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Big Cartel vs Shopify: Which Is Better? hey what is up guys it's Brennan here,and today we're going

Brennan Valeski

Updated on Jan 12,2023

Big Cartel vs Shopify: Which Is Better?

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Big Cartel vs Shopify: Which Is Better?

hey what is up guys it's Brennan here,and today we're going to be comparing a,Big Cartel versus Shopify so if you are,just getting started with e-commerce,maybe you're brand new or if you're,already established e-commerce this is a,great comparison to understand the pros,the cons the differences and,similarities between Big Cartel and,Shopify so this is really both of these,platforms I am a big fan of I have,personally created a built and sold uh,products online built eCommerce stores,online stores with both the Shopify,platform as well as the Big Cartel,platform so I do have a lot of personal,uh on hand on hands experience with both,platforms so that's we're going to be,comparing here in today's video and,before we dive into things I do want to,mention I the first link down in the,description box below will take you,right over to a 14 day free trial with,Shopify uh following my link that is an,affiliate link so if you want to support,the channel go ahead and click that link,support the channel follow along and get,started today with your 14 day free,trial to Shopify so without further Ado,let's go ahead and dive into today's,video so comparing Big Cartel versus,Shopify first we're going to take a,quick look at Big Cartel as well as,Shopify give you a little bit of,overview then we're going to be diving,into the details between the pricing,comparisons store examples and what you,can expect and really the pros and cons,of each platform and really who is each,platform best for so right from the get,I will say Big Cartel is best for,someone who is a small business owner,someone who's not looking to spend a ton,a ton of money just wants a basic simple,online store to be able to sell maybe,their handcrafted products right or,maybe some T-shirts maybe a little bit,of print on demand you can do that with,Big Cartel as well just looking maybe,some T-shirts some artwork maybe just,some simple products right just basic,bare bone store you're not looking for,tons of crazy customization you want to,be able to save money and still be able,to build an easy online store as you can,see here for artists and makers right,sell your work and run a creative,business that's really who Big Cartel is,built for and aim for it's great also,maybe if you're brand new and you just,want to test the waters right if you,maybe are on social media you're looking,to sell some of your own little products,this is a great way to test things uh at,a quite an affordable way and just very,easy and simple to use I will say that,as well and Shopify best best for really,a ton a ton of people it is a little bit,more expensive when we get into the,pricing we'll compare the direct pricing,comparisons Shopify is best for a ton a,ton of people really you could go from,small business mid-sized business large,business and even Enterprise level,solutions that they offer with Shopify,uh plus so really tons and tons of,options here with with Shopify they are,just such a massive company tons and,tons of customizations I Shopify is my,personal favorite e-commerce platform,really when you take a look at all,e-commerce platforms available Shopify,really is the clear winner uh they are,just an amazing platform to use but Big,Cartel does outshine them in a couple,little small Niche areas depending on,what you're looking for and what you,need out of your e-commerce or out of,what you need out of your online store,so it really just depends on the person,but Shopify has tons and tons of,Integrations way way way way more than,Big Cartel but it does come at a cost of,course so yeah Shopify just the kachings,right the the the app,um the ability the flex flexibility the,the customizations really really you,can't even top that with most other,platforms when you're comparing to,Shopify it's just it's really unmatched,I would say,so if you want more flexibility uh and,you know more options then Shopify is,probably better for you maybe you're a,small or even mid-large an Enterprise,level uh size business then Shopify uh,you know really is a lot better for,bigger businesses okay just putting that,flow out there or even if you are a,small business but you're looking for,more customizations then definitely,Shopify is better for you or if you're,interested in Drop Shipping You Gotta Go,Shopify if you're interested in Drop,Shipping because Big Cartel doesn't,really have those options for you so,taking a look at the pricing comparisons,here like I said let's dive right into,it most of you probably really,interested in that as well so Big Cartel,as you can see here they do have an,amazing free option where you can have,up to five products absolutely for free,if you just want to test the waters Big,Cartel is a great platform for testing,the waters seeing if people bite right,seeing if you could actually make some,sales off of your maybe your little,handcrafted did products or maybe some,other products you want to sell you,could like I said print on demand as,well is an option so,you know that's one way it is fairly,limited of course with the five product,but it's free you know you expect it to,be limited with free but it is totally,free it's not just a free trial uh like,you can sign up first link down in the,description box to Shopify you can get a,14 day free trial uh Big Cartel it is,just free flat out so but it is very,very limited and I say limited you know,five products only one image per product,uh but you can at least start selling,something and at least,create an online store to sell something,right the biggest hurdle is for people,to actually hey get started and actually,start doing something uh that's the,biggest hurdle to jump through and,that's really the great option with Big,Cartel uh as far as that goes and then,they also have their platinum and,Diamond features uh which we'll dive,into in a second here but I do want to,jump into Shopify pricing their basic,most popular plan is 29 a month like I,said you do have the 14 day free trial,uh that gives you at least some time to,play around with things get a feel for,Shopify see if you actually want to get,started with them the thing that's great,about Shopify though is as you continue,to grow or scale your business depending,on uh what type of you know what type of,trajectory you're looking at targeting,or maybe if you already have an online,business uh and you you're familiar you,know you're going to be driving a good,level of traffic then Shopify really has,a more scalable Solutions and and better,for the long run like if you you don't,want to have to migrate eCommerce,platform forms that's a big headache and,and really a pain to do so if you want,to avoid migrating down the road then,you could just get started with Shopify,from the beginning and have a very like,scalable solution long term that's,what's great about Shopify is that you,know they do have in in 29 a month is is,still fairly reasonable for an,e-commerce platform especially,considering all the different options,that they have within Shopify as well,um so you know and you can still have,you know everything really I mean the,basic Shopify plan includes a ton a ton,a ton a ton of features,um,you know even leaps abounds way more,features than than what Big Cartel is I,mean they're they're uh Diamond plan is,probably I guess you know still closer I,guess in pricing but you know all this,pricing is subject to change as well of,course in the future uh this is just the,pricing as the time I'm making this,video so definitely be sure to look at,this uh yourself but I'm I'm sure it'd,probably be fairly comparable in the,future regardless,um you can save money with Shopify if,you do their yearly,um that is a great way to save money uh,if you set up for if you sign up for,their annual plans uh you know that will,give you a good level of discount as you,can see you know they're doing right,that's the 50 if you pay annually so if,you're looking to to do it for the long,run looking to get in this for the Long,Haul you're really deciding okay which,eCommerce platform Should I stick to and,commit to,then you know an annual plan could make,sense for you as well,um but just comparing the basic the the,monthly plans you know are as follows,um you're not limited with products in,Shopify you could pretty much add you,know within reason,um you know as many products as you want,really within uh Shopify now they do,also have uh like I said before the,Shopify plus starting at 2 000 a month,if you are a high volume Enterprise,level business then you're going to want,to look at Shopify Plus or if you are,just basic starter you can sell uh,products through social media and,messaging apps for only five a month on,their starter plan that's a good,alternative solution I would say that,the starter plan from Shopify at that,price point is most comparable uh to a,Big Cartel if you're just starting to,sell through social media but Big Cartel,does actually give you,um a full like your own site to sell,products on,um Beyond just like selling through,social media so,um but like I said Shopify is a lot more,scalable so maybe you could start with,that starter plan if you're just doing,something very basic that's the most,comparable plan to what what Big Cartel,offers,um as an e-commerce platform,comparatively Big Cartel does give you a,little bit more features I guess at that,super low price point,um,but yeah so that's something to consider,as well if you're depending on you know,if you're super small or are much bigger,you know most people probably just the,best plan would be just the basic plan,for most people but most people because,it has the most flexibility and you can,still have an online store and do the,most with it and with the yearly with,the yearly plan you do save quite a bit,money as well uh so there is that there,comparing them,um,you know even with the platinum and,Diamond features within Big Cartel they,are they do give you uh quite a bit more,um flexibility than just the free plan,but it's not that many more features you,know you do also get at least Google,analytics some bulk editing,um some more additional features uh,theme code editing maybe if you have CSS,experience then you could do some of,that as well,um but it's still not a ton ton more it,bear Big Cartel like I said even with,the platinum and diamond is still a much,more basic platform aimed towards,smaller artists or smaller businesses uh,and is much less scalable in the long,run but if you're just one person or if,you're two people just looking to sell,some basic products then Big Cartel is,much cheaper and makes a lot more sense,for someone who is doing maybe smaller,sales volumes that makes a lot of sense,for Big Cartel,um and really that's where the kind of,Niche pocket of the industry and with,any Commerce that they really excel at,comparative to a platform like Shopify,that is targeted really towards everyone,because they have just so many so much,more features and more flexibility more,scalability in the long run so taking a,look at a couple of example stores we,have a delish uh it's like a skin care,type company this is uh built on Big,Cartel so as you can see here online,store by Big Cartel you can set up a,variety of product categories uh as you,can see here they have like Mass,cleansers moisturizers uh you know skin,stuff and all those types of products uh,as well,uh you you know it's a bit of a basic,store but it's clean it's simple it does,the job right uh if you have maybe,you're making your own products or you,know you just have a small business then,this is a great way to go you can set up,you know custom Pages if you need an FAQ,section shipping contact testimonials,various different product categories uh,as you can see here,um so you can even sort by featured or,top selling you know you have your,sorting features you have a search box,cart you know all the basics that you,need for a online store Big Cartel does,offer that,um as well now taking a look at a,Shopify stores for example,um you know there's just first off it,does depend on the person editing the,store as far as how much work they put,into their Graphics their images their,videos but as a whole Shopify does have,a lot more flexibility as far as if you,want to add images if you want to add a,video if you want to move this here or,there you can have just a lot more,customization you can add little icons,text backgrounds just different,transparency levels like for someone,who's really into web design Shopify,gives you just Leaps and Bounds way way,way more you're gonna pay for it but,it's way way more customizable more,scalable and just a better solution in,the long run if you you are looking to,grow a long-term business uh just it,depends on what you know what you're,personally looking for what types of,products you're selling as well,um and we're going to be taking a look,at the uh some other aspects as well as,that may help you you know make your,decision between Big Cartel or Shopify,so as you can see here you also have,like the little footer here uh all the,different payment options you can also,set up like little you know 10 off your,order type setups there as well,um email you know shipping contact all,the basic stuff on the pages,um different product categories,um but just as a whole even just looking,at the home page of this site here you,know you can see the big difference,between you know how much flexibility it,just depends if you want something basic,simple easy to use then just go with Big,Cartel if you don't want like all the,crazy customizations but if you if you,do want something more long-term more,customizations,at least you know and you can try them,both like they both have free options,and see for yourself like go ahead and,try Big Cartel they have that the free,plan you can sign up for free test them,out or like I said first link down in,the description box to take you right to,Shopify free 14 day free trial does,support the channel and you can at least,get started and test each different,platform and see for yourself what you,like you know I personally a big fan of,Shopify I love Shopify I think it's,worth that money that you're gonna spend,on it because in the long run you have,way more options way more flexibility,like I said as well if you're interested,in doing Drop Shipping you pretty much,have to go Shopify if you're looking at,doing Drop Shipping that's just facts so,another thing with Shopify in comparison,to Big Cartel is the Shopify App Store,like I said with Drop Shipping you know,Shopify app store is just tons and tons,of developers make apps built for,Shopify you have way more Integrations,way more customization and a lot more,apps that you can add into your Shopify,store so just looking at some of the,most popular ones you know you have,different social media Integrations,um different marketing Integrations as,well,you know connect with QuickBooks for,accounting and all of that you have gift,card like it really I mean it is endless,the amount of different apps and and,categories they have in here are insane,actually I mean it's Shopify is just the,like one of the best platforms it's just,that's what it is you know you have tons,of different store design options as far,as landing page Builders I know I've,mentioned pagefly on the channel before,um you've got email marketing,Integrations you've got finding products,as you can see de-essers you know if,you're doing AliExpress Drop Shipping,printful for print on demand printify as,well or spocket for us and EU Drop,Shipping like you just have way way way,way more options for finding products to,sell or for marketing your business,um or for store design or really just,literally everything so,yeah I mean to me the choice is clear,depending on what size you're at but,look if you're not looking to spend much,money then you know Big Cartel is a good,option it is just very basic and very,Bare Bones in the long run you're,probably going to want to scale to,Shopify,um but it just depends if you're smaller,and you're going to stay small then you,know big cartel's nice and easy and,simple to use but Shopify is probably,better from the majority of people,watching this video so yeah I hope this,that you found this video helpful as far,as comparing you know Big Cartel versus,Shopify looking at different store,examples,um if you found this video helpful be,sure to smash that like button hit the,Subscribe Button as well and the,notification Bell so you know if I ever,upload a new video and like I said just,another reminder first link down in the,description box will take you to a free,14 day free trial with Shopify if you,want to test out the platform feel free,to do so and guys that's all for today's,video so I will see you in the next one,peace out

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