how to add h1 tag in shopify

Shopify theme missing key SEO elements | H1 or H2 missing so one of the um bigger issues with,shopif

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Shopify theme missing key SEO elements | H1 or H2 missing

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Shopify theme missing key SEO elements | H1 or H2 missing

so one of the um bigger issues with,shopify is that you have thousands of,different themes being created,and so theme developers often have,different aims when creating themes,some have seo in mind and performance in,mind and then some have design and look,in mind and,you don't know often whether things have,been rushed or well thought through and,so,one flaw is that you occasionally have,uh key elements missing for,themes so,um,h1s h2s,are often sort of,placed in the wrong order and there,might be multiple h1s,on product pages or category pages,they might have h1 missing for page,titles which is probably the most common,issue is h2 replaced instead,and this can like i said either be for,for design reasons um or it can just be,a lack of knowledge and seo,um area and um i guess a,i don't know if laziness would be the,right word but um a lack of care so,one of the things which uh you need to,do if this is the case is to,look going to go into your theme code,and make some edits so you can revert as,the h1 is in place and you've got h2s,on the page if required so your h2 would,typically be required if you've got,subheadings um and your h1 is always,required,for,seo and you only want one h1 um,for,this scenario i've deliberately changed,the product uh title to a h2 um and i,want to show you how you can revert it,so just quickly to find out how if,you've got this issue um there's there's,a few different ways of doing it you can,use tools like ahrefs,screaming frog semrush and they'll be,able to identify in bulk whether you've,got multiple h1 no h1 multiple h2s and,just to do it uh i guess for individual,pages um,you can go view page source,and you can do a command f search and,you can type in either h1,oh because i've changed it,so i said okay this is that makes sense,because i was wondering why it wasn't,there so i changed it to a h2 so this is,how you'd be able to identify so there's,no clear h1 these wouldn't be marked as,h1 um there's no clear h1 on the page,instead if we do a h2 search you'll be,able to see,that the you go go to page title,um,product single title,h2 class here so that should be a h1,um,the other way of doing it is obviously,doing a title search,but it can be different depending on,each page,um and there's 85 of them so you could,be searching for a while a slightly,faster way of doing it is also using,something like seo minion,um this will give you,loads of different information about the,on-page elements for for your seo um and,you'll be able to see and identify here,that there is no h1,um,it's h2s and h3s,so,the first thing we need to do is go back,into the um,theme code so obviously we go into,themes,go into actions go edit code,and then um,you'll need to head into,your product template so not your,product sorry,your product section for that template,so don't head into your product template,um you want to head into the section,area,and then you want to find whatever,page,it relates to so at the moment we're on,the product page if it was a blog,page you can go blog template.liquid,and same with collections pages so,whatever page you're having the issue,with and in this scenario obviously we,want to head over to the product page,so we want to look for,product template dot liquid,put a template,dot liquid,um and then we want to,do a command h2 search,come on let's start sorry h2 search and,then we've got product single title here,and then we're just going to change that,around to h1 and this is that easy um,so when you're doing an audit of the,website and you find there's multiple h1,multiple h2s missing h1s missing h2s,missing threes or whatever it might be,um this h3 is probably wouldn't be an,issue and quite hard to identify whether,it is an issue but the h1 and h2s or any,other key seo elements,then um,figure out what what page it relates to,then head into the,theme code,and find and find the section it relates,to your shopify store,and then if we head back into here and,we've refreshed the page you'll see,that's reverted to a h1,okay hopefully that's helped uh if not,you can reach out to us and and we can,see what we can do

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