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How to sign up for a free trial || Shopify Help Center It’s never been easier to start a business  w

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to sign up for a free trial || Shopify Help Center

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How to sign up for a free trial || Shopify Help Center

It’s never been easier to start a business  with a 14 day free trial of Shopify.,We’ll show you how.,For everything I show you today, you  can find help articles linked below.,Now let’s get started!,First, head over to,This page is has everything  you need to get started,  ,including links to Shopify  plans, pricing, and blogs.",Your 14 day free trial starts right when you sign  up, and not when you start working on your store.,So, before you start your trial, make sure you  have the time and ideas for what you want to  ,build to get the most out of your trial. To begin, click “start free trial”.  ,Enter your email address, a  password, and a name for your store.,Your store name is used in the domain  or web address for your online store.  ,For example, I named my store CaseysCakes, so the  domain will be caseyscakes dot myshopify dot com.,After your store is created, you can’t change your  store name in the dot myshopify dot com domain.  ,It’s always attached to this  account, and you use it to log in.,But, don’t worry. If you want  to change your store’s name,  ,you can always purchase a custom domain  with a new name to replace this one.,Check out the video below for  more details on custom domains.,When you’re happy with your store  name, click “Create your store”.,Now enter some details about yourself.,The first question is “Are you already  ,selling?” Choose the option that best  represents your business right now.,I’m selling my cakes in person, just not  online, so that’s the option I choose.  ,Next, choose how you want to sell.  I already sell cakes in person,  ,but I also want to sell them online,  so I choose both online and in person.,Next, choose your approximate  revenue for this business.  ,Shopify uses this to show you helpful resources  in the admin that suit the size of your business.,If you’re creating a store for yourself,  then leave the bottom box unchecked.,This area is specifically for developers or  contractors who create stores for clients.,If you’re interested in having  someone set up your store for you,  ,then check out the link in the description  below to hire a Shopify Expert who can help.,Click “next”.,Now, fill out your personal information. These  details are used as the default business address.,You can always change these details  later in your Shopify admin.,After you check that the information  is correct, click “Enter my store”.,You’re now in the Shopify admin  of your personal online store.,You’ll receive an email shortly  to confirm your registration.,Congratulations! You took the first steps  to starting your own eCommerce business.,For a complete guide to setting up your store,  ,use the general checklist  from our Shopify Help Center. ,One of the first things you  can do is add a product.,For step-by-step help,  watch the video linked here.,If you want to keep building with Shopify,  ,make sure that you choose a paid plan  before your 14 free trial expires.,After you choose a plan, you won't be charged any  subscription fees until the end of your trial.,We can’t wait to see your store grow!,And for more information on everything  I covered today, visit

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