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Shopify Tutorial: How to Turn Your Image Banner into a VIDEO Banner i'm going to show you how to tur

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Shopify Tutorial: How to Turn Your Image Banner into a VIDEO Banner

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Shopify Tutorial: How to Turn Your Image Banner into a VIDEO Banner

i'm going to show you how to turn your,photo hero banner into a video hero,banner this works for any shopify 2.0,theme no special coding skills are,required anyone can do this,before we get into the video if you like,videos about winning products drop,shipping shopify themes apps and,tutorials do us a favor and hit that,subscribe button and turn notifications,on now let's get into the video i'm,going to show you how to do this for,shopify's free theme dawn but you can do,the same thing for any 2.0 theme i've,tried this on shopify's newest themed,taste and since as well so i'm confident,this will work with any 2.0 theme you,try but if you do end up running into,any issues and need some help you can,visit our website and fill out a store,tweaks request and we can help you out,all right so the first thing we are,going to do is duplicate your existing,theme i'm not suggesting this because i,think it's going to mess up your store,but rather so you can work on this,without it interfering with your live,store,to do this click actions,duplicate,once your theme has successfully,duplicated click on actions,edit code,now if you're tensing up and thinking,you should click off at this point,because you don't want to mess around,with the code don't worry this is a,simple copy and paste code you don't,need to do anything further,now scroll down to sections,and click add new section,name it video dash background,then click create section,you're going to have some auto-generated,code in here so just highlight and erase,all that and instead we're going to,paste in the video code for the video,code a huge thank you to,for sharing the original code i altered,some of the code in order for it to work,with 2.0 themes there was a spacing,issue with the original code and i also,switched up the look but if you're using,an older non-2.0 shopify theme such as,debut their original code will likely,work for you,i'm going to put their website in the,description box below but for,simplicity's sake rather than directing,you to their website to copy the code,and then walking you through all the,edits i just created a text document,with the updated code which you can,download from our private facebook group,so when you have the code just copy the,contents and then paste it into your,file here,and click save,now let's check to see if our section,has been added so click on online store,and click customize,then scroll down to the bottom,click add section,and you should see video background go,ahead and click on that,now i'm going to drag this right up to,the top because i want it to be my hero,banner,if you click on video slide you can see,all of your options here,the first thing we're going to do is add,our video now if you don't have a video,i highly recommend going to,to find one it's my favorite website for,free high quality photos and videos type,in anything that would work for what you,sell so if you have a pet store you,might type in dog or if you sell,electronics you might type in keyboard,for dawn since it's a clothing theme i,typed in dress then what you want to do,is click video so that it shows you only,videos,then click orientation and select,horizontal,then what you want to do is scroll,through and see if anything catches your,eye,shopify does have a 20 mb limit on,videos so don't choose a video that's a,minute long you want something more like,5 10 or 15 seconds long,if you find one that you really like but,it's just slightly over the size limit,you can click this down arrow next to,the download button and select a smaller,size if it's still too large you can,scroll down to see similar videos to see,if there's something similar that would,work instead once you have downloaded,your video stay here because we also,want to get a cover photo for our video,this is important because when it first,loads on your store you get a glimpse of,the default placeholder which we don't,want to see so make sure you replace it,i wish things were organized a little,better for finding photos related to the,videos but organization is left up to,the author so it's not always easy to,find matching photos the easiest way,that i found is to copy the author's,name,then click info,and then take note of what keywords the,author has used so for this one it's,white dress wheat field,and then what i do is i click off and,then in the search bar i pasted the,author's name,and i also typed in white dress wheat,then select photos,and if the orientation isn't already set,as horizontal make sure to do that,then start scrolling until you find the,correct photo,when you find it go ahead and click on,it,i recommend going with a smaller size,than the original because it can,negatively affect your store speed but,at the same time you don't want it too,small because then it's going to be,blurry and stretched out so for this,photo i'm going to select large once,you've downloaded your photo and video,you will head back to your shopify,dashboard,click settings,files,click the upload files button,then find and select the video you just,downloaded,once it has been uploaded click copy,link,now exit up here and go back to,customizing your theme,click on video slide,and paste your video link here,then select your cover image by clicking,select image,upload,and then find the photo you just,downloaded,after that you can adjust your text,color,add in your button text and link,and then adjust your button background,and text color as well,now that you can see everything clearly,go ahead and edit your text as desired,and then you are done,if you like this video and want to see,more content like this you can let me,know by giving this video a thumbs up or,leave me a comment down below and if you,haven't already make sure to subscribe,we post a lot of time sensitive content,such as winning products and updates,that affect you so turning on,notifications for this channel will let,you know as soon as we upload

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