how to accept dogecoin on shopify

How To Add Dogecoin To Your Shopify Store Using Coinbase Commerce | Coinbase Accepts Dogecoin all ri

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Add Dogecoin To Your Shopify Store Using Coinbase Commerce | Coinbase Accepts Dogecoin

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How To Add Dogecoin To Your Shopify Store Using Coinbase Commerce | Coinbase Accepts Dogecoin

all right when i start to invest into,those corn this is the new that i've,been,looking for because for those corn to,become,the people currency this is the thing,that those corn really need so the new,is corn base,is now accept those coins for,commerce payment and why it is the big,deal,so the idea here is guys go all the way,down here say that,those coin is accept by coinbase that's,mean,any kind of business online that created,the store on shopify,or any of the e-commerce store you can,go onto coinbase and get a code,from corn base and put inside your,website,and you can accept those as a payment,right here it's integrated with supplify,mean that,any vendor using shopify can easily,accept those,so this is a really really big new,it's a much payment very commerce just a,quick blast to let you know that we are,accepting commerce payment in those code,so right now guys congratulation that,whoever,have an online shopping online,you guys can accept those coins on your,website,and by doing that you can pour in more,traffic and it,can create it more convenient for your,customer,so why am i excited about this new it is,if you take a lot of uh take a look at,many other corn right now,in the market beside bitcoin beside,ethereum,and i think what is all the corn right,now is um,beside bitcoin ethereum and one other,corn is,litecoin okay and usd corn so the idea,in here is,those corn is already accept,okay inside the coin based,platform that you can able to accept,those,on your website this is a really really,big deal,like say that one more time because any,other coin out there,like you know shiba inu or any other,corn like even cordeno,you cannot really accept online as a,payment,but those call it except by the big,merchant like coinbase,you can you can take doge and put it on,your website and integrate it onto your,website,and now you can accept those payments,this is a really big deal,i always say in order for those corn to,become,the people currency basically um,what must have to happen is people have,to start to,uh not only able to invest in those corn,on many other on a different platform,people have to able to spend those cone,right,online you know buy stuff um merchandise,online,and also offline as well but right now,corn base,allow those corn in there so that's mean,uh people able to spend those corn and i,say,before if a law business corporation,doesn't accept those corn guess what,happened,thousand and eventually millions of,small businesses together,when they get together and they accept,those corn,do online merchants do online website,um then later on when they accept more,onto um you know retail store then,eventually,those code will become the people,currency it's just the matter of time,so i really love this new i think it's a,great new as you can see right here a,growing of list of retailers,right now except those corn like new a,commerce,you also see that new a ship inc accept,those call and let click right here to,see what other retailer,except those coin okay there's a a list,of retailer right now except those coin,let me see,see what else except those coin,accept those calling here as well um,but i know there's a a huge list of,retailers except those corn you know and,um,car dealership except those corn as well,even mark cuban,um his basketball team except those coin,as well,so let me show to you if you have a,website online,or shopify store online how do you,accept those coin,all you have to do is go inside uh,coinbase website,and you click on right here business and,you,click on developer click on commerce,right here and just go all the way down,here,and they have some button right here,and they have some sort of code like,some sort of code right here,and you can add the button inside your,website okay,so they have a lot of instruction down,here but this thing right here you don't,need to worry about all you have to do,is give it to your developer,and your developer should able to know,what to do and how to do because,developer this thing is like a piece of,cake for them okay they're going to know,exactly what to do this is the website,right here,coinbase and click on um developer,okay right here developer,and commerce show it to them and say i,want to accept,uh those coin on my ecommerce website,and your developers should able to do it,for you okay,like i say again this is a really big,new for me,i really hope and predict that,in the future they're going to be more,um,merchants whether it's online,and also uh offline as well offline,which is retailer,like the massage the nail salon the hair,salon,the restaurant and car dealership more,place,they're able to integrate into their,merchant like for example swear,they integrate into those coins then you,can use the square and use your app,to pay using those coin or maybe some,other stock stop is coming out like,those payment,that allow restaurant allow hotel,allow many small business to easily,accept those coins by,download the app now and all you have to,do just scan you know using your app,and you can pay by those coins if if,startup,created those convenient and um and,start to integrate,into online and also offline kind of,similar to coinbase,i think eventually it's just a matter of,time i give it a couple of years,amount of time for those going to become,more popular,and to be more well known and easy,accessible to a lot of people so i think,this is one of the big thing that,prevent,those cone to become the people currency,and now i see that,this catalyst is thought to happen,through coinbase okay,and i think eventually uh um you know,small business listen to my video and,they're gonna start to,integrate into um shopify they're gonna,start to integrate into other,website online and i think you know more,opportunities start to,create more awareness and opportunity,for those corn to accept,by many many people and many uh small,businesses,and big corporations they're gonna start,to look at wow it's so convenient,many small businesses except those con,many people start using those called,why not us okay and you know obviously,business they they create it for the,people they created to support,you know people as well and that's why,you see that a sneaker you see that um,order placed by new ecommerce they start,to accept those calls because,they want to put in there to support the,people okay,so good luck guy and this is the good,news for those coins so be patient okay,with those coins good luck and always,invest like a genius

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