how to delete shopify commerce account facebook

How to Deactivate a Facebook Commerce Account in 2022 hey how's it going,how do you delete a faceboo


Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to Deactivate a Facebook Commerce Account in 2022

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how to delete shopify commerce account facebook catalogs

How to Deactivate a Facebook Commerce Account in 2022

hey how's it going,how do you delete a facebook or,deactivate or hide a facebook commerce,account,this is one of the questions that i've,received from one of my subscribers,and i want to show you today exactly how,to do that,now you need to understand the structure,of how a commerce account works or,commerce manager works in order to know,how to delete it,quickly you on top of everything on,facebook business you have facebook,business,manager the manager has a facebook ad,manager where you run,ads or when you create campaigns,now it has a commerce manager where you,actually do,everything commerce related you can sell,product on facebook,you can sell product on instagram and,maybe they will allow you to sell,product on whatsapp as well,now you have an events manager right,here which allows you to collect,everything that happens,on facebook or outside facebook like on,your website,it allows you to track all the events,like who exactly is viewing your pages,who is viewing the add to cart,who is purchasing the product and it,allows you to retarget,those people now under the commerce,manager you can you have this you have a,catalog,manager and the catalog is actually like,a basket where you can import product,from your website okay directly you,import them on your website,and once you have actually added the com,a catalog manager you can,create a facebook shop and an,instagram shop and from that uh,facebook so the commerce manager has,you can create commerce account,underneath,and for each facebook shop you create it,will be associated with a commerce,account,now for commerce account you can add a,facebook shop and an,instagram shop at sales channels,and to have a successful facebook shop a,fee,you need to have a business facebook,page,approved for monetization and also for,instagram you need to have an instagram,business page approved for shopping,once you are on your dashboard okay this,is your facebook,dashboard you access the commerce,manager which contains all your shops,you come here and you click on commerce,manager,look for example i have multiple shops,okay now you have shops here and you,have catalogs there,exactly like i explained here you will,have a catalog manager where you can,manage all your catalog,and you have shops so shops and then,catalogs these are the catalogs that,i've imported,on my commerce manager and these are the,shops that i have created,some of them are approved all others are,not approved,and each of those shops is associated,with a commerce,account so for example let's say i want,to,delete um this one for example,i will click on that and now once you've,opened the shop,you scroll down here you click on,settings and then right here,okay so you have catalog business asset,orders,finance blah blah blah blah blah blah,now if you have,associated okay let me just go back here,like i said you have sales channels,sales channels,is where you can add a facebook,um business page in an instagram,business account now my shop for example,is not approved for shopping because,the page that i associated with this,commerce account,was not approved for monetization and,that was one of the mistake that i did,so if i want to deactivate this commerce,account now,i will scroll down go and settings and,then under,general here commerce account i will,click on,edit and i will click here on deactivate,commerce account,there is one big problem when you're,trying to deactivate a commerce account,if your commerce account is not approved,then you will not be able to deactivate,it i am telling you,and there are other reasons why you,cannot deactivate a commerce account so,first of all let me try to deactivate,if i click here on the activate commerce,account i will,enter my password so if i,enter my facebook password i'm talking,about your normal facebook password,and you click on confirm deactivate,commerce account if you choose to,deactivate your commerce account,you will immediately become inaccessible,you won't be able to reactivate your,account or access any information,you can download inside data for this,account before deactivating,we will store your commerce account,information for compliance and business,integrity purposes meaning that if you,are running shady businesses with your,commerce account may be taking,a lot of orders and not fulfilling them,they will be able to,track you and for business integrity,purpose and transparency,and now you need to select the reason,maybe i am having issue with my account,i don't understand how to use commerce,manager,i'm closing my business whatever reason,other reason,you need to provide the reason here,exactly why,why you're deactivating,and before you deactivate to quickly,save your insight to not lose your,insight,you come here on your dashboard on,commerce manager you select,the commerce account that you want and,then you come here on the inside,and under performance this is you will,see,everything that is sales related,people's behavior,the traffic the website and offline,event if you click on export to csv,you'll be able to export all the data in,a csv file,before deleting if you come here on the,product tag,content discovery and then catalog,you can export all the details right,here,the audience which is probably the most,important one,you can export all the details the,visitors to new visitors whoever,returned,to your website and then the buyers the,new buyers and the returning,buyers you you can get all those detail,with their data and export them to a csv,file okay,before deleting your account i think,they can serve you so,do that first and then once you've,written your reason you click on,deactivate account,now you see right now it's saying,permission denied,i cannot deactivate my commerce account,because,it's violating integrity policies and,it's not eligible to engage into,commerce,meaning this if your shop is not,approved or if it's disapproved and your,facebook page is already tied to,it you cannot deactivate this okay,you will need to fix whatever problem,that is with your commerce account,have your commerce account running,normally,before deactivating now you have the,option to contact support right there,and if you click on contact support you,will be able to land on this page where,you can say okay i want facebook contact,support,with an account setup inventory,report a technical issue appealing a,rejected product,or shops now you can say i have a,problem,with something else and then this is,where you actually,write everything that is going on uh,if for example you want to delete a shop,and it's not allowing you,you could for example ask them why is,that you cannot delete your shop,and then ask them to provide you detail,on how to fix it,okay and from here you can enter in a,chat,or you can enter in an email if you have,if you have for example screenshot,of how everything is normal with your,shop you can add them there,you click on send someone else will,contact you via email,okay this is your email that you've put,right there and,they will be able to help you with the,process now,one of the reasons why people,actually have their shop not approved is,because like i said here,once you to be able to have an approved,facebook shop,you need to have an approved facebook,business page approved for monetization,and this is the problem that i had,here and not only you have to have a,facebook business approved for,monetization,but also your catalog also does not have,to have,issues so if i come here on the items,and then,issues right here is where you can see,whatever,issues is with your catalog and be able,to fix it,so if you have a lot of errors you can,click here for example on review,and then find whatever problem that is,in fix it,or you can request a review of a,rejected item,it really depends,how do you check whether your page is,approved for monetization or not,now you need to use facebook creator,studio so if i go here,on facebook,creator studio monetization,right there if i click,right here and i am connected already,with my facebook account,now i open this if i scroll down,right here these are the pages that,allows me to see whether my page is,eligible for monetization or not,if i scroll down these are all my pages,here,it's telling me this page the page that,i associated with the commerce account,and that i'm trying to delete it's,saying here your page is not,eligible for monetization policy issues,you click here to see,what are the potential policy issues now,here again you scroll down you select,your,page which is this one right the reason,why my page is not approved for,monetization,it's because it's sharing content that,is not original or it's,repurposed from other sources thus is,adding limited,value so if you're posting for example,picture from,somewhere else and then you're not,adding value your page will not be,eligible for monetization,therefore you will need to delete that,content,post only original content in order to,have this page approved for monetization,okay and then once you actually fix that,problem you can actually contact,them the way i just show you how to,contact them but once you fix that,facebook page,problem you can now contact them and ask,them to assist you to deactivate the,commerce account because right now you,cannot,other way you can also delete a commerce,account or remove a commerce account,maybe let me try that is if you actually,remove that page from your facebook,business manager because remember if i,go here and i go on,business settings and i go on the pages,these are all the pages that i have,already added,into the business manager okay and to,add a page you click here you add a page,or you can request,access to a page or you can create a new,page but,this is the page that i have added to,the business manager what if i remove it,will it,remove the commerce account well let me,check that,so if i click here on remove page so,first of all we have,the commerce account which is this one,what if i remove the page associated,with that commerce account by clicking,on the remove,let me see it's going to remove it from,that business manager,so it says now page cannot be removed,it's associated with a commerce account,accounting cannot be,moved please disable the commerce,account first before trying again you,see this,is the problem fix the issues associated,with your facebook page,first deactivate your commerce account,and then remove the page okay,once your page is locked on the commerce,account you cannot remove,and the commerce account has a problem,you can't remove it here i've run into,multiple,issues and i've emailed back and forth,several times,with facebook support and the the main,problem,kept persisting it's like they're asking,me to fix everything with my,fit with my page first but i cannot,delete the content that is on my page,because a lot of people,use it,and then one of the other reasons why,your your shop will not be approved,is whether you have verified your,website that you're trying to add your,catalog,from so if your website is not verified,in the facebook business manager,your shop will not be approved to verify,your facebook,your your website first and i have this,video to show you how to do that i'll,put the link down below,so i have this video i have um,another video on how to create a,facebook shop and i have an upcoming,video on how to create an instagram shop,so,all those videos will be able to help,you check out my channel subscribe if,you want more updated content,and really content related to facebook,shop facebook ad facebook business,instagram growth blogging seo and more,until next time take care of yourself,love you guys peace,every 60 seconds a like button goes,without being smashed but,you could help for the low cost of free,you could smash the like button for the,youtube algorithm and in return,i will draw a picture of the like button,as my token of appreciation,so thank you so much and remember you,could make a difference for the like,button and the youtube algorithm just,with one simple tap,and don't forget to smash like and,subscribe,thank you,do,you

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