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Best Whatsapp Shopify Apps. Which One Should You Choose? what's going on everyone it's jamie here,fr

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Best Whatsapp Shopify Apps. Which One Should You Choose?

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Best Whatsapp Shopify Apps. Which One Should You Choose?

what's going on everyone it's jamie here,from shopify masterclass and today we're,going to go over the top whatsapp,shopify apps here so i'm going to cover,a few of them so you can get a broad,range on which one you want to install,each one's going to have different,pricing plans along with slightly,different features as well and different,ui it's always shopify apps have great,free trial suits so you're going to be,able to test drive them all for yourself,so we're going to go over these apps in,the video so make sure you stay to the,end so you can decide which one you want,to choose for yourself before i dive,into it i want to mention our sponsor,profitcalc the one-click profit,calculator app available on the shopify,app store it comes with a 15-day free,trial you can test everything out for,yourself there's gonna be a link in the,description below to access the shopify,app page they're also going to show a,quick video so you can see all their,features for yourself,so let's dive into what's app apps for,shopify so if we do a quick search here,you can see there are a ton of whatsapp,apps available it'd be hard to decide,which one you want to use for your app,but it's going to depend on what,features you want you're going to want,just a chat widget you're going to want,abandoned cart recovery you want,notifications that's going to help you,decide here and so we're going to go,over the top ones available so you can,see the different ideas in the pricing,and the features amongst different apps,here so the top one on the app store is,going to be whatsapp app by super lemon,it's going to allow for things such as,abandoned cart recovery so you can have,automated and manual banned cart,recovery you also do marketing that's,automatically going to include discounts,and win back for lost sales you get,order notifications for order tracking,cod cash on delivery notifications as,well as a whatsapp crm it's also going,to allow for easy customer service so,overall this is really an alternative,something like email or live chat as,many people prefer to use whatsapp for,the communication so we go into the ui,here you can see you can select,different icons right that fits your,store you have different support agent,numbers you can have different,extensions you have different automated,messages abandoned car recovery eod,verification along with a nice greeting,widget also overall clean your eye there,quite a few features and next if we go,into pricing here we can see they have,different plans based on what you need,so overall they have a free forever plan,which is awesome so unlimited chats,multiple numbers share button greetings,and different button designs so when you,get to the paid plans here you can see,7.99 it was 9.99 and the ultimate is now,67 off during copen 19. really if you go,to the ultimate plan that's where some,of the really cool features come in such,as abandoned car recovery along with a,crm in terms of ratings here it has a,4.4 star rating with our 994 five star,reviews over a good rating overall next,we'll take a look at what's app chat,plus abandoned card here soon here has a,decently clean ui on the back end adding,your information overall it doesn't look,as slick as the other one you can see,here from the icon in the bottom right,but you can do some customization there,but i think what really sets this app,apart here is the pricing it is free to,install so chat is free they're gonna,have automated messages and there's,gonna be no monthly charge here there's,also cart recovery as well instead you,can be paying paying by message looks,like two cents per message in the u.s,and around,0.012 i believe that's indonesia as well,so overall you're paying as you go over,this one has around 2700 five star,reviews on the app store and an overall,rating of 4.6 so let's take a look at,whatsapp chat and telegram and more the,nice thing about this app is that it's,completely free here and even has,customized themes along with real-time,chat what about this one is that it's,not going to include abandoned carts,such as the other two but it is,completely free if you're just looking,for the chat option here so you can see,it's a clean ui in the bottom right,allowing for nice easy conversations to,get reports based on the chat time as,well the nice thing about this one as,well is going to integrate with quite a,few different channels we can see,whatsapp telegram facebook messenger,twitter dm phone sms email gmail line,skype and much more allowing for a,really good chat channel terms rating,that's 251 five star reviews at a 4.7,rating next we'll take a look at one,bonus one as well and it's going to be,another car recovery and whatsapp chat,it's also going to have an android and,ios app you can do the same thing as the,first one so you have order,notifications abandoned cart recovery,and instant whatsapp chat and sharing,again it's going to have different,themes here to add to your whatsapp,button so premium button designs for,whatsapp share and chat you also get a,nice looking chat widget automated,abandoned cart recovery different,analytics on your chats as well as the,manual banding cart recovery as well,where you can reach out to the customer,and see why they abandon the cart in,terms of pricing for this one same,pricing as the first one here so you can,have free for the chat they're going to,have the advanced plan which is going to,include abandoned cart recovery cfd,verification order confirmation and,fulfillment and then premium here is,going to be the automated abandoned car,recovery you're going to pay on a per,message basis depending on the country,in terms reviews here it has 507.5 stars,and an overall 4.8 rating and overall,the reviews say there is really good,customer support as well so that is,awesome to see so this concludes the,video on whatsapp for shopify i hope you,like the selection of apps today let me,know in the comments what you think of,them if you like this video i would love,if you smash that like button and the,subscribe button below as that really,helps the channel out lastly i want to,mention proper calc the one click profit,calculator app available on the shopify,app store and that's available on a 15,day free trial and there's gonna be a,link to this description below to see,the shopify app store listing thank you,so much for watching and i'll see you in,our next video

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