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Hammocks and Go-Kart track: Inside Shopify headquarters Ottawa tech company shop if I open the,doors

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Hammocks and Go-Kart track: Inside Shopify headquarters

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Hammocks and Go-Kart track: Inside Shopify headquarters

Ottawa tech company shop if I open the,doors of its new downtown headquarters,to the media today and what it reveals,is a workplace designed to help keep,employees creative and motivated also,perhaps make people who don't work,they're a little jealous Shopify moved,to its new digs at 150 elegant last,October occupying several floors of the,new office tower there,CTV's Eric Longley has our inside look,Eric Patricia it's an idea that has been,used by some very successful tech,companies like Google and Facebook you,create this unique innovative,stimulating work environment where your,creative talent can thrive so how does,Shopify measure up they've got a go kart,track I'm guessing your office doesn't,have one of these,a soundproof indoor track to help,employees get revved up I like coming to,work every day,welcome to Shopify's new Ottawa,headquarters a workplace like no other,it's phenomenal it's it's miles ahead of,where I was before in terms of work,environment where one meeting room is,built to look like a giant sauna no heat,of course because that would be a little,nuts where people can work in hammocks,where graffiti artists are hired to,decorate the walls where employees dine,on gourmet meals yellowfin tuna and some,stuffed tomatoes one part of this office,even looks like a backyard with grass a,deck and little cottages it's on the,tenth floor it's a place that people,come and hang out and relax and have,little meetings you want relaxing this,rooms called the bear forest and the,Bears are beanbag chairs Shopify has,taken a page out of Silicon Valley's,playbook creating a workplace that is at,once relaxing and creatively stimulating,where workers stuck on a problem can,seek a new environment and even a little,distraction to get back on track that's,the idea is that it increases,productivity because people are like oh,I hadn't thought about it that way now,go back and do something different and,it must be working from humble origins,as an Ottawa startup ten years ago,Shopify has grown into a multi-million,dollar business providing payment,solutions for online businesses and what,to shop if I have that you don't we have,grass on the floor we have the wooden,deck to sit on perhaps something to put,in the old suggestion box back at work,Shopify is HQ is still a work in,progress they've got six floors,completed housing about 500 employees,two more floors is still on the go and,in the dining room they haven't yet,installed the giant slide into a pit of,foam blocks how can you possibly work,without one of those hey you just can't,in Eric there's good news there's a spot,in the hammock that's just opened up in,here the go-kart track is full but come,on back in so sounds good Seabees Eric,Longley reporting live thanks

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