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How This Clean Shopify Store Made $100M+... yo what up everybody ari here and,welcome back to anothe

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How This Clean Shopify Store Made $100M+...

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How This Clean Shopify Store Made $100M+...

yo what up everybody ari here and,welcome back to another video so when we,think of 100 million dollar plus,brands or even let's say people worth,over 100 million dollars or even,billionaires we think of people like,jeff,bezos or elon musk who have innovated,and created insane technologies but,let's not forget that one of the richest,people in the world is bernard,arnault who is the chairman and ceo of,lvmh which is the largest luxury goods,company in the world,with names such as louis vuitton which,i'm sure some of you guys have heard of,so point is fashion is a huge space so,in today's video i wanted to do a short,little case study on a fashion brand,that i believe,has some amazing design that we can,learn from and a few marketing tactics,that they use that i think are really,smart,now if you don't have your own,e-commerce business don't worry i'm sure,you can still get a lot of inspiration,from this video,but of course if you are an e-commerce,store owner this will be insanely,valuable,so without further ado let's get right,into it,so as you can see the brand that we're,discussing today,is called baller and the reason i,mentioned the 100 million dollar,valuations is because when i did a,little bit of research i found that that,is their estimated,web sales now the thing about this brand,is that they've been around since 2013,so they have a little bit over seven,years so they've been in business for a,relatively,long amount of time but if you really,think about it that's not that long,and it's really insane to think that a,brand of this age is already,well over 100 million dollars deep in,web sales,that's one tenth of a billion but still,considering the short amount of time,that they've been a thing,i think that's obviously super,impressive and definitely something to,strive towards,now what i really love about this brand,is their design,so i've actually never shopped here,before i don't know exactly how good the,quality of their products are but,if we take a look at their price tags we,can assume that a lot of their products,have high craftsmanship are very high,quality and these,i would definitely consider luxury goods,now i really personally love,this bag right here because the sky blue,looks really dope that's one of my,favorite colors,but yeah that price tag is a little,concerning however as i mentioned this,store,is absolutely killing it and i,personally love the minimal design,that they offer it kind of makes the,products speak for themselves and even,though,this is super expensive and i personally,probably wouldn't shop here i could,definitely see,people who are very into luxury goods,wanting to shop at a store like this,now if we look at their instagram they,have over 1.2 million followers that is,an insanely big community,and they got the clean baller instagram,handle and also the which is,super clean i love when things,are congruent like that with a brand i,think people underlook,the value of having just a really clean,name on your instagram,and a clean domain name it's definitely,something worth investing into,because it's really difficult to,actually get a name like this nowadays,and if you are lucky enough to have,a name like this then that's definitely,going to give you some competitive,advantage for your brand,especially if you're in the fashion,space where you know instagram is kind,of the biggest source of traffic i would,guess,for most of these brands instagram is,kind of the place for fashion,but they are also posting a ton on tick,tock so that's something that i actually,didn't expect they're posting a lot of,different videos on tick tock which is,really cool,i never really expected a brand like,this to be,honing in on tiktok because of their,price range with their products being,like 300,plus i don't see a lot of the tick tock,demographic necessarily shopping there,but i guess what do i know you know it's,clearly working for them and you know,this video that they have has over 128,000 views so honestly tick tock is,starting to become like,the place to be for brands so that's,pretty cool and definitely something,noteworthy so i i think this is smart of,them i think this is a way for them to,appeal to a younger crowd and drive a,lot of traffic to their store that they,otherwise wouldn't be getting,and chances are they're getting this,traffic for free and organically,i don't know the type of ads that,they're running on here but i think,that's really cool,now to be completely honest with you i,really do like their page it's super,simple but it's really nothing that,special you could set something like,this up literally with the brooklyn,theme,on shopify which is free so it kind of,goes to show that simplicity at the end,of the day,is best like invest in some good product,photography clean up your website make,it simple and easy to understand,and let your products speak for,themselves of course unless the product,needs a ton of explanation but i,personally,love websites like this and it's why i'm,really,drawn to these websites and why i wanted,to share them with you because i just,really love,minimal simple design like this now if,we go to their facebook ad library we,see something a little bit different i,mean,you can see that they're actually,running a ton of ads so look at all,these different ads that they're running,they're running these pictures,they're running these videos with no,sound it's literally just these like,still images they're running these,carousel ads so they are testing out a,lot of different things,honestly i feel like when it comes to,e-commerce like 99,of brands run ads now if you do have a,brand and you have no idea,how to actually do this how to run these,sorts of ads i actually have a full,tutorial that i made it goes very,in depth and very step by step for,someone that literally has zero,knowledge it'll take you from zero to,one it's nothing extremely advanced or,anything but it's going to allow you to,run ads like this so if you want to do,that make sure you check that out so,overall i think there's a lot to learn,from this brand they've built an amazing,community,they have a very simple setup but it's,so clean and congruent that it just,really draws you in,and makes you want to buy something i'm,kind of digging this vest i don't think,i'm going to buy it but i actually do,think it's pretty dope let me know what,you guys think in the comments i would,love to know your opinion on this now,before i leave i do have a special,announcement that i wanted to share with,you guys,so i recently created a discord server,for my netsphere community,the netsuite community is my e-commerce,course that i created a community out of,and we recently introduced this discord,server we even added like a little meme,section on here as you can see,an investment section and just a ton of,really cool stuff honestly i'm,super hyped on this community so yeah,shameless plug i just wanted to show you,this if you were interested or if you,are a netsphere member and you don't,know about this yet then make sure you,go sign up because we've been having a,ton of fun in here and i would love to,see some of you guys in there as well,but with that being said i really,appreciate your time i hope that you,enjoyed this video,and if you did make sure you subscribe,for more and drop a like but with that,said i hope you guys have a wonderful,rest of your day and i'll see you in my,next video,peace

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