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Updated on Jan 12,2023


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hey guys so today I'm going to be,showing you how I add products to my,shop before Shopify store we're going to,step by step because the previous video,I showed you guys I got new inventory so,I'm going to put that new inventory on,my website so what I've done to get to,the point where I'm at now I've taken my,product two pictures which if you guys,need help taking product pictures let me,know and I can definitely maybe make a,video about that but I've taken my,product pictures and my all of my items,are ready like to be shipped basically,so well and what that means is like if,there's anything you need to do,customize them all that stuff it's,already done like for example I have,already put my earrings on my label,stuff like that if you need to do,anything like that then you're ready to,go and if you still need to do that do,that first before watching this videos,so we're gonna go step by step so I know,I could definitely just do a voiceover,but since I'm gonna be flipping back to,showing you guys and the computer I'm,just gonna film the computer and I hope,that that's okay if I do a type of video,like this let me know if it's not,working so okay so first things first,let me flip you around we are at my,Shopify store so you're gonna go ahead,and go to products right so you're gonna,click on products this you're gonna just,go to your home screen and make sure you,click products right obviously going to,so here I'm at all products which it,should automatically send you here you,go all the way to this corner and I'm,clicking add product this is the page it,sends you to okay so I'm going to go,ahead and first just input my title and,description so I'm just gonna enter that,real quick and I'll get right back to,you guys this is my description I'm,gonna definitely go in and like adjust,this and I took my pictures on my iPhone,I use the square photos I go back and,forth I do use my camera sometimes but,like let me find these okay so this is,what the pictures are that I'm going to,be uploading so I'm gonna put those here,right here where it says add file that's,where this is gonna go,for that I'm gonna put in my price I,recommend right here it says cost per,item I recommend you write this down,this is how much you bought the product,for I recommend you do that because here,at the margin and profit it'll let you,know how much money you're making and,it's super easy so you can come back if,you need to to like find out how much,are my charging this for how much a,profit am I making stuff like that I,recommend that you do that so that's,where you can do this next then after,that we'll go ahead and get into,inventory so here we have the SKU that's,kind of like if you track every single,item same thing with the barcode that's,if you kind of this is honestly for like,bigger scale shops so I definitely put,track quantity and I wouldn't recommend,continue selling out of stock but,however you do it whatever I wanted to,go back well here on the pricing click,charge tax on this product it's super,important you guys to do that unless you,don't care but it'll Shopify will help,you keep track of your taxes so you want,to definitely do that so here I'm gonna,put how many items I have available now,this next part is important this next,part product the next portion is,shipping so you want to click for me,this is a physical product I'm not,selling an e-book or anything like that,so I have a physical product so here,this helps them calculate shipping same,with like if you want to help calculate,shipping how much an item costs so the,reason why I said to make sure your item,is customized because all that,customization is going to increase the,weight so you want to make sure you know,how much it weighs so what I'm gonna do,you guys saw I got a brand new scale let,me go ahead and turn it on let me move,it I'm gonna go ahead and put it on here,and this weighs one point three ounces,so I'm going to type that in right okay,then I recommend doing I ship entering,actually if you ship in the United,States this doesn't matter,but basically customs needs to know,where did you get this item shown,okay so select country of origin mine is,China which most of your guyses will be,as well I'm gonna scroll to China and I,don't have this code and I've never had,a problem so then if you have multiple,variances you're gonna click that here,I personally don't so I'm gonna leave,that blank it's pretty much just gold,that's all you get if you have different,colors different sizes you can edit that,here I will go ahead and I have since I,have something that does have multiple,variances I will show you guys next how,to do that so I'm gonna click Save super,important to save and you're good to go,textured hoop earrings this is what I,just listed now over here product,availability if you sell on multiple,channels like this is kind of everything,that I sell on you can make sure you,want to make sure that this is clicked,or not clicked however works for you,definitely you want online store to be,selected okay so I wanted to show you,for my two headphones that come in two,different colors how you can add when,you get to quantity you're not going to,fill this part out so I'm going to go,ahead and get to this part after but,yeah I'm just gonna skip to what my what,my variances are is color so you see how,color I deleted it and color pops up so,I have it in blush right now and,separate with commas blush comma and I,have it in black right and you'll see,that the variances come up here so then,here under quantity you're gonna put how,many you have and then this SKU barcode,thing was when I showed you earlier,that's usually for bigger huge companies,that need to keep track of inventory but,that's pretty much it and then after you,click Save you'll see that it looks a,little bit different but you can add the,pictures to each item,okay oh my gosh so I just finished,putting all of the horrible Wow okay I,was like really excited I just my new,arrivals to my store right I sent all my,email lists to let people know hey I,dropped my new arrivals my supporters,were not playing they were ready for the,restock y'all so I probably just got an,one two three four five six seven nine,orders right now like this is crazy,so anyways y'all that is how I add items,to my store if you guys need more,information more clarification just let,me know I would love to help you guys,out also I want to give a shout out to,the giveaway winner um in my previous,video I shared with you guys since I,upgraded my shipping scale I don't need,my old one so I wanted to give it to one,of you guys but only one person entered,which is completely fine for her right,so I wanted to give her a shout out let,me and by the way I know who this is,girl I don't know how to properly,pronounce your name so Makati miss jones,okay but I wanna say congratulations she,says that she's doing a little boutique,she sells shirts jewelry little coffee,and wine glasses with cute little,savings she said she's not fully open,yet but her first customer who actually,refused to pay her asking price because,they wanted to and gave her more I love,that they were like no this quality is,amazing so I really really love that,girl keep hustling so proud of you,you're really doing your thing that is,an amazing story she put her Instagram,here if you guys want to check her out,but congratulations girl I'm going to,ship out your scale real soon so I will,definitely keep you updated because I,know your personal ID and everything,this girl I'm really really proud of you,and I cannot wait to see you grow so,anyways you guys that was my video I,hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you,found value subscribe so you don't miss,out on any more awesome content from me,I have plenty more where that's coming,from,I can share with you guys my secret how,I just got sales right now today,I was on it except it did go a little,bit crazier than I expected but I wish,everything guys my tips and my tricks,that's why I started this YouTube,channel I got you guys we're gonna,hustle this year we're not letting 20/20,beat us you hear me,so everybody stay safe stay healthy and,I'll catch you in the next video bye

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