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Shopify Split Banners Explained hey everybody welcome to a new video in,today's video we're going t

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Shopify Split Banners Explained

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Shopify Split Banners Explained

hey everybody welcome to a new video in,today's video we're going to be talking,about what is the purpose of having a,shopify,split,banner now for those who don't know what,a split banner is is there's two,different kinds of split banners you,have a two-way split banner and you have,a three-way split banner what you guys,are looking at on screen now is an,example of a three-way split banner a,two-way split banner is really no,different the only difference is there,are two photos as opposed to three so,that's really it now what is a split,banner what purpose does it serve and,what's the benefit of it and how do you,set one up for your store well let's go,ahead and talk about that so really the,purpose of a split banner is to,segment the different categories in a,visual field,on your shopify store so let's say for,example i sell clothing for men and for,women well that means i have two main,categories i have men's categories and i,have women's categories of clothing well,then i could create a two-way split,banner of just simply two photos one,that's related to men's one that's,related to women's and,effectively split them,what really the main purpose is is like,i said just to segment different,categories within your shopify store,from a visual aspect so that the,consumer doesn't necessarily have to,look through all the different,collections to figure out what are the,main categories of products being sold,now,just to really hit the nail in the head,here it's very important to through your,marketing prior to the customer getting,to the website,it's very very important for them to,actually be aware,or have an idea of what kind of,collections or categories that already,exist on your store in fact something,that i learned is you're probably not,doing your marketing properly if your,end consumer doesn't know about the,different collections that you're,selling the reason why i even go as far,as to say that is because,when a consumer comes up on your website,they should already have the premonition,the idea,of what they're looking for they,shouldn't be,waiting to see what kind of products are,being sold they should be coming to your,website with an intention and a desire,for a very set specific product and,that's how you increase your conversion,rate so let's go ahead over here and,edit our wolf of shopify theme let's go,ahead and hit customize and for those,who don't know we are using the classic,shopify theme also known as the wolf of,shopify 3.0 theme package which is a 125,theme and you guys can use,this theme for a lot of different,categories a lot of different you know,different products that you're selling,i'll leave the link in the description,for this theme i am an affiliate this is,the theme that we're actively using now,something that i want to say is that,there's all these different kinds of,themes out there not every theme can,offer you,the same things so in this specific,theme we can create what's referred to,as a grid now pre-loaded and pre-built,there are grid builders within and here,with the grid builder we have three,banners like i said this is a three-way,split banner now if you we go over here,and look at the grid builder itself on,the information for each banner we can,see here that we have a column size of,four by 12. well that obviously makes,sense because we need three columns,three columns multiplied a column size,of four is equal to a perfect 12 out of,12. so whenever you want to have a split,two-way banner and not a three-way,banner instead of having the column size,of 4 out of 12 it will now change to 6,out of 12. now notice that this image is,a 6 out of 12 but the rest are 4 out of,12. what we have to do is hide one of,the banners and then we have to make the,second banner also a 6 out of 12 so that,it can fit evenly and now we have a,split banner a two-way split banner in,my case i don't want to have a two-way,split banner because this is the product,just this is a website simply for,women's clothing and we have three main,categories right we have tops we have,bottoms and we have accessories so in,that case i'm just going to enable all,of them and i'm going to revert them all,back to a 4 out of 12 column size and,what that will do is it will evenly,segment each category as you're seeing,here with a 4 out of 12 column equal,sizing,and,3 main categories so that's essentially,how to use a split banner once again,it's different for every theme some,themes might have this feature most,themes will not have this feature but,hey there are a lot of themes that do,have this feature uh not to say that,most you know themes in the world don't,necessarily have something similar to,this they might but it's not going to be,exact so,that's essentially how you create a,split banner for shopify

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