how to get shopify for free

How to get Shopify for 2 Years for Free! i found a way to get shopify free for,two years if you don'


Updated on Jan 09,2023

How to get Shopify for 2 Years for Free!

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How to get Shopify for 2 Years for Free!

i found a way to get shopify free for,two years if you don't believe me watch,this video hey guys it's the econ move,here and today i'm gonna show you how to,do exactly that the process is very,straightforward but there is one thing,that you need to do that if you don't do,it instead of getting two years for free,you're gonna get only one month and this,works on any new shopify store that you,create but you might also be able to use,it on your current store stay tuned for,that information at the end of the video,so let's get started in three two one,yeah alright so the way this works is,with an affiliate link and i'm gonna,leave on the description of this video,this affiliate link when you click on it,and you'll be able to register a new,shopify store and let's look at the,conditions here first you have to sign,up for a shopify plan from this page,okay and then you're gonna build your,store and keep it active for 45 days so,you're gonna pay the first month okay,they are gonna give you 15 days for free,with no credit card then you put the,credit card you keep it for one month,and then 15 more days and then you will,be able to claim your 500 subscription,credit sounds simple right well no,because we have to do one little hack to,be able to actually claim the entirety,of the subscription credit once you sign,up for your store you're gonna receive,this email hello welcome to shopify all,right and then you start creating your,store this was sent on april 17th then a,couple months went by and i received,this shopify email on july 6th and it,says shopify reward unlocked so,here we can see that it's time to claim,the 500 subscription credit now i'm,gonna do this in front of you i already,did it for another store but i want to,do it here for this one live all right,so here's the 500 subscription credit,claim your credit,by the way you have to claim it within,30 days of receiving that email,now let me make myself a little smaller,so you can see everything all right so,claim your credits your referral credits,are ready you are eligible to receive,credits totaling 500 to be used towards,your shopify subscription fee these,credits will be available for you to,within prior to august 9. alright so the,first time i did it i'm like wait what,so,was only for one month then,oh well here's the thing let's click on,claim credits,so credits applied to your store so,right now you will see on your,subscriptions right here instead of 29,per month it will automatically renew,for free for the next month but if you,actually go to settings,and then go to,plan,then click on change plan,then click on choose this plan,check this out so monthly is 29 like,always then yearly you know 26 2 years,only 23,and look at this you have all the,subscriptions credit right there all,right so as long as you renew it right,now for one year two years whatever you,want you can use the 500 subscription,credit and i'm actually gonna do this,right now so you can see,so let's choose two years,it's gonna be 558 dollars i have five,hundred dollars in credit so it's gonna,be you know 26 dollars and because i,already paid the a little bit of this,month all right so it's prorated so,anyways two years for 31,start plan,let's see,and boom here it is so next billing date,june 30 20 24 what in 2020 right now but,i already have a shopify store can i get,some credits well supposedly credits are,not transferable between stores but,there might be a way this is a,conversation that i've had with shopify,support i was very obscure with my,questions because i didn't want it to,reveal my intentions but she basically,told me that i could transfer my store,to another store so basically you get,the new store you get the two years and,then you transfer whatever your old,store to the new one but that might be a,little bit of work in the end she even,told me that it might be possible to,transfer the subscription from one store,to another so that might be a way now,full disclosure i haven't tried this,okay but if you actually tried let me,know in the comments thank you so much,for watching this video please give me a,like if you liked it subscribe to my,channel for more ecommerce news and tips,and tricks thank you so much for,watching i'm out

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