how to add snapchat pixel to shopify

How To Install Snapchat Pixel on Shopify Without CODE so hi guys welcome to my channel my name,is Je

Jenia Titov

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Install Snapchat Pixel on Shopify Without CODE

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How To Install Snapchat Pixel on Shopify Without CODE

so hi guys welcome to my channel my name,is Jenny I'm here today to show you how,to install the pixel snapchat pixel to,your store Shopify store without any,coding without any developer nothing,it's gonna be including the page view,the view content the purchases the our,OS everything everything everything in,2-3 minutes simple simple simple,so first first what we want to do we,want to go to the Shopify up Shopify App,Store and we will search for the snap,chat ads after we search for it you can,see it here the snapshot ad for free you,can download this one add it up inside,to your store okay now after install,this up to your store you're going to,UPS you put on snapchat ads you can see,here it's a pixel only set up you press,on it here for the marketing you don't,pay attention you don't need any connect,any step don't do it don't use it it's,bad it's not good it's not work right,don't touch it the only thing we want to,do it's the pixel only set up your it's,gonna be definitely empty now when we,got to this point we need to basically,have a snapchat Ads account manager so,we want to open the account after we,open the account you can see a page like,that you're going to do manage snap peek,so and you're gonna press on setup pixel,after you press on it it's gonna give,you your pixel ID here this number,you just wanna copy it sorry copy it and,put it here put save connect and that's,it you're gonna have a green V here,let's say your store has registered,snapchat pixel now even we see the green,V here everything is good we want to,make sure that the pixel installed,correctly so what we're going to do we,go into the chrome website store,the room up and we're going to look for,the snapchat pixel on search and we're,gonna see this oh I'm gonna get the snap,pics and helper so download install it,to your Frome browser now after you have,this one on file what we can see you,let's say you go to the website that you,installed the pixel and boom you can see,snapchat pics are here one pics in here,for page view now you can see now let's,go to the product page boom - pixel 1,for the page view it's count already the,price everything everything everything,then it's have the view content and add,to car purchases everything on file,that's it very simple very easy you,don't need to think a lot do a lot,listening to the other videos that I saw,here that you need to do coding don't,mess with it do it it's very simple very,easy now if you guys have any questions,about snapchat you need any information,you want me to do any video about please,comment down below put a like and,subscribe to my channel I'm gonna put,you a lot a lot of more information,about snapchat hope you guys have a good,day

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