videos but if this worked for you,or your theme let me know leave a,comment below,like and subscribe and share this on all,your social media platforms,and help another person out today who is,struggling,struggling trying to find an answer to,this,problem no matter if their theme cost,180 dollars,or if their theme was free we all need,to help each other out,but yeah that's it guys um i really,appreciate you guys checking out this,video and i will see you guys in,the next one

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