how to change shipping prices on shopify

How to Add Shipping Cost on Shopify (SIMPLE) in this video I'll show you how you can,add shipping co

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Add Shipping Cost on Shopify (SIMPLE)

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How to Add Shipping Cost on Shopify (SIMPLE)

in this video I'll show you how you can,add shipping costs in your Shopify store,so for that you want to sign in and,click on settings right there and,they'll then send you to the settings,page where you should be able to find,shipping and delivery so click on,shipping and delivery,they will then send you over to the,shipping page so right there you'll find,shipping and shipping rates as well so,first of all you want to click on manage,rates this will then send you over to,that page which probably has some,presets installed already so right there,we have shipping to the Netherlands,which is five euros almost five euros,right now you then have shipping in,Europe almost 14 euros and right there,rest of the world 20 euros so basically,what you can do you can add different,shipping zones so the Netherlands is the,shipping zone Europe and then the rest,of the world if you want to add one,click on create shipping zone and you,can and choose a country so let's say,that you want to add shipping for the,United States you basically type in,United States right there and then right,there as well so basically select the,country or zones that you want to add,there we go you can then scroll down and,click on Add rate right there and then,you can actually set this up so there,are a few different ways and different,things you can do so you can set up your,own rates or use the carrier use carry,or app to calculate rates so I'll just,go off my loan for now you can go to,standard one now for example that could,then be if you base this on your order,price you could be let's say minimum,price zero just like that and then,basically the fees and the shipping rate,would be five euros okay so from zero go,I mean euros in this case from zero your,as on they'll have to pay five euros and,shipping so with this you always have,shipping now the maximum price could,also be let's say 50 euros,and if you didn't click on done you've,just added your first shipping rate now,let's say that you want free shipping,after like I mean yeah after 50 euros so,minimum 50 euros is no shipping rate you,can then do free shipping right there,you can then click on add conditions,based on order price minimum price 50,euros and then add zero euros shipping,click on done and you now have zero,shipping from 50 euros and up so that's,pretty much how you can add shipping,costs on your Shopify store if this,video helps you out make sure you go,ahead and leave a like on the video that,would help me out and then I'll see you,in the next video have a good day

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