how to start shopify dropshipping with no money

How To Start Dropshipping With NO MONEY In 2022 (Shopify Dropshipping) in this video i'm going to sh

Tan Choudhury

Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Start Dropshipping With NO MONEY In 2022 (Shopify Dropshipping)

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How To Start Dropshipping With NO MONEY In 2022 (Shopify Dropshipping)

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can start a profitable shopify drop,shipping business for zero dollars,this is the exact strategy that i,recommend to use if you're on a low,budget to start your drop shipping store,and this method is an untapped proven,and validated strategy,that i used last month to generate 130,dollars my very first day,using this and i've also had countless,other students use this and hit,one thousand two thousand even ten,thousand dollars their very first month,using this,and i'm gonna be walking you through,step by step showing you how to set up,this insanely powerful strategy,into your shopify drop shipping business,so with that being said if you,are new to the channel my name is tan,and i'm currently documenting the entire,process,of building my online business and being,as transparent as possible,so if you want to follow along make sure,you subscribe to the channel,but without further ado let's get into,the value,alright so the first thing i want to go,over is the fact that i recommend,a one to two thousand dollar budget to,actually start drop shipping,but if you don't have that budget right,now don't worry,because i'm gonna be showing you this,low budget strategy and i truly believe,if you follow this method to the t,and do everything i'm gonna be showing,you today then you can get sales your,first or even,second day trying out this method so,with that being said,let's get into the value and i'm gonna,show you how you can set this up in your,store alright guys so normally when you,start your shopify drop shipping,business,the first thing you would want to do is,set up your shopify store,but since we are on such a low budget,we're not going to want to start our,shopify store,until we find our product so i'm gonna,be showing you guys the best low budget,strategy to find winning products almost,instantly,so let's hop into my computer and i'm,gonna show you guys how to set this up,yourself,all right guys so this method is,relatively easy the very first thing,we're going to want to do is come on to,google,and look up aliexpress drop shipping,center and we're going to want to click,the very first,link and if you've never heard of the,drop shipping center,this actually a platform listed by,aliexpress,that gives you direct access and data to,tons of products that are currently,being sold,on aliexpress and what we can do is we,can come onto this platform and actually,tap into data from,other suppliers so the first thing we're,going to want to do is click this find,products to sell and it's going to,populate us to this portal of all these,other viral products that are actually,blowing up,so right now you should be on a page,very similar to this,and what we can do is we can scroll down,and we can look at some of these,products because as you see this product,has 48 000 orders,this one has 29 000 orders and we can,scroll down here until we find some,products that we want to sell,so another indication that these,products are being drop shipped right,now,is this ds order section over here so,this is only counting orders that have,been directly integrated from the,de-essers,app that aliexpress provides so even,though you only see,119 orders over here that's definitely,not accurate because,it doesn't include data from oberlo or,any private links that the suppliers are,actually making for drop shippers,but definitely still use this metrics if,we keep scrolling down,we can see products just like this one,had 2886 out of 13 000 orders,that have been drop shipped through,their center and these ones over here,have tons of orders as well,so what we can do is we can open these,links up and it will take us directly to,the aliexpress link,and one thing that i want you guys to,keep in mind is that we're not just,looking for,products with tons of orders but we're,actually looking for products that solve,real world problems because at the end,of the day some cool slippers like this,might get some sales but it doesn't have,that drawing factor that has customers,buy them like,wildfire so let me give you a really,good example over here,in one of my drop shipping challenges i,chose this shower head over here,i'll put a photo on the screen and what,this product does it actually takes,toxins out of your water and purifies,any hard water,so this is the perfect type of product,that will draw customers,in to find your product because even,though it looks cool,they're actually buying your product for,the problem that it's solving,and this is gonna make sure that your,conversion rates much higher,and in order to be successful with the,advertising strategy i'm going to be,showing you today,it must be a problem-solving product so,definitely go through this list and keep,scrolling until you find a product that,actually solves a real world problem,so i'm going to keep scrolling myself,until i find one and i'll be back with,you guys in a few minutes,all right so here we go i just found a,product it's a two-way pet hair remover,and if we check this link out what this,product does it removes hair from,carpets really effectively,and if you see there's 8 500 reviews on,this product,and 32 000 orders so this is a really,good indication,that this product's very successful,right now,now once you find a product you're,interested in i recommend you go to the,product title,and copy some of the keywords down so,i'm gonna copy,two-way pet hair remover roller and i'm,gonna copy this and i'm gonna paste this,onto google,and what we're looking for is other,shopify drop shipping businesses,that are actually selling this product,so once the product's typed in let's,head over this google shopping tab over,here,and we're going to be scrolling down to,see if other companies are selling this,so as you can see we already see tons of,companies right off the bat that are,selling these,so i'm gonna open them up and number one,i wanna check out the price that they're,actually selling this product for,because whenever we find products on,aliexpress,we wanna make sure that we can mark them,up by at least,300 percent so with that being said i'm,gonna get over to the store creation,and i'm gonna show you the most low,budget way to get your shopify drop,shipping store off the ground,and actually have a successful store,that will guarantee customers convert on,your website,alright so the first thing that we have,to do to get our store set,up is we need to choose a shopify theme,my favorite free shopify themes are,debut,brooklyn or boundless these are all,really good options,that will get your store built for,completely no cost,now in this video i'm not going to be,walking through the entire store,creation,but i will leave a link above where i,show you guys how to do this but now,that you have your theme installed the,next thing we're gonna need to do,is create a logo and you can create a,logo in just a few minutes,download it onto your store and it,should be looking really solid right now,then obviously you're gonna need to buy,a domain name for your shopify store,and this is the only thing in this,entire method that's not free,there's no way to get around this but i,am going to help you guys reduce this,cost to only 99 cents,so what you can do is type on google 99,cent godaddy domain,there will be a link that pops up that,will automatically inject a discount,code,where you can get started for your,domain for only 99 cents,and then all you have to do is connect,it into shopify and that will save you,12,right there all right guys so let's hop,into the advertising segment of this,video,and i'm gonna be showing you how to,harness unlimited traffic using,tick tock so if you aren't aware tick,tock has become this industry leader,in e-commerce right now and there's a,massive opportunity with individuals,with low budget,to build simple tick-tocks around their,store,and get tons of visitors and this is,actually how i launched this store up,and got three sales my very first day,using this,and it's a very simple strategy but i,guarantee,if you don't follow exactly what i'm,showing you guys then this method is not,going to work,before we get into the method i want to,show you a real example with one of the,tick tock accounts that,i use to implement this strategy so this,profile is called the sun lamp and if,you see,we're posting different viral content on,tick tock,and we're getting almost 200 likes this,one got 300 likes,on every single video for completely,free so we got,1700 likes in a matter of just a few,days by,implementing this and it actually,attributed to over,five sales for completely no cost,so in order to make these posts we have,two options,option number one would be browsing for,different stock footage on aliexpress or,alibaba,if you go to some of the product pages,you'll see that they have videos which,you can download and we can recreate,them into tick tocks but there's a very,specific formula to do that,so that's option number one this could,be a little bit time intensive,but it actually works so this is one of,aliexpress's page,and you can see on every one of their,videos they're posting different viral,content and just making very simple tick,tocks out of the product videos,so this is one of the ways i would,implement this strategy,another thing you can do is make duet of,user generated content so for example,there's this page over here,and we could come over their video and,we could click this share button and we,could click duet but this page has,disabled duet,so we're going to want to find other,user generated content that we can do,this,and we can just put different reaction,videos so i'll put one on the screen,that shows exactly what i'm meaning so,you guys have another understanding,you see this we want this we love this,we need this but this,yeah we don't need this and then the,third and final method to leverage,free tick-tock traffic is ordering the,product,off amazon so while this isn't free this,is a very cost-effective way to get,tons of viewers to your product and if,you order the product once then you can,make tons of tick tock so if you see,that's what we did on this page,this is duet that we did and if you come,down this another duet,but these are all user generated content,that we're using,so you can see how effective a post like,this would be and i have tons of them,just like this so if you order it it's,gonna give your chances of being,successful much,higher but keep in mind it's not good,enough just to have solid content,we're gonna need to be posting all of,our tick tocks,with different viral songs so if you're,not aware how tick-tock works,when you go to add music there should be,a viral section over there,and we're going to want to add the first,the second or the third most,viral songs on that list and one thing,you can do,is you can actually dim the volume down,to almost,zero so this way you're gonna get the,effects of the tik tok,algorithm being boosted on one of these,viral songs without the music playing,so this is a really really easy and,effective way to get video,advertisements,delivered to tons of people across the,world for free,and the reason why i showed you guys to,find problem solving products,is if the product just looks cool i,found it's just not as effective if the,products bringing real world value to,someone,so definitely go out and try this method,out i promise it works i got sales my,very first day,and i have tons of students who have,been absolutely crushing it using this,strategy,and if you guys want to take it to the,next level then i recommend you guys try,my drop shipping program,you guys can sign up for a free trial,for only one dollar,where i show you absolutely everything,that got me to,five million dollars in drop shipping,sales i show you guys the entire,strategy click by click and there's,literally no risk so i definitely,recommend you try it out while it's,still available because i'm not going to,be keeping this offer up for long,but i really hope you did enjoy today's,video and got a ton of value,go out and implement this strategy today,but without further ado i'll see you,guys in the next video,peace out

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