how to add shop pay to shopify

How to Set Up Shop Pay Account. Shop Pay Tutorial what's up everybody it's jamie here from,shopify m

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Set Up Shop Pay Account. Shop Pay Tutorial

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How to Set Up Shop Pay Account. Shop Pay Tutorial

what's up everybody it's jamie here from,shopify masterclass and today we'll,discuss how you can set up your shop,pay account in 2021. overall it's an,incredibly easy process,you do need a shopify store to do this,as this is shopify's product but once,you have your shopify store set up and,you have shopify payments set up,which should be done in your setup,process already it's really easy to,enable shop pay,and for most of your stores it should be,enabled automatically now if you're not,sure what shop pay is,shop pay is an accelerated checkout,that's provided by shopify,for their merchants and it simply allows,a customer to check out faster as shop,pay functions similar to something like,apple pay where the payment information,and the customer information is stored,in shop pay so the customer can check,out faster,and easier without having to enter in,all their shipping information and their,credit card information,right in front of me here i have an,example checkout from the store lanyards,where they have shop pay enabled,and as you can see you can see shop pay,up here and we click on that it's just,going to make the process,for purchasing this product a little bit,easier before we dive into the exact,setup process i just want to quickly,thank our sponsor,discover profit calc the affordable and,easy to set up shopify app,that crunches your numbers in just one,click it automatically syncs with all,your accounts and expenses to calculate,your profit,displaying everything in an easy to read,dashboard so you understand your,business in real time,start for free on the shopify app store,today now that you have an idea of what,shop pay looks like and how it functions,in the shopify store,i'm going to quickly walk through the,steps here and how you can set it up so,overall it's very easy you just want to,log into your shopify store from there,you want to go to,settings in the bottom left once you're,in settings you want to click on,payments,once payments is enabled you want to,click on manage here in the top right,once manage is clicked you just want to,scroll down to the shop pay section,and you want to make sure that's checked,off it's not checked off you want to,just check it off,then click save which will appear in the,top right and overall it's really that,easy to set up shop pay for your store,if you have shopify payments already,enabled what's the vast majority of,stores already have,it's just going to be this one click,setup process as their banking,information and all that payment,information will,already be set up on the back end and,it's going to integrate just like that,with your store before i end this video,here i just wanted to note one thing,that's not directly obvious with shop,pay,so as you can see on their website that,using shop pay is actually beneficial,for the environment,as when you use shop pay or customer,user shop pay some of those payments are,going to go directly to supporting,necessarily climate solutions the way,this is done is that the shop pay team,will actually plant trees based on the,usage of,shop pay their goal by 2022 is actually,to plant 4.6 million trees,i just wanted to include this here as to,show that shot pay isn't just beneficial,for your conversion rates,and your customers it's also beneficial,for the environment,this concludes the video on how to set,up your shop pay account in 2021,overall it's an incredibly easy process,and something that i recommend you do,right away,as shopper has shown to increase,conversions by 1.72 times in comparison,to a regular checkout,if you like this video i love you smash,that like button below if you have any,questions leave a comment if you haven't,yet please subscribe as it really helps,the channel out,thank you for watching,i

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