how to add free shipping banner on shopify

How to Add Free Shipping Bar on Shopify what's up everyone its team here from,Shopify masterclass an

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Add Free Shipping Bar on Shopify

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How to Add Free Shipping Bar on Shopify

what's up everyone its team here from,Shopify masterclass and today we're just,gonna cover how you can put a free,shipping bar on your Shopify store,before we start I just want to quickly,thank our sponsor discover profit Cal,the affordable and easy to set up,Shopify app that crunches your numbers,in just one click it automatically syncs,with all your accounts and expenses to,calculate your profit displaying,everything in an easy-to-read dashboard,so you understand your business in real,time start for free on the Shopify App,Store today and the most cost effective,way to do it is with the free shipping,bar by hex tom is there free shipping,Bart's completely free really and it,allows you to add a bar at the top and,what's it going to do it's gonna count,down to the free shipping threshold do,you have so if you have $10 of free,shipping or $10 and over your free,shipping if you're AB and item with five,that cost $5 I'm going to say you have,$5 left if free shipping and what this,does is it incentivizes customers to,reach out threshold increasing the,average order value of their cart I have,this app already installed on my Shopify,store here and this is the page you get,when you first open it up so first you,need to set up your free shipping it's,quite simple if you have already set up,I you don't need to set this up again,but it's just basically saying that you,want have free shipping based on an,order price so $30 $40 and then the app,can customize on display is based on,that so as we scroll down here I just,clicked create a new bar ready and it,gives you templates so there's a premium,version you can use but right now which,you can stick with the basic template,now when something light so I'll go,basic inhale again it's gonna give you,an example of what its gonna look like,and you're gonna name it this is for,your own internal reference customers,not gonna see it it's a free shipping,threshold mine's gonna be $50 here and,free shipping on all orders or over at,that price that looks good only the,others tax all looks good it's quite,easy to see you had this the link to the,bar as well and so if they click on this,they might get like an FAQ page or,shipping page explaining rates I'm not,going to include that I'm not gonna,leave it closable cuz I want customers,to see this all the time they're on the,web,so it's also gives you different options,on how you can display it so I'll push,down rest of the page always visible,when scrolling I can put it on top of,the page depending on your site layout,looks you might want to customize this,to see if it looks better or worse with,one of these options it's also currency,too because this the customer shopping,in your esteem you don't want it to give,a community conversion or free shipping,you want it to be exactly the best way,to do it is the currency of your Shopify,store that tends to be the easiest here,there's also some customisation down,here on the colors you want to choose or,to leave them as default for now because,I think this looks quite clean as well,as the font looks good as well,font size and you can set it to what,pages you want to display on syncing,have a home page all pages both have,certain URLs may be certain URLs only,qualify for free shipping so if you have,some clothing products might qualify it,but some heavier items like weights or,something like that's something heavy,that's expensive to ship I don't want to,include council excluded on pages 2 he,also do desktop or mobile as well I'd,leave it on both because I want my,customers on this store to see free,shipping on any threshold and for all,items so I'm gonna leave it there the,ribbond geolocation restrictions on,shipping so maybe it's free shipping,only within the US you might want to,upgrade to premium just cuz it gives you,that ability to display to US customers,versus Canadian customers or something,like that so this is most of what I want,to set up everything looks good I think,so I'm just gonna click Save and it,should be created successfully I'm just,gonna ignore this and how much store,loaded here so I'm just gonna reload and,right now it should appear at the top,and there okay now that we have our free,shipping bar just wanted to test it out,just to see if everything works here so,this item shorts very simple is $30 so,if I add just a card the free shipping,bar on top should show $20 left to free,shipping because $50 is my threshold,something's can click Add to Cart and,then it's gonna load here and there it,is only $20 away from free shipping it's,gonna identify as me as a customer to,possibly order more goods to get that,free shipping option this ends the video,on how you can add a free shipping bar,to your Shopify store if you haven't yet,click the like and subscribe button,below and if you have any questions just,leave a comment

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