how to add subcategories in shopify

How To Create Subcategory In Shopify so Shopify does not by default allow you,technically to create

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Create Subcategory In Shopify

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how to add subcategories in shopify catalogs

How To Create Subcategory In Shopify

so Shopify does not by default allow you,technically to create subcategories,because their collections are what we,would normally call the category but you,when you create a collection you're just,creating a list of collections you can't,make any kind of hierarchy within those,collections themselves so if I wanted to,link to all my collections from this,main menu here I literally would have to,just have a single a link every one all,the way going all the way across which,if if I had lots of categories just to,illustrate I want to add I have added,some so I've got I've got I've got a dog,toys category and then underneath those,I've got flesh toy plush toys wrote tog,rope toys and squeaky toys so if I,wanted to add all those three categories,as you can see I'd have to do this and,I'd have to go collections and I'd have,to go plush toys rope toys and then I'd,have to go toys,squeaky toys and you know that is not it,save that is not the most helpful okay,to have all of these come along here if,you imagine I mean if you have lots and,lots of categories and it just be chaos,would be no good whatsoever so this is,where this little rearrange e button,thing comes around so my about us and my,Contact Us page are always going to be,at the end I want those out of the way,but in order to create my subcategories,what I can do is did actually create a,an overall category which is dog toys,all right so there's my dog toys,category,so what I can do now is I'm gonna come,up here and I am going to if you drag,this to the right you'll see it says,it's come up with dog toys there oh yeah,and it's going to add plush toys nested,under dog toys rope toys I do the same,that's gonna drum pin oh come on there,we go there we are and then squeaky toys,we just drag that up okay and now again,I can do it this way as well and just,add add an item and directly under this,under this category first alright now,when I save this and go and refresh my,store you'll see that my dog toys I've,just got dog toys with a little down,arrow and then when I click on that hope,my page is not behaving my Internet's,gone and then you'll see that I've got,my dog toys category here and when I,click the little down arrow I get my,subcategories here so what most what,most people would do is you wouldn't,have this main catalog link here cuz,that just links to everything which is,not particularly helpful,once you've organized as why I was,talking at the beginning about,organizing your categories and deciding,what goes in where once you've organized,all of that you would decide what your,several main categories are across the,top which in my case would probably be,or they would be collars and leads there,we go and all the way I've got it at the,moment would be dog beds okay so those,are my main items I'm gonna,move the about a second on the contact,us page down here alright,and then I can actually remove my,catalog link because I have I now have,all my products I've saved that and,we'll go and refresh and now have all my,product categories across the top here,alright so there are my dog bears there,are my collars and leaves and there are,my dog toys I've got my root toys and my,squeaky toys and my pleasure toys okay,so I've got all the navigation I need up,here now and then obviously my privacy,policy and all that kind of thing at the,bottom there now again if you've got a,blog on your website you can just add a,menu item at the top there in fact you,don't have to type anything here if you,click on the link and go to blog then,it's called news so actually I would,prob probably call it blog you can you,can add your blog as well refresh and,there's our blog okay so we haven't got,anything in there yet I'm going to talk,about that in a second okay but that is,how you sort out your menu items and,actually create subcategories and of,course you can create sub sub categories,here by that's just for you just for,argument's sake let's so I can I can,nest you know multiple multiple layers,of category here so that you can you can,get so I've got my dog too then I've got,the squeaky toys and we rope toys and,plush toys and that this particular if,you notice how this particular theme I,haven't chosen a theme this is the,default theme but because now I have two,levels of subcategory it's automatically,created this,kind of sub drop-down menu option here,so we've got squeaky toys and rope toys,and then plush toys so if I had lots and,lots of categories this is quite a good,way of doing it to get all your you know,all your menu items organized it would,it would have all the sub categories,listed underneath here you'd have,squeaky toys and then all the sub,categories you have it any other,category he'll enlisted all underneath,so there's lots you can do with this,well worth having a having a play once,you start thinking about how you want to,organize your categories but that's why,I kind of talked about thinking about,your categories before you even start so,that you can start with this in mind how,you're gonna have it all laid out okay

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