how to add terms of service on shopify

How to Generate Terms & Conditions for Shopify Online Store in this video i'm going to show you how,

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How to Generate Terms & Conditions for Shopify Online Store

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How to Generate Terms & Conditions for Shopify Online Store

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can set up a terms and conditions,page on your shopify store and if this,video was of any value to you please,leave us a super thanks and thank you,very much for supporting our channel,let's start with the tutorial basically,shopify has its built-in page called,terms and conditions generator i'm gonna,leave the link in the description and,what this page will do it will generate,a document for you with basic,information about what the terms and,conditions looks like right so basically,it's gonna ask you to start a trial but,you don't have to just skip trial,because you probably already have a,shopify store so basically here you,would like to fill out the information,about your company um the company name,the email address that's important,because the email address is where,they're gonna send you the document to,and um the the address of your business,and it's all gonna put it into the,document so once you fill out this,information just click on send me the,terms and conditions um let me show you,real quick,okay so the email has been sent let's go,ahead and check our inbox,we have the email the terms and,conditions policy is ready we're going,to open this email and we're going to,have this link here get your terms and,condition policy now so we open this,link and basically this whole document,right here has been generated with the,information that you put in about your,business so we can go ahead and just,copy this whole thing and let's go back,to our shopify store here we're going to,go to pages and create a page because we,need to actually include this,information somewhere right so we're,going to add a new page add page and,call it,we're gonna paste right click and you,will see that all the information here,will have some basic structure i,strongly recommend you that you read it,because it's not going to be formatted,the best some things might be a little,wobbly for example you know like these,titles are going to be all together and,also basically a terms and conditions,document is what you are telling your,customers this is what we do this is,what we abide by so when you make,business with us this is how we manage,ourselves so basically you need to make,sure that what this document says it's,what you really believe because if a,terms of condition says we're gonna give,you ten dollars after every purchase,back you need to give ten dollars after,every purchase back because the customer,has to agree to your terms and,conditions right so once you do format,your terms and conditions and you read,it and you modify it then you can just,save that page and once the page is,created let's go ahead and add it to an,actual storefront so let's go to online,store you can go to navigation directly,if you have a footer menu if you don't,then just go to the theme and then click,customize and then you're gonna just,like find a place to put it for example,i would like to put it in the photo menu,which is where it goes normally quick,links we have the footer menu here in,the bottom left corner and i have you,see quick links and newsletter i'm going,to click on quick links and what it has,is the footer menu so i'm going to click,on edit menu and we're going to add,another item to this footer menu so i'm,going to click add menu item call it,and you can type in the link of the page,directly or you can just search for it,i'm just going to click go to pages and,it's going to pull out all the pages,that i have in my store so i already,have it right here terms and conditions,and you can just click add,boom i'm going to save this menu and if,you go and check right away it might not,show like it takes a little while takes,a few seconds to show there so i'm just,going to give it 30 seconds to a minute,for it to update all right so about a,minute has gone by so let's go ahead and,check out our store i'm gonna click this,little eye thing right here scroll down,and as you can see we have our terms and,conditions page right here let's click,on it and open it see how it looks like,there we go terms of service so we have,all the information provided by the,generator so i hope you found this video,helpful and if you did please leave us a,super thanks like and subscribe to this,channel have a wonderful rest of the day,my friends and stay safe out there,you

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