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Updated on Jan 15,2023


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we're heading right into a new year and,if you're watching this I know that you,probably have some major Drop Shipping,goals that you want to achieve this year,but you can't reach any of those goals,without a product that can sell and when,I say sell I mean sell well well that's,exactly why I'm going to be giving you,the top 10 winning products that you,need to be selling in January 2023 along,with every single thing that you need to,start selling these products today all,the way from the links to the competitor,stores suppliers everything that you,could possibly need to have success with,these products no matter your experience,level what's going on everyone my name,is AC Hampton I'm an eight-figure,marketer who gets to help students from,all across the world start build and,continue their eCommerce Journey,successfully so some of these products,that you'll be seeing today in this list,of the products that you need to be,selling in January 2023 I found through,my own product research methods and I'm,currently selling my students are,currently scaling or I found them,currently trading on the market today on,top of this I've dug deep into product,research and validation using method is,like ads by AliExpress Google Trends and,more market research to give you the top,10 winning prize that you need to be,selling right now and as you can see I'm,on the Google document that I was,referring to earlier giving you,everything that you need to start,selling these products today and this is,giving you the competitor Facebook,advertisement the ad copy the headlines,competitor product page AliExpress,product page profit margins five,interest tests and so much more and once,this video reaches 2 000 likes you guys,will have full access completely to this,cheat sheet in the comment section and,in the description down below but before,I dive in as you guys know I give out a,free one-on-one Consulting call every,single week to one lucky winner to get,all the questions answered and,streamline their success while doing so,and if you want the opportunity winning,this week all you have to do is smash,that like button down below and in the,comment section down below comment the,word Supreme January with your goal that,you have with your drop streaming,business this month and I will be,announcing the winner from last week's,video somewhere inside this video so,make sure you stay tuned the entire way,through without further Ado let's go,ahead and jump right into product number,one product number one is the LED beanie,light let's go ahead and check out the,advertisement and see what we're working,with alrighty so it's a beanie that has,actually a light attached to it amazing,Problem Solver out the gate great for,any type of nighttime activities like,walking the dog changing the tire I mean,anything that you need it's rechargeable,it's as simple as just plugging into the,wall waterproof and honestly with this,product trending with the current season,that we're in right now solving a,problem having a wow factor this is a,great product that you could be selling,today and you do not have to believe me,but look at this engagement this product,has only been on the market for a couple,weeks and look at how many people are,engaging with it today not yesterday not,last week but getting comments on it,today I mean 49 minutes ago an hour ago,an hour ago two hours ago four hours ago,five hours ago they are scaling this,product and this is the time for you to,do the exact same thing and take home,some serious money while doing so let's,go ahead and check out the competitor,potty page and see what we're going to,be selling this item for on the,competitors website you can see other,sellers item for,24.98 and they are charging shipping as,you can tell from the banner one thing I,really love about their product page is,they downloaded this app called quantity,Break by discount that you can go ahead,and add to your store right away and,what this does is allow you to increase,your average order value by making,people buy more by getting a higher,discount while doing so but one thing I,definitely would change is by removing,this Watermark right here the biggest,brands in the world Target Walmart the,places you're shopping from don't have,this on their store so why should you,you want your customers to feel like,they should trust you no matter what and,this is something that's like 2018 2019,Drop Shipping just get rid of it in 2023,on AliExpress you can see that we're,getting this item for 7.36 plus 13 cents,for shipping and I mean literally look,at all the variants that they have,available this is an amazing way to,continue to keep upselling with that,being said the competitor was charging,shipping so the selling price came out,to,31.47 the product cost after shipping,was 7.37 which gives us a great profit,margin of 24.99 nine cents every time we,just sell one of these and the five,interests I would test out with this,product is construction lighting,Outdoors DYI and camping now before you,guys talk about AliExpress and all these,long shipping times you got to know how,to do supplier validation which you can,learn in this video right here so that,you know exactly the best suppliers that,you should be using in 2023 and with,that being said per the demand that you,guys have been asking for I've now,opened up 10 more limited spots for my,one-on-one mentorship for the month of,January to grab it by the hand no matter,your experience level so if you're ready,to learn tested and proven strategies,that can help you generate results just,like my current students are doing right,now I'm taking 10 dedicated people who,are ready to take action and learn how,to create a side hustle that can bring,them in an extra five to ten thousand,dollars a month back into their pocket,if you're interested and you want to,apply reach out to me on my Instagram at,AC underscore Hampton DM me the word,mentorship or apply with the link down,below for the limited spots we have,available let's get back to these,products product number two is nobody,snowball kit let's go ahead and check,out the advertisement and see what we're,working with would you look at that,another product that's correlated with,the season and Trend that's happening,right now looks like you can make,customized snowballs with it this one,made a duck wow that's actually really,interesting this one made a penguin,right here making snow days for the,children an amazing day overall wow it,actually makes it hard too I know a lot,of people who would definitely buy this,product for their children and you know,I'm already one of them and again you do,not have to listen to me look at this,engagement 25 000 likes 5.4 000 comments,8.7 000 shares I mean going crazy and,again you can see comments happening,today I am not here to show you anything,that you cannot be selling right now,with that being said on the competitor's,website they're selling this item for,21.97 one thing I really love is the,font that they're using on their product,description they're not using any random,colors I love how they're increasing the,font of the features and benefits that,they're putting out and honestly without,reading a single word on this product,page I already know what this product,does which is also an amazing thing that,they're doing but as I'm I'm scrolling,down one thing that they left out that,you can never leave out on your store is,reviews customers love to be confident,in buying the product by knowing other,people bought it as well so never miss,out on the reviews on your store with,that being said on AliExpress we're,getting this item for 7.79 with three,dollars and twelve cents for shipping,I'm telling you right now don't sleep on,these AliExpress videos because these,are things that you can use right in,your advertisements with that being said,the competitor was charging shipping so,the selling price came out to 29.97 the,product cost was 7.79 plus three dollars,and twelve cents for shipping which,gives us a great profit margin of 19.06,and the five interest I would test out,with this product is snow winter family,time playground and parents with kids,three to five years of age we're right,on track with product number three which,is a rose Dome let's go ahead and check,out the advertisement and see what we're,working with now letting you know right,now it is January if you are not selling,Valentine's Day products you are going,to get left behind and this is the,perfect one for you I mean this probably,goes crazy every year it honestly be the,perfect Valentine's Day gift it creates,a warm ambient light I love how it has a,carved wooden base only improving the,quality of the product and I may know,somebody who's scaling this product,right now but with that being said on,the competitor's website they're selling,this item for 39.99 one thing I love,about their stores is basically a niche,focused store but they're cross-selling,cross-related items so you see how this,is an enchanted sparkly Rose well as you,scroll down you can see that they're,upselling with a rose bear which also,goes with the season and holiday right,now but one thing I definitely would,never recommend you doing is having a,black background never have a black,background on your store this does not,look good on mobile and it's something I,would never recommend doing on,AliExpress you can see we're gonna get,this item for 7.96 plus five dollars and,twelve cents for shipping again don't,sleep on these AliExpress videos because,they can really do wonders for you and,as you can see this product has 1200,orders 188 reviews and a 4.6 star rating,so we know the quality is definitely,there and the competitor was charging,shipping so the selling price came out,to 44 dollars and 99 Cents the product,cost was 7.96 plus five dollars and,twelve cents for shipping which gives us,a huge profit margin of 31.91 every time,we just sell one of these and the five,interest I would test out with this,product is Valentine's Day Happy,Valentine's Day Valentine The Ultimate,Gift and relationships we're officially,on product number four and product,number four is a back and body shaver,let's go ahead and check out the ad and,see what we're working with now some of,you guys may need this product I'm not,gonna lie but shave your back like a,boss okay again a problem-solving,product extra long handle lets you reach,everywhere it makes the process of,shaving your back so much easier without,needing any help it looks like the,shaver part of it's actually detachable,so you can use it anywhere on your body,and honestly they have a pretty good,advertisement I'm not gonna lie and,again look at this engagement 30 000,likes twenty four thousand comments,another product that's going crazy in,the market right now on the competitor's,website you can see that they're selling,this item for,29.97 one thing I love about the product,page that they show the product off,really really well with these gifts and,images and they have the sticky add to,cart at the bottom so at any moment if,I'm actually scrolling on the page I can,add the product right to my card without,having to scroll all the way back up to,the top an app I definitely recommend,you have on your story but the theme of,this product page is honestly really,really bad and the color scheme is even,worse on all my stores for a high clean,High professional store layout I only,recommend three colors black white and,one separate color and you can see that,went a little bit overboard I mean red,black orange blue they have almost every,color in the rainbow on this page on,AliExpress we're gonna get this item for,5.37 Plus 3.16 for shipping almost over,500 orders 4.8 star rating again the,quality is definitely there and I mean,this is another thing that you can,definitely upsell with by adding extra,blades another way to increase your,average order value the competitor was,charging shipping so the selling price,came out to,34.97 the product cost was 5.37 plus,3.06 18 cents for shipping gives us,another amazing profit margin of,26.44 and the five interest I would test,out with this product is Dollar Shave,Club a close shave shaving hair removal,hygiene and hairstyle hair care,I'm trying to tell you right now these,products are only going to get better,and better so make sure to smash that,like button if you're enjoying this so,far probably number five is a portable,stool let's go ahead and check out the,advertisement all right this folding,stool will blow your mind it looks like,you can take this anywhere with you,again another problem-solving product I,think you're seeing what I'm basically,doing at this point I already know some,people who are actually scaling this,product to over six figures it can be,adjusted to desired height it holds up,to 400 pounds full seconds and carry,easily you and me both can name at least,10 people who would love this product,today and that's why it's doing so,amazing on the market let's go ahead and,check out the competitor product page,and see we're gonna sell this item for,on the competitors website their sellers,on it for 45.99 you can see it says free,shipping on orders over 39.99 so we,already know they're not going to charge,shipping one thing I really love is that,all the images that actually showcase,the product all have a white background,and I definitely recommend this for all,the variants on your store another thing,they're doing really well is when I,click on these variants it actually,shows me the corresponding color that,goes with it and all the these have,white backgrounds to them as well and,this color that they have randomly in,their product description and these,emojis this is never something I would,recommend just keep it simple and if you,want to highlight different things just,bold the text on AliExpress we're going,to get this item for 17.63 plus a dollar,48 for shipping and would you look at,that more videos that you can use on,your product description and your,advertisements and it definitely has a,pretty good review rating as well with,that being said the competitor was not,charging shipping so selling price,stayed at 45.99 the product cost was,17.63 Plus 1.48 for shipping gives us,another great profit margin of 26.88 and,the five interest I would test out with,this product is seat stool seat bar,stool camping and RV camping hey and,don't forget if you're having any,questions about this video or questions,about how you can get started,successfully my DMs are always open to,help you out as much as possible just,head over to my Instagram at AC,underscore Hampton DM me the word,YouTube so I can answer any and all,question that you may be having so,you're confident in every decision that,you're making and don't forget if you're,enjoying this video and these products,smash that like button subscribe to my,channel so you never miss out on a,single week of value that will help you,towards your success with your online,store with that being said let's go,ahead and check out product number six,product number six is a desktop support,wrist pad let's go ahead and check out,the advertisement and see what we're,working with ADD Comfort to your desk,with it it allows you to work,comfortably I mean this girl's using two,of them helps out with carpal tunnel,helps out with reducing strain and gives,you some more support with your arm it,rotates to whatever comfortability you,need and you can use it on any type of,surface as well it doesn't even have to,just be a desk honestly that was a,pretty decent product let's go ahead and,check out the competitor party page and,see what they're selling the item for,alright on the competitor's website you,can see they're selling this product for,19.99 but it seems like the main variant,they're selling is this two-piece that's,29.99 and one thing that I really love,that they're doing is basically out the,gate already upselling by showing that,they can buy two right away and the,advertisement you also saw that majority,of the people had two so it's really,good that they highlighted that out the,game but one thing I definitely would,change is the title right here this,should never be longer than one single,line and what they're saying desktop,computer armrest adjustable wrist,support pad I mean it's literally just,doing too much so if we stick with the,one variant on AliExpress we're getting,this item for 8.90 with free shipping,and look at all the colors that they,have available as well as the competitor,was charging shipping the selling price,came out to 29.98 the product cost was,eight dollars and ninety cents with free,shipping which gives us another great,profit margin of twenty one dollars and,eight cents and the five interest I,would test out with this product is work,from home office office desk gaming and,online games we're officially on product,number seven which is a menstrual relief,pad let's go ahead and check out the,advertisement attention boyfriends get,your girlfriend this immediately if you,love her it helps with painful period,cramps and it's a menstrual relief pad,that is designed to suppress all types,of period cramps and paint and this is,how this amazing problem solving product,works you just basically just turn it on,it delivers heat and vibration looks,like you can just wear it anywhere you,want I mean it's also good even if,you're on the go and this is a product,I'm telling you right now if you take,Serious you can rant and make money for,a lifetime with on a competitor's,website they're selling this item for,38.99 one thing I really love about the,product page is honestly going to be the,reviews they're very well descriptive,and actually show images of people using,the product just like this review right,here saying I love this advice it helps,me out with my back problems I never,leave home without it and actually show,somebody using the product but one thing,they can definitely improve on that I'm,gonna tell you is if you're going to use,images on your store make sure that,they're actually high quality like this,thing has cut off text on it it's blurry,you can't really see what's going on and,it's very hard to read so always make,sure to see your images before actually,publishing your product on AliExpress,we're getting this item for nine dollars,and five cents with free shipping even,more videos that you can use even more,images that you can use take advantage,of this over 400 orders 4.7 star rating,again the quality is definitely there,let's go figure out how much Prof that,we're gonna make from this product so,this competitor was not charging,shipping so the selling price stayed at,38.99 the product cost was nine dollars,and five cents with free shipping which,gives us another great profit margin of,29.94 and the five interest I would test,out with this product is Women Health,cramps body ache and menstrual cycle we,have three more products to go we're,officially on product number eight this,is winter tight trousers let's go ahead,and check out the advertisement and see,what we're working with all right they,look like normal sheer tights but they,are fuzzy on the inside another problem,solver another wow factor another,product that goes with the season and,Trend that's happening right now they're,stretchy they're transparent you can,wear them with any outfit and I'm seeing,this on Tick Tock Facebook I mean it can,be sold everywhere on the competitor's,website they're selling this item for,19.98 and you know they're going to be,charging shipping as you can see in the,banner says free shipping on orders over,forty nine dollars one thing I really,love that they do that I recommend you,do every single time you sell any type,of clothing is by having a size chart,this helps you save yourself hours and,hours of doing customer service by,answering questions and comments that,people are constantly asking can the,size fit me or can the size fit me when,you can answer all that with this chart,right here one thing I would definitely,change is how they formatted their,variants this is literally just so much,to choose from that is honestly,overwhelming if you're going to have,this many variants at least make it,easier for the customer by having a drop,down so it's not taking too much space,on the product description on AliExpress,we're gonna get this item for five,dollars and 85 cents plus 3.68 cents for,shipping has about 8 000 orders 1200,reviews 4.6 star rating you already know,I'm gonna say the quality is definitely,there a lot of amazing stuff you can use,guys a lot of amazing stuff you can use,with the competitor charge and shipping,the selling price came out to 29.57 the,product cost was 5.85 Plus 3.68 for,shipping which gave us another amazing,profit margin of twenty dollars and four,cents every time we sell one of these,and the five interest I would test out,with this product is winter clothes,clothing fashion leggings and women we,have two products left and you will not,want to miss out on these as these are,bangers product number nine is a golf,swing trainer let's go ahead and check,out the advertisement swing like a,professional golf player so basically,once you use this trainer it makes it a,lot easier for you to actually work on,the key elements of your golf swing,increasing your overall power the,consistency that you're getting from,your swing is adjustable to fit any type,of arm length and a product that I know,a lot of people will love on the,competitor's website they're selling,this item for 48.99 one thing I really,love is they have this custom currency,converter at the top left now this is,very important that you download this,app to your store and as you know I,advertise towards the top five countries,United States United Kingdom Australia,Canada and New Zealand and if you have a,custom currency on your store it allows,a customer's experience to be seamless,as they can see the product in their own,currency which is only going to increase,the overall conversions of your store,one thing I really don't like is how the,product page has all these little,snowflakes all over the place it's a,little distracting and then with their,product description they don't highlight,any features don't highlight any,benefits and honestly it'd be very easy,to wipe these people out on AliExpress,we're getting this item for 24.19 with,free shipping and this competitor,actually was charging shipping so the,selling price came out to,56.96 the product cost was 24.19 with,free shipping which gives us another,amazing profit margin of 32.77 every,time one of these are sold and the five,interest I would test out with this,product is Golf Tiger Woods hobby spring,and golfing we are officially on product,number 10 which is non-slip baby shoes,let's go ahead and check out the,advertisement and see what we're working,with so these are non-slip baby shoes,they're supportive they're comfortable,it helps gain confidence in the baby,whenever they're running around it,actually makes them an expert in Walking,I already know that I would probably end,up buying one of these for my son,because again it's an amazing problem,solving product wow they're actually,machine washable they stay on the baby's,feet honestly a really really really,good product again you do not have to,listen to me let's look at the,engagement 2.7 000 comments 2.1 000,shares 6.1 000 likes and comments,happening every single hour I told you,to stay the entire way through let's go,and check out the competitor party page,and see we're gonna sell this item for,it on the competitors website they're,selling this item for 25.95 I really,love the layout of the store I mean it,gives a really good branded feeling and,you can tell the identity behind it,overall I mean this product description,is fire I mean they even have the FAQ,questions down here the reviews down,here there's really not a lot to,complain about with this competitor and,this is a great example of what your,product description should be looking,like on AliExpress we're getting this,item for five dollars and sixty cents,with free shipping and you can see all,the different variants that you have,available here as well with that being,said the competitor was charging,shipping so the selling price came out,to 29.95 the product cost was five,dollars and sixty cents with free,shipping which gives us another great,profit margin of 24 dollars and 35 cents,and the five interest I would test out,with this product is baby Toys R Us,mother child care and clothing you have,officially made it through the top 10,winning products of January 2023 and as,we're stepping into a new year that,means that you have nothing but,opportunity to make a change but before,you start rushing to start selling these,products you need to know what to avoid,so you don't waste time money effort or,energy into the wrong direction and you,can check out what to do with this video,right here and listen whether you have,just now opened up a drop stream store,and failed or maybe you have never,opened up a Drop Shipping Store before,this is your year to keep pushing stay,consistent and find ways to grow every,single day if you continue to use your,resources to learn new things and make,sure to actually Implement them you have,no option but to succeed so keep showing,up every single day even when you don't,want to because consistency will,outweigh luck every single time and,before I leave you all to it you know I,cannot forget to announce the winner of,the free Consulting call from last,week's video and the winner this free,Consulting call is Martin noventy Martin,reach out to me on my Instagram at AC,underscore Hampton let me know that you,won we can hop on a one-on-one Zoom call,look up your ads look up your products,and help you out with any questions you,may be having and remember if you want,the opportunity winning next week all,you have to do is smash that like button,down below and in the comment section,down below comment the word Supreme,January with the goal that you have in,January 2023 with your Drop Shipping,business and if you want all the links,to all these products I showed you today,remember to go ahead and smash that like,button get this video to 2 000 likes and,I'm gonna go ahead and post in the link,in my description as well as in the,comment section down below make sure,that you use these products to your,advantage and take off right from the,start this 2023 with your business I'll,see you all next week this is AC with,Supreme Ecom and I'm out and then go,with a piece when you got it like that,like Jake said we gonna spend it get it,right back stack that internet money to,the site crash stay on IG try to get a,life

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