how to add continue shopping button in shopify

How to Change the Continue Shopping Link in Shopify Cart Page all right what's up guys this video is

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Change the Continue Shopping Link in Shopify Cart Page

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how to add continue shopping button in shopify catalogs

How to Change the Continue Shopping Link in Shopify Cart Page

all right what's up guys this video is a,response to a comment on youtube,from alexis she asks do you know how to,change the link for the continue,shopping button what she's talking about,is um this button on the cart page so,whether your cart is empty,or whether you have something in your,cart,you will see this button that says,continue shopping,right continue shopping and it takes you,back to your all products page which the,url is collection slash all,and maybe you don't want that maybe you,want to send people to a specific,collection,or to a specific product or maybe just,back to the home page right,so,i'm going to show you how you can change,where this goes to and it's really easy,takes less than a minute so,let's get started so first of all i'm on,my online store themes page go to,actions and then go to edit code,and now oops i already have it open but,we are going to search for a file called,main,cart items.liquid,and this is in dawn theme okay but if,you're not using dawn it might have a,different name,but if you search for the word cart,like i didn't know that was called main,cart items right but i searched for cart,and i can see that you know there's a,cart.json no that's not what you want,you want a dot liquid,and you know it's not the footer,and kind of it's not like notification,it's not a js file either right so you,can kind of guess that it's going to be,this file whatever it's called it's,going to be like main cart or something,or just card.liquid so go into that file,and then it's actually right here at the,top you can search for the words,continue,shopping right to see it easily,and we can see that it's actually in two,places in this file and both of these,places are,these two templates that i showed you so,um,this looks like the button because it's,got a class of button,that's the button that shows up when,your cart is empty and this because it's,got a class of underlying link,this looks like,this one,okay and we're going to change the link,target right and that's this part it,says href,right and after href and inside these,quotation marks that's always where you,put the link that you want it to go to,right now it's this like built-in,shopify url you can delete that,completely,and next what we're going to do is just,add the path,where you want to,send people to,on your website so you don't need to,write the dot com like i don't need to,write ed dot codes which is my website,url,it's everything that comes after the,dot-com so you'd start with slash,and then it would be like if it's a,product you'd be like products slash and,then the product handle right,um so for example on this product,you could just on a product page just,copy and paste the url from here,and don't worry about copying the,variant okay just,you know the products and then the,product handle,and then paste that,in here if you want to go to a,collection it'd be you know the similar,layout it'd be like collections slash,and then the collection handle,um if you just want to send people to,the home page,slash is enough that will send people,straight to the home page and so we just,want to change it here,for the underlying link and then we also,want to change it here for the button,when the cart is empty,so not this because this is the text,but rather this the href,we're gonna,just put a slash here as well because i,want to redirect people to the home page,save,and now let's try it out continue,shopping,and there we go i'm going back to the,home page,and,even if we do have a product in the cart,i'm just gonna,add this product view my car,and this underline continue shopping and,we're going back to the home page that's,all there is to it i'm going to be doing,more of these response videos to,comments because it's a good idea i,think i find it interesting so if you,want me to do a video on something leave,a comment subscribe hit the notification,bell to make sure that you get notified,when i release a video and yeah i hope,that helps you see you next time

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