why aren't my products showing up on shopify

Product Not Showing On Shopify? Quick and Easy Fix what's going on everyone it's Jamie here,from Sho

Ecom Masterclass

Updated on Jan 12,2023

Product Not Showing On Shopify? Quick and Easy Fix

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why aren't my products showing up on shopify catalogs

Product Not Showing On Shopify? Quick and Easy Fix

what's going on everyone it's Jamie here,from Shopify masterclass and today we're,gonna do a quick video covering,different troubleshooting techniques if,your products are not displaying on your,Shopify store before dive into it I just,want to say if you enjoy this video and,if you enjoy Shopify content I would,love it so much if you could hit that,like And subscribe button below as we're,currently on the road to 3 000,subscribers let's first dive into our,first trouble being technique here and,so I clicked into this testing Shopify,store hid products on the left hand side,I'm gonna click into this product black,shorts the first thing you want to check,here is the product status so it's gonna,be on the top right hand side you want,to make sure that it's set to active and,you want it to be set to draft here and,you want to make sure that it's,available on your desired location so,this one is the online store so let's,say it was off for example I could click,into sales channels and apps click,online store and hit done then just hit,save in the top right here that's going,to make sure that's available and when,it's available as well it's going to,show a little green circle here as well,as the active headache on top the next,thing you want to look at is to make,sure that the inventory level is above,zero and that there is enough there,available I can see here that there are,five available but you can set this,yourself also if you want Shopify to,track your inventory too the next thing,we'll look at here is the collection,settings so let's say there's a surfing,collection here and I want those black,shorts to show on this page here what,you can do is you can head into your,Shopify store you want to head into your,collection section under products so,it's going to be the surfing collection,you want to make sure that these,conditions here match the actual product,according to this collections conditions,here it has all conditions so if there,are multiple conditions it must equal,both of them so the first one is that,the product tag is equal to surfing I,could also say the product title,contains ends with starts with is equal,to which is what it contains everything,as well so with these two conditions,here it must match both of them as all,conditions I'm going to switch this to,any condition as it's gonna be a little,easier to add these details to the,product once you hit save there it's,going to show at the bottom which,products are actually included so as I,can see here the black shorts are not,included so I want to open up that,product page again and I can do some,edits so if I head into black shorts go,to the right hand side I can see the,product organization so here I can put,the categories the type the vendor the,collections where I can manually push,those in in there as well as the tag and,so I go back to the conditions here the,product tag has to be equal to surfing,or the product title has to contain,surfing Advanced any of these conditions,so I can do either or I could add it to,the product title but I'm going to add,it to the product tag if I put surfing,in here I can check this off I'm just,going to show that it's underneath there,so it has been included once I hit save,and I reload the surfing collection page,I can see my black shorts product if I,go back to the collection page as well,and I reload that page it's going to,show black shorts as being active in,this collection here overall that's a,really quick tutorial here on why your,product might not be displaying on your,Shopify store or on your collection,Pages looked at how to make sure that,the product is active and that there's,inventory in stock we also looked at the,collections you want to be able to see,that the product is active we also,looked at any versus all conditions to,be met we went through and tested one of,those as well so again if you enjoyed,this video I would love it if you hit,that like And subscribe button below if,you have any questions about this leave,a comment I do really want to quickly,mention our sponsor profit calc it's a,one-click profit calculator app,available on the Shopify app store it's,gonna allow you to skip your,spreadsheets and get back back to,Growing your store with real-time,calculations and there's a link in the,description below to access a 15 day,free trial on the Shopify app listing,thank you so much for watching and I'll,see you in our next video are you a,Shopify business owner who spends hours,doing your accounting have messy,spreadsheets kept you from growing your,business discover profit calc the,affordable and easy to set up Shopify,app that crunches your numbers in just,one click it automatically syncs with,all your accounts and expenses to,calculate your profit displaying,everything in an easy to read dashboard,so you understand your business in real,time start for free on the Shopify app,store today

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