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How To Fulfill Shopify Orders With Amazon FBA [Easy Integration] hey everyone i'm tatiana and today'

Tatiana James

Updated on Jan 20,2023

How To Fulfill Shopify Orders With Amazon FBA [Easy Integration]

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How To Fulfill Shopify Orders With Amazon FBA [Easy Integration]

hey everyone i'm tatiana and today's,video is for amazon sellers who are,ready to start selling on shopify,how you can go from selling exclusively,on amazon to selling on shopify in a,matter of 24 hours we're going to be,talking about the how the logistics how,are you going to be fulfilling those,shopify orders,so if you're a subscriber to my channel,you've heard me talk about why i,recommend starting your brand your,e-commerce brand by selling on amazon,and leveraging amazon's,marketplace,mainly due to the enormous customer base,that amazon has and they give us access,to those customers so the potential,reach,is incredible and it's a huge,opportunity in addition to that amazon,is a search engine so your listing your,product can be organically discovered,when customers are typing in the search,terms so many benefits to starting a,business on amazon however in the same,breath you've heard me talking about why,i don't recommend just selling on amazon,exclusively i recommend you open up your,own store maybe a shopify store and sell,on your own website in conjunction with,selling on amazon and that's because you,know the number one rule of investing,diversify don't have all your eggs in,one basket,in the event in the unlikely event that,your,your listing gets suspended your,amazon seller account gets deactivated,well that's your income that would be,gone but if you have multiple streams of,income you're also selling on shopify,well that's good then you can actually,continue to provide for yourself and,your family because you have revenue,coming in from your shopify sales,so i do recommend it,when should you start selling on shopify,right now it doesn't matter if you just,started selling on amazon you can also,sell on shopify and using the method,that i'm going to be sharing with you,today now what is the most efficient way,to start selling on shopify how can you,start selling on shopify in a matter of,24 hours,well first of all you have to open up,the shopify store that's the easy part,guys uh you know it's super easy to,build a website these days i mean it's,just they have these incredible,templates there are free ones there are,paid ones you take your pick and it's,easy to just plug in your own,information it can be done in a matter,of hours,24 hours if you're not very computer,savvy so that's the easy part the,challenging part is the logistics behind,how are you going to fulfill the shopify,orders how are your customers going to,receive the products that they order,now what i did and what i don't,recommend doing if you want the most,efficient method is i worked with a,third-party fulfillment center,but that involves your time your time,researching third party fulfillment,centers i did google searches i went to,page 20 page 30 of the google search,looking at different fulfillment centers,in different states calling them,interviewing them finding out their,pricing and then when i finally landed,on the fulfillment center i wanted to,work with there's a whole onboarding,process which can be lengthy as well in,addition to that you've got to send them,inventory you may be lucky and have some,inventory on hand that you could send to,them but most likely you'll have to,place an order with your supplier wait,for that order to be manufactured and,then ship that to the warehouse,so it's just a lengthier process,the alternative and what i would,recommend if you're currently selling on,amazon using fba using the,amazon warehouses,then just link your amazon store with,your shopify store and that means that,when a customer on shopify places an,order that order will be fulfilled,using the inventory already at your the,amazon warehouses,so,that's really easy because you don't,have to hire a new fulfillment center,you're already working with amazon fba,your inventory is already stored there,and so the orders on shopify and the,orders on amazon will both be fulfilled,by the inventory at the amazon,warehouses so that's the most efficient,way and that's how you can do this in a,matter of 24 hours it's just a matter of,linking,now you might be asking yourself well,what about the amazon referral fee why,would i want to fulfill my shopify,orders using the fba program if i'm,going to have to pay this referral fee,doesn't that defeat the purpose of you,know having higher profit margins when,you sell on your own website well the,answer to that is that when you are,linking the two and if you're not making,those sales on amazon it's no longer,considered fba it's considered,multi-channel fulfillment or mcf,program for short,and this means that you do not pay the,referral fee so if the sale was made on,your website even though it's been,fulfilled by mcf,you're not paying that referral fee of,course if the sale is made on amazon you,pay that referral fee so uh don't worry,about that i know that was a concern for,me now how do you go about doing this uh,well there used to be an app called the,amazon marketplace web app but um,shopify no longer supports this app so,you can't use that this app would help,you to easily link amazon shopify if,you're currently using this app just,understand that it's going to depreciate,and you're going to have to find an,alternative solution pretty soon,otherwise you're not you're not going to,be able to fulfill your shopify orders,so,what i recommend and the sponsor of,today's video is called the bite stand,bitestand is going to help you automate,your shopify orders using amazon's,fulfillment now in addition to helping,you link your shopify store with amazon,fulfillment the app is also going to,provide for you live shipping rates,shipping titles and shipping at time,frames directly from amazon to your,shopify customers so this eliminates the,need for merchants to manually manually,create,shipping rates and shipping time frames,and i'm going to tell you this was a,huge challenge for me personally when i,started selling on shopify it took me,months honestly like a really long time,to figure out what do i charge people,for shipping because shipping it depends,on what state you live in or,internationally it depends on what,carrier how fast it was really hard for,me to figure that out and sometimes i,was losing money,on the order because the shipping costed,more money than the order itself when i,was shipping internationally,and also the shipping time frames people,want to know how long is this going to,take to receive so this eliminates a,challenge a challenge that was hard for,me at least,because it's you're going to be,receiving those estimates directly from,amazon thanks to artificial intelligence,so the customer will see that,information,as they're checking out and you can,choose you can choose if you want to,charge the customer exactly what,amazon's going to charge you or you,could charge them maybe a little bit,more if you want to make a bit of a,profit or even less if you just want to,give really amazing shipping prices,so i'm going to hop behind my computer,because i would love to share with you,what the bite stand app looks like how,you can get it i'm going to show you how,easy it is to integrate it with your,shopify store all right guys so i'm here,on the shopify app store and i'm just,going to type in bytestand and search,that and you'll see here that they,actually have a number of different apps,the app that we are talking about today,is called the amazon shipping fba,shipping,but they also have a few other ones and,i just want to touch on them this is,called snap sync this will sync and,manage your shopify inventory quantities,from amazon to shopify so,this app isn't going to manage your,inventory quantities this one will so if,you want to make sure that your,inventory is always up to date i,definitely recommend this app fresh,credit,this is how you can offer store credit,for your customers on,shopify doesn't have a store credit,thing built in for some reason they have,gift cards but it's not the same,so store credit is definitely going to,be beneficial for your business if for,example your return policy you state,only for store credit no refunds then,you're definitely going to want to have,an app like that and then the amazon,import app,i definitely recommend checking this one,out because it's going to help you,import your active and in stock product,listings from amazon to shopify,so this is how you can easily import you,know i already spoke about how easy it,is to set up a shopify store this makes,it even easier because this is just,going to import all of your information,from your amazon seller central listings,uh directly to your shopify store so if,you want to expedite the process even,more check this out out but today we're,going to click on this app this is what,we're talking about,as you can see here they have 201,reviews 4.9 stars they have,some really amazing reviews and you'll,see how,a lot of people talk about their,customer support cara i've been in,contact with her she's amazing,you get personal attention with this app,you can call them you can email them you,can even facetime them if you need a,demo if you need help which is so rare,with apps to get this type of individual,attention,so they really take care of their users,but back to the app i just want to show,you guys here,amazon fulfillment so easily fulfill,shopify orders with all of your amazon,fba accounts both within the us and,abroad,around the world we automate your fba,fulfillment process with no work on your,part and with shopify shopify orders are,auto magically fulfilled with amazon fba,and uh one thing i want to mention here,is that you not only can connect your us,but you can connect other marketplaces,as well so if you're selling in japan,if you're selling in,the uk if you're selling wherever it is,that you're selling you can connect all,of your marketplaces to your shopify,store and therefore you can offer,international shipping so you can ship,if you have a marketplace set up in,japan you can ship to customers in japan,using that marketplace,so it's all done with this one app you,can intelligently switch fba accounts,according to your customer shipping,address so if the customer is located in,europe then the inventory is not going,to come from your u.s marketplace it's,going to come from your maybe your uk,marketplace so that the customer,receives faster shipping and more,affordable shipping as well and also i,mentioned to you guys real time shipping,quotes and all that so you guys can,check that out but i'm going to log into,a shopify store for you guys to see all,you have to do is you go to the app,section and,you can just click on the app i've,already linked this app with the amazon,marketplace,so there's a few steps that you're not,going to see me do they're really easy,you're just going to get prompted,to link it with your amazon seller,central account using the authorization,token,very simple process but after you've,linked your amazon seller central,account with your this app then this is,the next step,so you have to now select your fba,shipping settings so first select your,amazon marketplace,in this case the us,and,now you have a few different shipping,options,if you're shipping internationally,you'll have the option for standard and,expedited and if you're shipping uh,within the us you'll have standard,priority and expedited,and you can also insert a packing slip,so if you amazon will print this packing,slip and insert it for you if you want,to write a special message to your,customers or some information you can,absolutely do that so this would be,standard shipping if you just want to,keep things simple flex rate is as i,mentioned if you want to maybe charge a,little bit more for shipping than what,amazon is charging you or even a little,bit less you could say i want to charge,a dollar more,than what amazon is is charging or i,could do a dollar less by putting a,minus symbol and i could also opt for,percentage if i wanted to do that,so that's an option,the flat fixed rate shipping is if you,want to charge every customer the same,amount say five dollar shipping for the,us you could do that as well,and you could enable free shipping if,you want to so you do that and then you,do that for priority,same settings you could do,and then you could do the same for,expedited,and so that's step one the next step is,to go to products,and then you can select your products if,you have,um a lot of products like hundreds you,can just select all so it's really,efficient right over here and then you,go edit products,and now you're going to add another,field,and you're going to add,fulfillment service,and so that adds this,and then you're just going to want to,make sure that the shipping is selected,for fba shipping so it's going to give,you the option of shopify or fba,shipping and you're going to want to use,fba shipping,okay,and then that's it and then the next,step is to go to,settings and you're going to go to,shipping and delivery,and you're going to manage rates you're,going to make sure that the product is,showing up here so we want the product,to show up,that we want fulfilled with amazon we're,going to be shipping from fba shipping,so you're just going to click on add,rates,and you're going to say new rates for,fba shipping,and then we are going to,create a shipping zone,and so we can say like the us and then,you can add that and you can create,multiple shipping zones,and then you're just going to say add,rate,and we're going to use carrier or app to,calculate rates,and here it is it's already populated,the fba shipping by byte stand,and then you can hit done,and there you go,so that is now set up so the main thing,is to make sure that you're shipping,from is fba shipping and you're shipping,to,is also fba shipping all right so that's,it so that's all you have to do it's,really simple to connect uh with the app,and um,and then from there on forth your,shopify store will be communicating with,your amazon fulfillment and anyone who,places an order will receive the live,shipping rates and the order will be,fulfilled through amazon of course the,customer isn't aware of any of that,that's all happening behind the scenes,so that's bite stand i hope that you,guys enjoyed this recommendation i think,it's one of the most efficient ways to,start selling on shopify,they do have a seven day free trial you,can get access by going to,,bite stand or clicking the link in the,description box of this video they do,have very affordable pricing,they charge a fixed fee so it doesn't,matter how many orders you process per,month it's a fixed rate it's 25 dollars,per month for your first marketplace and,20 dollars for each additional,marketplace,a few more things to note before i wrap,up,this does not work if you're drop,shipping,it doesn't work if you're doing fbm,fulfilled by merchant it has to be fba,and also just a reminder that it's not,going to automatically update inventory,levels so if you want help with that,they have a separate app app called snap,sync which will do that for you and that,is important especially if you're,selling in many different marketplaces,you want to make sure that you don't,oversell,a product if you don't have the right,stock,so i hope you enjoyed this video if you,did give me a thumbs up check out the,links in the description and if you have,questions relating to this subject uh,please feel free to ask them in this in,the comment box of this video thank you,so much for watching have a great day

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