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HOW TO ADD TESTIMONIALS TO ANY SHOPIFY THEME 2022 welcome back graduates so today i'm,going to be te


Updated on Jan 12,2023


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how to add testimonials to shopify catalogs


welcome back graduates so today i'm,going to be teaching you how to add,another option to your store and that is,testimonials now i know yes you have a,review app you have all these other apps,we can get reviews a testimonial section,is more or less an area where you,feature your best reviews and it's,really really good to have because it,gives you that social proof it gives you,that edge over your competitors so,people can actually validate and say you,know what these people are really happy,holy crap i really want to buy this,product thank god these testimonials are,there so that's kind of what i'm going,to show you how to do and then you can,add this to the dawn theme and i'm going,to let you in on a little secret this,does work on all of the other free,themes that shopify offers,it really does but this video tutorial,is for dawn theme and for all the free,themes we probably will have a video for,each free theme that are out there um,just because people are searching for,that but anyways let's get right to it,i'm wasting time here three two one here,we go,so you're going to want to go into your,shopify admin,you know dashboard you want to click on,online store,and you're going to want to go to the,theme that you want to edit so dawn no,testimonials naturally that's the one we,want to edit so let's click preview and,then you also want to click edit code,right here now when you when you,actually get this download what you're,going to do is you're going to see two,files there's going to be a readme file,which i have open right here,and it's it's really that easy i think,there's there's literally one step one,single step so follow along closely i,won't repeat myself probably will as you,know you've been watching me for a while,you know i repeat myself quite often,alright so the first step here,is,you want to add a section called eg,testimonials dot liquid so that is a,section,and and it goes into the sections folder,so right here it is this is the,templates folder this is the layout,folder now we need the sections folder,we're going to click on add new section,paste that in there create section,and now what it's saying is,okay yeah you're gonna have to open up,this file all right my my tutorial file,is wrong i'm sorry,so eg testimonials are gonna open this,up in our text editor,whatever editor you want to use,i'm just using this one because i know a,lot of you don't have a code editor,but there's notepad plus plus there's vs,code there's adam editor there's sublime,editor for mac there's um,you there's text mate which i use,sometimes it's a pretty cool text editor,for free for uh max but,anyways we got our code right here we,want to copy this,but a bing butter boom here we go,highlight all of this and we're gonna,replace this right here,and we're gonna hit save,that's that's really it it's that easy,so now we're here we're on our preview,store there are no testimonials so let's,go and add these testimonials shall we,that's cool,um let's go here so let's customize,i told you it was painless right it did,i promised you,but and i delivered so because i,delivered you guys need to smash that,like button and click that subscribe,button because you're going to get,awesome tutorials like this so right,here we go we got eg testimonials boom,look at that,there's no testimonials available,because we don't have any,set,we're going to hit save so what you want,to do is select an image so we'll just,select like the person here select hit,save,there we go,voila you've got some testimonials look,at that how beautiful,that great,i know i know we're awesome and we can i,think we can i think this new editor too,we can like drag can we drag things,around,i'm still learning about this editor,oh okay there's a button so we want to,move it up,okay that's pretty cool yeah,and it is mobile optimized everything,looks good,looks fancy smancy,um so we want to do is click on here and,yeah and you can you can choose to show,the stars if you don't want to show the,stars you can change the title size you,can change the title the description the,image author name,and we will be adding new features to,these options what we're doing is we,roll out these these snippet options for,you so that way you can kind of,you you'll go and get them and then,you'll kind of tell us what it's missing,what you want that sort of thing and,then we'll add those options as we need,to,so anyways guys thank you so much if you,like this tutorial please subscribe and,also like the video because it really,helps us you know reach more people so,they can see these tutorials um and add,awesome features to their stores so,until next time guys thank you

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