what print on demand companies work with shopify

Best Shopify Print On Demand Companies 2022 | FULL Guide what is the best print on demand company,fo

Kerry Egeler

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Best Shopify Print On Demand Companies 2022 | FULL Guide

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what print on demand companies work with shopify catalogs

Best Shopify Print On Demand Companies 2022 | FULL Guide

what is the best print on demand company,for shopify in 2022 let's find out,hey what's up everybody welcome back to,the channel and if you're brand new here,and we don't know each other my name's,carrie i'm the founder of shirt school,and i created this channel to bring you,the best strategy secrets and hacks to,grow your online t-shirt apparel or,print-on-demand business today we're,gonna compare the top eight print on,demand companies in the shopify app,store now i literally went to the,shopify app store i sorted by most,installed and these were the top eight,that came up the goal of this video is,to help you pick the right print on,demand provider for you i'm going to be,judging them on things like pricing and,product selection shipping costs and,shipping times and i'm also just going,to give you some of my personal,knowledge from working with many of,these companies over the last five years,and also helping thousands of students,who use these companies and seeing their,experiences the eight companies we're,going to be taking a look at today are,printful printify t launch spod app leak,custom cat guten and gelato the last,thing i want to say before diving into,the companies is that this video is not,sponsored by any print on demand,companies and i have not received any,compensation to make this video,the first company you might consider,working with and by far the biggest,print on demand company is printful so,let's start with them now printful has a,pretty big,product selection they have a lot of,really cool products you're going to see,things like your gildan t-shirts bella,and canvas you'll see next level but,then even in the t-shirt category you,see some really cool stuff like this,oversized tie-dye t-shirt if we scroll,down here we see a unisex denim t-shirt,which is really cool even in just the,t-shirt category there are a few,t-shirts that you might not find in,other places,under t-shirts you see there are almost,every different kind of t-shirt that you,can find you've got all over print which,means you can print,all over the entire t-shirt your polos,tank tops three quarter sleeves they've,got a lot of stuff we can click on,jackets and we'll see that they offer a,few different kinds of jackets you've,got zipper bomber jackets really really,cool stuff here,even bottoms which is something that,isn't offered by a lot of pronoun demand,companies you don't see this very often,but they offer leggings,long shorts,you see fleece sweatpants even underwear,which is pretty crazy,so that's kind of just the men's,clothing we can go to women's clothing,you're going to see a lot of options,there some things that kind of stick out,to me are maybe dresses uh it's pretty,cool they offer you know a t-shirt a few,different t-shirt dresses,a few different types of things there,they even offer you know bathing suits,which is really cool let's go and take a,look at the hats really quick because,you're going to see things like,beanies and tie-dye beanies you got dad,hats,even bucket hats that would be one of,the benefits of printful you're not only,going to get a huge product selection,but you're going to get,not only some odd products but you're,going to get you're going to see that,they're going to continue to add,products as they increase in popularity,or you know new products just become,available you'll see that printful will,add those continually,printfire is also a massive,print on demand company now one,difference between printfy and printful,is that printfy uses a network of,printers and they just tap into this all,these different printers and you can,select which print printer that you want,to use which company you want to print,your stuff and what that allows printfy,to do is it allows them to have that,massive product selection so,as we take a look at t-shirts you're,going to see,obviously a lot of the same players that,you would see on printful like the,bellin canvas the next level the gildan,the hanes those kind of things but then,again you're going to see some unique,things to printify like this baseball,jersey which is all over print a really,really cool item to sell you see a,comfort colors tie-dye t-shirt that,there that is really really cool and you,just see a lot of different things here,more tie-dye cyclone tie-dye this one's,really cool the curved hem tee,so you see a lot of really unique,products there now as we go up here to,the catalog,boom you see they have a huge selection,very similar to printful,there's a lot to go through here we're,not going to go through everything one,thing that i want to take a look at the,eco-friendly this is something i'm asked,about a lot is which print on demand,providers offer eco-friendly options and,you see here that printfi is going to be,one of those companies that has a few,different,eco-friendly options they have candles,which is one that i haven't seen,in many print-on-demand providers so,that's really cool camping mug let's go,to a few more of the more obscure,categories,you're going to see things here like,bottoms like you would see on printful,let's click that real quick you see a,few different options for bottoms which,is fairly unique we go to women's let's,go to swimwear again and see kind of how,they stack up not quite as many options,as printful when you look at a category,like this let's look at skirts and,dresses to kind of see that same thing,you see a t-shirt dress,you see some products that aren't,offered on printful like this uh bought,a skater skirt here let's go into face,masks as we did with printful and see,so you know pretty good selection of,face masks here i i would probably go,with the printful selection because i,saw things like champion and some really,unique you know cool brands these are a,little bit more generic you see even,here it just says generic brand,not a bad selection but nothing you're,really going to recognize there,and then let's take a look at some of,the more obscure so you've got kitchen,accessories pets pillows and covers,blankets towels,magnets and stickers tons of stuff here,you go to ornaments you're going to have,christmas ornaments on there let's take,a look at just a few more of these,categories let's go to kitchen,accessories,you've got apron,a pot holder with a pocket,tons of tons of really cool stuff here,ice bucket with tongs,um so they've got a lot of product i,mean very big product selection a lot of,products you're not gonna find anywhere,else even on printful and so you can see,here how you know you could build a very,unique store selling products that,you're not going to find a lot of places,by using something like printful or,printfi so overall printful and printfy,very very big product selection you're,going to see these are going to be among,the biggest of the companies that we'll,look at,next up we're taking a look at t launch,this is the third biggest print on,demand company in the shopify app store,and they also have a pretty good,selection of products but it's not going,to compare to printful and printify they,do have some unique items of their own,that you may not find on printful and,printf but overall the selection is not,going to be as big let's start off with,apparel you're going to see here a lot,of the usual suspects that you would see,on any of the other print on demand,providers under apparel you're going to,see the gildans the next levels the bell,in canvas again,but one thing i want to point out is you,know they offer district tees which i,personally really like because they come,in at a really good price and they are,similar quality to some of the,mid-tier t-shirts not the greatest,t-shirt by any means but it's definitely,softer and fits a little better in my,opinion than some of the cheaper,t-shirts so as we scroll down here again,a lot of the same stuff next level um,long sleeve next level,nothing too crazy here crewneck,sweatshirt that's kind of unbranded,probably going to be like a gildan,something along those lines i do like,the three-quarter raglan t-shirt here,but you're going to be able to find that,on you know any of the other ones that,we that we're talking about for the most,part so under apparel you know it's it's,very basic there's not,really much that sticks out here under,the apparel that's like unique per se,now if we take a look at some of their,other products drinkware is a pretty big,one you've got some really cool stuff,here like an acrylic tumbler,insulated water bottle um,tons of cool stuff right some kind of,yeti style cups here that you can print,on so that is really cool and pretty,unique to find you got your standard,mugs here full color mugs,magic mugs say change colors and let's,go through just a few more here let's,take a look at accessories christmas,ornaments power banks um so you may find,a few products in t launch that you,might not find in printify or printful,but overall their product selection is,just not going to be quite as big now i,think for most stores it's going to be,more than sufficient but you know you,want to consider that,if you're wanting a huge product,selection you might want to take a look,at the printful or printfy,hey if you're enjoying this video today,and you're getting value out of it would,you do me a huge favor and just hit that,like button it takes about one second,and it's completely free to do but it,helps me out so much it'll tell youtube,this is a good video and push it out to,more people,spod and i can tell you right off the,bat i have quite a bit of experience,with spod and i love some of at least,the t-shirt and apparel options that,they have they have some really cool,stuff here maybe slightly more higher,end,so again a lot of the same things you're,going to see,fruit of the loom,next level you know belling canvas all,those kind of things one thing to point,out here is they offered their own,company's t-shirt called spreadshirt,spod stands for spreadshirt print on,demand and so they have their own line,of t-shirts that they manufacture under,this spreadshirt brand and in my my,experience they're pretty solid they're,pretty solid t-shirts,some of the things i want to point out,long body urban tea and as we scroll,down you'll see tie dye t-shirt the,baseball t-shirt they've got some cool,stuff so get ready for it the ringer tee,here american,the american flag sleeves uh this one,right here the vintage sport t-shirt,again just to point out some of the cool,apparel products they have i bumped over,to hoodies and we see like this shawl,collar hoodie which is really cool i,love this lightweight terry hoodie uh,they have some really cool stuff and,like i said maybe a little more higher,end now as we as we go a little bit,further here we can click on,eco-friendly that was one we talked,about earlier they only offer one,eco-friendly t-shirt right so not a lot,of options for eco-friendly but you do,see some cool stuff here pajamas we'll,click on that and kind of see what they,have just one set of unisex pajamas big,and tall which is very unique they offer,a few,big and tall t-shirts so as we go down,here let's take a look we've got women,we've been taking a look at that we do,have plus size down here which is really,cool let's go to sportswear see what we,see here we see one set of leggings,two sets of leggings nothing too crazy,there let's take a look at dresses,because we've kind of been looking at,that we have one t-shirt dress here and,then the independent training hoodie,dress so already we can see although,spod has some really cool products uh,not going to even be close to the three,companies that we've already seen as we,go to accessories we do have what looks,like a pretty big selection here click,on it clicking on face mask we see a few,different options for face masks let's,go to a few more here let's look at,socks because that's one we haven't,really looked at just one pair of ankle,socks so not much to go with there,taking a look at hats uh we only have,three hats so they're showing a lot of,categories but overall we're not seeing,a lot of products in these categories so,so far you know spod is going to have,the smallest product selection that i've,that we've seen but i do like their,products and as i said some of the items,are maybe a little more high-end than,some of just your standard products you,would find on printful and printful,that's not to say you can't find,high-end products on printful and,printfy but i do like some of the,specialty products that spod and,offers and i've used them in the past,and been pretty satisfied,now app leak really positions themselves,as a more branded a more customizable,experience,maybe a little bit,more high-end they want to be seen as a,higher-end fulfillment company and so,what they're going to offer is they're,going to offer you know special print,placement you know in odd places they're,going to offer custom embroidered tags,and you know tags that can go on the in,the hem of your t-shirt those kind of,things right they're going to offer some,some of those things that you wouldn't,see you can even do t-shirts that are,custom embroidered you know we're on,most pro-on-demand companies if they,offer embroidery it's just going to be,on like a baseball cap and many of them,don't even offer that so app leek you're,going to see a ton of options we can,scroll for quite a while and as we go,down you do see some cool things a crop,crop tea from bella in canvas which is,fairly popular right,you see a baseball tee here as we scroll,down we'll see some flannel t-shirts,they have options where you can have a,custom sewn,pocket onto any t-shirt which is really,interesting see the striped tee the camo,ot so some really cool stuff here as we,go up we can thumb on this products,products button and you're gonna see,quite a bit of stuff here we don't see,much if anything that's really outside,of apparel so let's take a look at some,of these uh categories let's go to their,hats and see,what they offer uh under hat so you see,pretty big selection right pretty cool,hats lots of camo lots of different,styles so again they're focused on that,premium,branded clothing as opposed to,some of the more just general print on,demand products like we've seen so far,we go to eco-friendly we're going to see,if they offer you know a hemp baseball,cap organic recycled hat,and then some some eco-friendly options,here for t-shirts you can even go under,brands and see you know most of their,brands that they're offering here some,of these brands are not offered anywhere,else when you go to like independent,trading company i know from just,experience you know this is higher-end,stuff that they're offering here dyed,flea shorts black ham i think i own a,pair of those shorts and i love them,actually they're not they're not printed,on but i ordered i ordered a pair,wholesale and i love those but uh duffel,bags right independent duffel bags uh,the crop top so lots of really really,cool stuff i would say overall you know,app leak has a really good product,selection but it's going to be mainly,focused if not all focused on just,apparel and you're going to see some,higher end stuff that you wouldn't find,other places and you're going to again,be able to get that more branded,experience if it's important for you to,have a custom tag in the back or things,like that app leak is going to be a,company that you definitely want to pay,attention to we're going to take a look,at custom cat custom cat's going to be,again a more general kind of print on,demand company they're not trying to do,what app leak is doing or really even,what spod is doing they're just trying,to be a really solid print on demand,company when we look at their products,possibly the smallest selection of,products that we've seen they really,don't offer a ton so we go under,accessories here you see bags footwear,jewelry and miscellaneous when we go,under apparel now we'll say you know we,go to apparel we look at something like,t-shirts they do have a pretty robust,selection of of t-shirts um and even a,few things that you might not find other,places if we keep going through here,you'll kind of see uh what i mean i,believe they offer some work shirts and,polos different stuff like that uh if we,can find it here we're going in five so,if we go down here to like button up,right you got a button up you see you,know this is like a a dickies kind of,work shirt pretty cool fairly unique so,they do have some cool stuff,we go to jackets you're going to see,these are some things you probably,aren't seeing on most of these other,print on demand providers but overall,probably the smallest selection and,they're not going for any kind of unique,category they're just trying to be a,solid overall product selection and have,coverage on most of the common print on,demand products that you would that you,would want right blankets is pretty cool,that's that's pretty cool all of our,print blankets tiles wall art but i,think so far if we're just talking about,uh them having the most selection,they're they're gonna be one of the,smaller ones for product selection,gelato gelato,all kinds of different products let's,start by taking a look at their t-shirts,as we've kind of been doing,and again you're going to see a lot of,the the same players because guild in 64,64 000 you can see the bell in canvas um,you know organics that's nice to see is,we've been looking at kind of our,eco-friendly poly cotton unisex crewnet,t-shirt so but not a big selection right,we go to t-shirts and we just see really,just a couple options there nothing,nothing too crazy three-quarter sleeve,t-shirts we'll see what we have here we,just have one okay we go to organic,let's see if we've got anything else,under organic other than just a couple,so we've got you know a t-shirt a,pullover hoodie zip hoodie and crew neck,which isn't too bad,um let's take a look at some of the,other categories here mugs is a common,one,uh so we see a few different types of,mug we've got a color changing mug got a,porcelain slim mug that's one we,probably haven't seen anywhere else uh,travel mug which is really cool now i,think where gelato is really going to,stand out are some of this stationary,type stuff or wall art and those kind of,things i think that's kind of where they,specialize in a little bit so we take a,look at something like these photo books,i think is going to be a really cool,product to consider uh let's see what,they've got under hearts we got soft,cover and hardcover we go to cards,you're gonna see things under cards that,are probably pretty unique um,let's click here and see what we see,under this so we see pack of 10 folded,cards,which is really cool two-sided some,stuff there and then we got things like,calendars which is i think that's pretty,cool i think it's a pretty cool unique,product to sell we go to stationery and,business that's where you'll see some,additional cool stuff,and they also do a really good job like,i said with wall art you got posters,frame posters canvas art lots of cool,stuff so i think if that's what you're,looking for this if you're if you're,wanting to do mainly apparel this,probably isn't the company that you want,to go with although i think they can do,apparel just fine they're just not going,to have a huge selection but if you,wanted to go with some of these other,kind of stationery type things again,photo books calendars wall art canvas,art i think this is a solid solid option,and one thing we'll talk about a little,bit later is the the,network that gelato has for printing,where they can print all around the,world which is a unique benefit but just,looking at product selection it's okay,but it's probably,it's probably the smallest or close to,the smallest that we've seen so far it's,one of the smaller product selections,that we've looked at,we're taking a look at guten and i want,to give you kind of a word of warning,with with guten is they only work with,sellers who already have some sales,built up they don't work with brand new,print on demand sellers so we will take,a look at everything that we have access,to we don't have access to things like,pricing for them,because you actually need to be you know,a member with them but we can take a,look at their products and i don't have,really any experience with guten but,right off the bat looking at just their,apparel products i think it looks pretty,awesome it's got some cool stuff see,like a tie-dye pullover you see,scrunchies,a crop top t-shirt so already we see a,few uh cool things here just under,apparel so as we keep going through snap,back snap back caps we got scarves which,is cool uh buttons pajamas so some cool,products that you may not find in other,places i think guten,is is trying to position themselves as a,little bit of a higher end,a little bit of a higher end pronoun,demand provider in their in their one of,the ways that they're doing that is by,only working with established print on,demand uh or established sellers,neckties that's one you don't see uh,very often we see a pullover dress ooh i,like that wave wave wash lots of cool,stuff here um let's go back to their,products because i want to see what else,they offer because we're just looking at,apparel here,watch straps let's look at the,categories let's go to accessories so we,see uh phone cases clutch bags gamer,mouse pad,let's go into stationary and see what,they've got there,all right so we got kiss cut stickers i,really like cut out stickers those are,really cool wall calendars looks like,it's missing a photo there notebooks,pretty cool stuff i think it's a pretty,solid uh solid product selection maybe,not the biggest but probably not the,smallest i think overall pretty pretty,decent product selection,next up let's compare the pricing of,these eight print on demand companies,and to keep it as simple as possible,we're just gonna stick to t-shirts and,i'll kind of give you my thoughts as we,go,first off let's take a look at printful,and we're gonna try to match up these,brands as much as possible and kind of,take a look so we see like the gildan,heavyweight 5000 here it's at 11.95 we,see the belling canvas 3001 at 12.95 now,this 12.95 is not the worst price i've,seen on the belly in canvas but for,something like a gildan 5000 this is,extremely high now this one is all over,print so we don't want to really want to,take a look at that but if we go down,here uh the gildan 64 000 soft style,t-shirt which isn't bad is at 8.95 which,is a pretty decent price for that,t-shirt gildan 2000 1295 is very high so,we could continue to go but overall you,know next level 3600 1450 which is,really high,overall printful is going to come in,probably quite a bit more expensive than,uh than most of the other print on,demand providers and we can continue to,go through here and we're gonna see that,the prices are pretty high and i think,you'll agree as we go through these,companies,next let's take a look at printfy and,you're going to notice right off the bat,printfy is going to be a lot cheaper now,the reason for that is because when we,click on a t-shirt let's click on this,3001,you're going to see that they have a,bunch of different uh print providers,and you can actually select which one,that you want to work with and what they,do is they allow these print providers,to set their own pricing and so that,what that creates is kind of a a,marketplace,where all of these print providers are,really competing for your business and,what that means is they've got to kind,of lower their price or you know have,competitive pricing or no one will pick,them right so they're kind of all,competing for your business and so as we,scroll through here on,printfy you see all the print providers,and you see the pricing right here 921,1043 8.75 so it's going to vary now the,lowest that you're going to find if we,go through here this is on the bell in,canvas 3001. i think it shows us on the,previous page,you see 882 there the dream junction at,9 17.,you also want to pay attention to the,countries because there are uh print,providers that are are in other,countries uh on here so you want to make,sure you know you're looking at your,country there's a lot to kind of,sort through here right let's just go,back,and let's take a look here so you see,this kind of shows you the bottom the,cheapest price that you would get so 779,on the gildan 5000 875 on that belling,canvas and you see as we go through here,uh you see the pricing so there's a,delta t-shirt it's 8.45 these are the,cheapest price that you can find next,level 3600 937 so you see there i mean,that's you're talking about,five bucks cheaper than than you would,get on printful now one more thing i,want to make sure that you know is,printify offers a premium plan and,that's going to give you a pretty hefty,discount on these prices as well believe,it runs 29.99 per month somewhere around,there,and that's going to give you a pretty,big discount again that's going to drop,some of these price i mean you see this,one is almost half with printf premium,4.36,you see like on the bell in canvas you,save a little over a dollar but there,are there's multiple options if you're,doing even 20 or 30 orders per month,it's probably worth it to upgrade to,that premium plan and that's going to,give you some of the best pricing that,you're going to see anywhere the cool,thing is the pricing you're going to get,on printful is on printf the pricing,you're going to get on printfy,is already going to be among the,cheapest because of their business model,but when you go to that premium plan it,really separates them kind of from the,rest,let's take a look at t launch and they,make it a little bit harder for us to,find out the pricing we're actually,going to need to click on these products,to find out so we've got the district t,which i mentioned before and that's,going to come in at 10 10 and 50 cents i,think that's actually a little bit high,for the district t just kind of knowing,the quality and everything about it i,think that's probably a little bit more,than i would want to pay but they are a,few they are one of the few print on,demand providers that actually offers uh,that offers that tee let's go to uh the,next level men's t-shirt which is going,to be kind of a standard probably a 3600,that one's going to come in at 11.75 to,14.75 that's going to depend on whether,you're doing a tri blend or you know a,standard or like you know a heather,color here so that's a little bit lower,than printful would come in i don't,think it's going to compare really to,what printf i had to offer in in terms,of pricing let's look at one more to see,and i'm going for kind of just a,standard t-shirt so here's a gildan's,men's t-shirt one thing that they do,here on on t launch is they really don't,tell you specifically what model they're,shipping out so you really it's hard to,compare but on this gilded t-shirt,you're gonna see it's at 8.50 quite a,bit better than printful and that's,probably about on par with printfy so i,think t launch is it's going to be,they're probably not going to be the,cheapest and they're not going to be the,most expensive they're going to fall in,the middle somewhere as far as their,pricing,taking a look at spod and again they're,probably going to fall in that middle,ground right they're not going to be the,most expensive they're not going to be,the cheapest here is your spreadshirt,which is something that only spod is,going to offer that's going to come in,at 10.79 you see there's quite a few,colors available for that when we take a,look at some of the more common t-shirts,like the belling cam that's going to,come in at 11.16,again quite a bit cheaper than printful,not as cheap as printify right probably,in that same range as something like t,launch so we go down here to something,like the gildan 2000 or even the hanes,5250 these prices here you know a little,bit more than i would want to pay for,these t-shirts i think for me you know i,would pay the extra dollar or two and,get up to a nicer t-shirt like a bell in,canvas 3001 or a next level um so again,their pricing is going to fall kind of,in the middle not going to be the most,expensive not going to be the cheapest,next up taking a look at app leak and i,just want to tell you right off the bat,that i cannot understand app leaks,pricing on their website i'm just a,regular guy,and i don't really understand it,the reason for that i think is because,they have so many different options uh,that they offer for printing so let's,click on one of these and i'll show you,what i mean i'm gonna go down and find,the bellin canvas 3001 because that's,the one i'm most familiar with and i use,kind of in the most most stores,and as we look at it here you know they,offer like the custom pocket and they,offer all of these different options if,we scroll down to the pricing you'll,kind of see what i mean now if we look,at you know um digital print for,dropship it says 1049.,my assumption would be,that would be the pricing,if you're going to do print on demand,and you're going to just do kind of a,you know front print it gets a little,bit confusing because you see kind of,like bulk pricing right you see if you,order 10 it actually goes up which is,such an odd thing to me because if one,is 1049 why would 10 be 16 and 20 cents,it is cool that they offer the bulk,pricing but it's just the pricing is,kind of odd now it's also cool that you,can order things like screen printed,t-shirts you know you can actually order,those for mac leak you can do the pocket,tee you can do some of these these,different things embroidery on your,t-shirts which is really cool,a couple other things to note here is,they have an 11 per uh per file digital,digitizat digitization fee that you got,to pay when you upload your artwork,right and so when i did i did a review,of applique on my channel and i did a,full review of a lot of these pronoun,demand companies what i thought i was,going to pay was not actually what they,charged me,and so you know my overall impression of,applique is,although i love some of the options that,they offer i think that the,user interface the user experience of,their app their website it's very,confusing and it's it's pretty difficult,to use i think they're definitely a,company that you want to pay attention,to if you want some of these custom you,know like we said woven labels those,private labels embroidery you're,definitely a company you want to pay,attention to there is just a bit of a,learning curve to really figure this,thing out you're probably going to want,to do some test orders and play with it,quite a bit um to get a good feel now,overall again pricing it's really really,hard for me to tell i think if you're,just doing a basic front print on a,t-shirt they're probably going to be,somewhat competitive maybe a little bit,on the high end if you start adding on,all of these different options pop,custom pocket woven label that price is,going to skyrocket it's going to be,expensive to do that kind of stuff but,if you're offering those kind of,products you're going to be charging a,premium so it may end up,being a good deal in the end if you're,offering a super branded t-shirt you're,probably going to want to offer that at,35 or 40,and so i can't it's hard for me to get a,good idea of what the margins are going,to be on something like that that by,just looking at their website and not,actually setting up a full product,custom cat is going to be on the lower,end of the pricing scale to maybe that,middle on most products if we look at,you know the 3001 c you'll see 963 to,13.63 it's a beefy t-shirt at 1082.,that's quite a bit more than i want to,pay,for that t-shirt,let's see if we can find some more of,those common ones not an anvil 980 at,912 that's pretty good that's kind of,right in line with where you'd want that,tee,so again you know they're going to be,somewhat on the lower end to kind of,that middle middle of the road similar,to an spod or a t launch kind of not the,cheap not the cheapest but probably,close to the cheapest you know but not,the most expensive they do also offer a,premium plan that you might want to look,at that will give you a discount on,these products it's not something that,they advertise very much or very well,they don't really tell you about it but,they do offer a tier up i believe it,starts at 499,per month where you can actually get,some discounts on these products so that,might be something to take a look at,here's something that's very interesting,about gelato gelato has fulfillment,centers uh that will print your products,all over the world that's a huge benefit,of gelato,it means that if i'm in the u.s and i,sell products in australia that product,can be printed in australia and sent to,my customer very quickly okay so that's,a huge benefit gelato's got a really big,network,of fulfillment centers all across the,globe but what's interesting about their,website is that i can't really compare,the pricing for them because they're,showing everything in you know european,money and so they are actually based in,europe as far as where they're you know,where their main uh main offices are i,guess main staff but again they have,quite a few united states fulfillment,centers and i can tell on their website,that they're recognizing that i'm in the,united states but they're not i can't,find pricing anywhere on here that will,give me us dollar pricing so if you want,to go in and convert it feel free but,i'm not really sure where that pricing,is going to leave them now i do know,this once you install the app in your,shopify store,and you actually go into that app it,will show you the u.s pricing but as far,as on their website here i'm not seeing,an easy way to switch it over to us,pricing it's just showing me this,european pricing even when i go to full,price list again it shows it knows that,i'm in the united states but it won't,give me that u.s pricing,last is guten and since we're not a,member with guten we don't actually have,their pricing they don't advertise it,right here on their website and i can,tell you that one of the reasons for,that is that guten is going to offer you,different pricing depending on how much,you're selling in your shopify store i,actually had a chance to talk talk to,one of their reps at an event called,shirt lab that i spoke at a few months,ago and they were very very kind their,rep was really cool really good guy uh,but he explained to me you know if you,have a store that's doing uh you know,five thousand dollars a month in sales,and you have another store that's doing,fifty thousand dollars a month in sales,that fifty thousand dollar a month store,is gonna get better pricing on their,products than the five thousand dollar a,month so that's something to consider,guten is gonna have better pricing if,you have more sales but we don't have,the data right here to show in this,review,next up let's compare the shipping cost,this is a kind of a hard one to compare,some of the companies don't publicly,offer their shipping prices but we'll do,our best here to kind of show you the,shipping among these companies starting,out with printful printful is going to,be probably the easiest to understand so,we go right here to t-shirts and you see,in the usa 3.99 for your first product,and a dollar fifty for each additional,product that means that when your,customer orders two t-shirts the first,one they will charge you 3.99 and,because the second one is in that same,package you're gonna only have to pay a,dollar fifty on any additional products,and you see the difference in here to uh,these other countries which this pricing,for international is is very good and,that's because they have fulfillment,centers kind of across the world so,let's take a look at a few more here the,hoodie is 6.99 it's really really good,really good for a hoodie,overall i think that their,shipping is is very reasonable and maybe,one of the best that we're going to see,which is good because their pricing is a,little bit higher,as we go down here we see the highest,we've really seen to the u.s is 9.99 for,some of the stuff now we will see,probably on some of the heavier items we,might see a little bit higher shipping,6.99 on mugs enamel mugs are only 3.99,that's kind of odd that enamel mugs are,are almost half the price of regular,mugs let's see if we see anything else,here bean bag case is 6.99,so i think their shipping is pretty good,overall maybe beverage containers so,9.99 on beverage containers i think it's,pretty good overall and we'll see as we,go through here this might be one of the,best ones now a reminder that printfy,uses all of these different print,providers so,you can see the rates for any of these,print providers but,one thing to keep in mind with printify,is they do have a huge product selection,but because they have all these,different print providers you're likely,going to be paying,a lot more shipping if customers are,ordering you know a bunch of these,different products together because,they're going to be coming from,different places some of the print on,demand providers that we have on this,list they you know when when a customer,orders two different products they're,coming from the same factory so,sometimes you can get those breaks and,shipping um but with printf that's,probably not going to be the case in,most scenarios unless your customer is,ordering like two t-shirts together and,they came from the same provider now,again as we said earlier,uh these print on demand print providers,inside printful are going to set their,own rates right so,this could these can really be wide,varying if we take a look at something,like my locker which is a common one,that most that a lot of people use,printf i use you see for t-shirts it's,four dollars and two dollars for each,additional item now it's a little bit,more expensive than printful was,printful was at a dollar fifty for each,additional item but again this will vary,depending on,the print provider that you use so just,be aware of that and you probably would,be wise if you're gonna use print25 to,really,pay close attention,when you're setting up the products to,what the shipping cost is through each,of those print providers next up we've,got t launch,i could not find it on their website i,don't think that they publicly make,their shipping cost available,which is really a bummer because i think,that's something that people need to,know before really getting in too deep,with a print provider they need to know,pricing and they need to know,shipping costs and so i could not find,that,here on on their website now i do have,some experience with t launch and i,think it's gonna fall pretty competitive,with what we've seen so far you know for,t-shirts you're gonna be looking at,somewhere around four dollars and a,dollar to two dollars for those,additional items but unfortunately we,don't publicly have that available here,and so if we take a look at spod now,they have two different fulfillment,centers one's going to be in in the u.s,and the other one is going to be,in europe and they offer a few uh,different types of shipping here you see,standard shipping premium shipping and,express shipping so we're looking at the,united states and we go down here and we,see uh they they do it based on the,value of goods so that is a little bit,different so they're doing it on,basically the cost of your products that,you're paying so let's say you you your,customer ordered a t-shirt that is under,13.51,your cost that's going to cost you four,dollars and 51 cents to ship that out,with standard shipping,if you know maybe they order something,like a hoodie which might be 13 to 24,that's gonna be 635 so,it's kind of an odd way to do it,probably not my favorite i like more of,a flat rate style let's take a quick,look at kind of premium,which is going to be just a little bit,more really not too bad compared to,the standard shipping and then we've got,express which is probably yeah going to,be much more expensive which is going to,be through fedex now one thing we don't,see here is we don't see what the cost,is for additional items and i guess,that's the reasoning for that is because,you can just add up i'm realizing it as,i'm telling you you could just add up,the cost so,let's say that your customer orders two,t-shirts and,the cost of those t-shirts is ten,dollars a piece well that's going to,make it twenty dollars in cost which is,going to be between 1351 and 24.51 so,that means it's going to be 635 to ship,two t-shirts so when you look at it that,way i think it's gonna be,a little bit more expensive than what,we've seen so far you know we want it to,probably be somewhere in that 350 to,four dollar range for the first item and,then a dollar to two dollars for the,second item i think this is probably,going to be one of the more expensive,shipping costs when we kind of look at,it that way next up we're taking a look,at app leak and again just,the same way that we talked about their,website earlier,it's really hard to find their shipping,and it's really hard to get a good idea,of what you're going to be,charged,the reason for that is number one they,offer a lot of different options they,offer rush shipping they because they,offer bulk ordering that that creates a,lot more issues as well,so you know down here they kind of give,you this table and they show you you,know depending on the weight this is,what your shipping cost is going to be,so if you look right here you know we've,got up to three t-shirts uh it's gonna,be at 4.99 so it's not too bad you know,if you have you could have up to three,t-shirts in this 15.9,uh when we go up to hoodies large to 3xl,hoodies is going to be at 10.99 so i,guess anything under that is going to be,at 4.99,so i think you know if you're just,looking at the basic cost of like a,t-shirt or a hoodie that's pretty good,you know you're going to save a dollar,two dollars,but again it can be a little bit,confusing just to know the weights of,different things,in here but that at least gives you a,decent idea and again they're not just,gonna that's for their standard shipping,but they will also offer additional,tiers of shipping or a different,additional uh,quickness of shipping and so that will,create uh that that will create,additional cost,if you go with those so i would take a,look at this but it's it's going to be,somewhat hard to get an idea because,they just don't make it super easy to,understand here custom cat offers again,a lot of options they have economy,ground,uh two day overnight international so a,lot of different options for shipping i,will tell you right off the bat you,probably,in my opinion you're probably either,going to want to use the economy or the,two day,i don't see a reason why you would want,to use the ground i'm sure there is a,reason,and really the overnight i mean you,could use the overnight but i think for,most people offering economy which is,going to be,you know three to five days or so maybe,even quicker,and then two days gonna give them that,little bit faster option,i don't know that you need all of the,different shipping rates so taking a,look at economy which is going to be,kind of standard probably usps type,shipping 429 for the first product and,75 cents for the additional products,this is under the super lightweight,category so you actually have to go,through and i don't think it's on this,page you need to go through and you need,to look at the product pricing because,they'll categorize the products you have,lightweight here which can be 529 and,then 150 uh 150 for additional products,these categories are going to be on,their weight right so they,they've taken all of their,pricing for their products uh all of,their weight for their products and,they've categorized them into these,different categories and that's kind of,kind of go up you know as as you go up,in in weight so you want to going to,want to look at the products and then,kind of compare,and it's it's kind of difficult to know,just looking at this where everything is,really gonna fall the last two here,we've got gelato and guten and again we,don't have shipping presses available,guten is not offering those to the,public because you need to be a member,with them before you get those and,gelato is not i could can't find them,here on gelato i don't even see the,shipping prices in you know european,currency um they just don't show them at,all from what i could find here on on,their website now i know you can find,this information inside of their app,once you get signed up with them but i,didn't see it here on their website as,far as crowning a print-on-demand king i,think there are a lot of different,things to consider and it really depends,on your unique situation if you're,somebody who's just wanting a solid,print on demand provider with a ton of,print on demand,products to choose from you're probably,going to want to go with something like,printful or printfi or one of these,other kind of common options if you're,somebody who is wanting really fast,shipping times you know spod,advertises a 48 hour turnaround so spod,might be one to look at if you're,wanting to just get those items out,really quickly now if you're wanting,worldwide fulfillment if you're somebody,who's going to be selling all across the,world my in my opinion i would take a,look at gelato or printful because,they're both going to offer fulfillment,centers in a lot of different,countries and that could be a huge,benefit to you if you're somebody who is,solely concerned with pricing and,margins because you want to maximize,your margins you're probably going to,want to take a look at something like,printify or custom cat so it really,depends on your unique situation again,if you want a branded experience if you,want more branded items take a look at,app leak there are a lot of good print,on demand providers on this list and,they really specialize in different,areas and so do your own research,depending on what your unique,needs are i think for me the most,important things would probably be,pricing and product selection i think,those would be very important and one of,the most important things which we did,not cover in this video is the quality,now i want to give you a couple,resources if you would like to learn a,little bit more about these print on,demand companies now here on our youtube,channel we have done full in-depth,reviews on each of these print on demand,companies actually seven out of the,eight print on demand companies on this,list we have done a more in-depth review,where we go even deeper on what they,have to offer so i will link those down,those videos down in the description for,you to take a look at those we actually,unbox a t-shirt and look at their,quality as well and we've also put out a,print on demand quality shootout where,we took all these print on demand,providers we laid them all out on a,table and we compared the quality,between them based off of what i,received and that would be a valuable,video we'll put a link to that at the,end of this video and also down in the,description so good luck on your journey,of picking a print on demand provider,and i hope that this video has been,super helpful thank you so much for,watching today and if you're brand new,to shopify you're getting your first,store set up you're need some additional,help installing print on demand getting,that set up we have a free 13-step cheat,sheet that you can download at,,cheat sheet just put in your email and,then you can download a pdf which gives,you 13 steps that will walk you through,how to get your store set up on shopify,and ensure that you have everything done,before you open it up to the public so,it's super helpful we've had thousands,of people download it just go over to, download that cheat,sheet and we'll see you next week

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