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The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022 in today's video i'm going to show you,how you

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

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The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

in today's video i'm going to show you,how you can make one of the best online,stores out there with ecommerce themes,that are a designed to be fast and also,high converting so,shopify has rolled out five new free,themes and 65 updated paid themes that,work with online store 2.0 features,literally so exciting so i'm going to,take you guys through some incredible,shopify themes so that you guys can,decide which one is right for your,business in 2022. each one of these,offers industry leading performance and,deep customization but can we just get a,little sneak peek here okay let's look,at some of these amazing themes so first,of all look at this one this one's,called context and i just feel like it,would be perfect for someone who is,starting like a clothing store but maybe,wants a bit more of an editorial vibe,and then this one over here look at this,one this one's called loft and i feel,like it would be so good for anyone,selling home goods so that's just a,little preview but definitely stick,around till the end of this video,because i'm going to go through a ton of,themes and just discuss the specifics on,who they're good for and how they can,work for you and your business,okay guys so what exactly is a theme so,if you think about it themes are kind of,like the skeleton of your online store,it's just going to define what your,store is going to look like so for,example,in this theme over here,this has one main image for the banner,but if you look at this one it's going,to allow you to put two images for the,banner and a theme is also going to,define some of the functionality of your,store so for example when i click the,cart on this theme it pops up as a,sidebar and then when i click the cart,on this theme it's just going to take up,the whole page,so if you guys don't already know when,you create your online store with,shopify you can choose between either,free themes or premium themes and it's,really nice because there are more and,more free themes that are being released,recently so there's tons of options,there and then as of now there's also 60,paid themes and you can find a theme,that works really easily for yourself,because you can narrow it down by,industry price and then just basically,find the design that you're after okay i,know you guys are wondering are shopify,themes better than other themes out,there and i just want to say really,quickly just want to say this from the,jump shopify themes,are,amazing they're amazing first of all if,you are not tech savvy shopify themes,were going to be perfect for you because,all of the features that you need,already come built into your theme,you're probably,never going to need to hire developer,because 99 if not 100 of what you need,already comes built into your theme,but but if you are a perfectionist like,me and let's say you do want to do like,a little tweaks and like edit,you can edit your store without touching,any code so let's just look at my screen,here for one sec because i actually do,think this is really important so if we,look here you can see that i can easily,edit these sections and these blocks,to look exactly how i want and i can add,apps and i can add apps through app,blocks like there's so much flexibility,here obviously hiring a developer can,get really expensive really quickly so,this is a really good option if you are,just starting maybe you're trying to,save a bit of money and another thing,that i really like about shopify themes,is that you can get set up in literally,less than 24 hours like that is not an,exaggeration it is so fast you could get,set up,between zoo meetings you can get set up,while your bagel,is toasting you can get set up before,your roommate is done with the shower,okay i don't know probably not that fast,but one thing is for sure you can,definitely get set up before the,pandemic is over,that's a little food for that so this,could be your sign,to get going so it is really quick to,get set up but it's also really good at,getting your vision into the real world,you know when you have like an idea in,your head and then you're like okay like,i know what i want this to look like i,have this idea in my head and then you,put it out into the universe and it's,just like not really what you were,hoping it would look like i feel like,that's definitely happened to me before,but i feel like with shopify themes you,can you can get your branding and your,vision out into the real world because,you just have so much control over,styling,over everything and,have you ever been on a website on your,phone and it's just like not as good as,it would be on desktop but with shopify,since themes are responsive i feel like,that just pretty much guarantees that,your store is going to look dope whether,it's on the phone whether it's on the,desktop,wherever we've all gotten to be very,impatient creatures and let's be real no,one really has the time to wait for even,like four seconds for a page to load but,with the online store 2.0 let me tell,you the speed and performance,it's good as long as we don't overdo it,with the heavy videos and like heavy,images and that kind of thing these,themes are going to be,so fast guys not nearly enough people,pay attention to this but shopify's,themes are going to be highly accessible,by design and i think this is really,important to me because everyone has,different abilities like for example,some people might not be able to read,small type maybe they're just unable to,see maybe they're color blind,some people are unable to use a mouse to,click on products to purchase so they're,going to rely on a keyboard alone to,navigate the web and with any shopify,free theme that you choose or paid theme,you can be sure that it's meeting the,latest accessibility standards baked in,by default shopify actually requires the,people who are making these themes to,make sure that users can navigate,through an entire theme with only a,keyboard and a screen reader i love it,i'm here for the inclusivity,last thing that i really like about the,new online store 2.0 themes is that you,are fully covered when it comes to,support like,if you decide to get any free shopify,theme today you would get an hour of,free design time and in those sessions,the support advisors just have tons of,ideas on how you can get more sales and,if you got a paid theme you can chat,with someone who can give you ideas on,how to get sales too so literally,support in every direction,all right guys this is the age-old,question should you go for a free theme,should you go for a paid theme all right,here's the t so i feel like if you are,just starting out if you're just getting,your feet wet a free theme is a good,option because there's going to be light,they're going to be flexible and if,you're looking to have the ability to,tweak the ability to get your theme,super on brand you can definitely do,that with a a free theme you can get so,granular to the point where like you can,choose whether your buttons are going to,have rounded corners,or sharp edges you know what i'm saying,so i do love a free theme,but nothing hits,like a good paid theme this is just my,opinion,i find that with premium themes is just,such a breath of fresh air because you,have so much more control you can get,really granular with your settings and,your designs,in a way that's just not as possible to,that level with free themes for example,you can add animations,you can have product details pop up on,hover you can even change the spacing,between letters and those are just to,name a few and i think i mean these,themes aren't just made by random people,they're literally made by shopify's,theme store partners who have been,building themes for over a decade,developing good themes,for you is their entire business so they,always want to ensure that their themes,are on point that they're giving you,incredible customer support so yeah,there's just nothing like a good premium,theme so if you are new a free theme is,going to be great but if you just need a,little bit more than the basics then i,would just say,go with a paid theme trust me it's just,going to make your life a lot easier in,the long run but either way rest assured,whichever way you go your online store,is going to be amazing,alright guys so choosing the right,shopify theme whether you're choosing,paid whether you're choosing free it's,very important to choose the right,shopify theme because different themes,are going to be better suited for,different types of businesses so let's,take a look at some great themes and,what you should choose for your business,type,themes for your apparel business so guys,i know a lot of you have clothing,businesses so let's start with a free,option this one is called dawn now i,don't love this just because it's my,middle name but it's also an online,store 2.0 theme and that means that it's,going to a have brand new functionality,and it's very chic very clean looking so,if you guys have really beautiful,looking products you really want to show,them off this theme is going to be,amazing for you,and the product pages themselves oh they,are literally amazing so look how my,images are looking like very large and,in charge that's because this theme,supports very large media this is going,to be really great because customers can,actually get a real sense for how your,products look and feel here we have,collapsible tabs,love this because you can organize your,info instead of just like throwing it,all into one large paragraph that no,one's going to read so,you can put in materials you can put in,size charts for example but honestly,it's the cross-selling block for me guys,look here how we have a recommended,section this is a cross-selling block,and you already know that's going to,help customers to purchase more from you,so i love that and all that said with,all that said who is this theme right,for,pretty much any products that are,visually stunning are really going to,thrive with this theme but apparel is,going to be a great candidate for this,theme,guys look at this theme,symmetry ladies and gentlemen guys,symmetry has a special place in my heart,i mean it's got video presentation it,has a professional and very symmetrical,look hence the name and just like don,your products are really going to take,this like center of attention,oh guys and look over here this is a,testimonial section it's just so well,designed through and through and it's,kind of giving editorial fashion,magazine vibes and the product page is,super dope too you guys have swatches,you have an inventory level notice i,honestly wish i had known about this,theme when i was building my store i,literally searched for the right apps,for hours to get these functions so yeah,overall this theme is just gonna be,really great if you're selling high-end,apparel next on my list is focal guys,this theme has actually recently,undergone a huge revamp,and honey it shows first of all we have,beautiful animations like look how this,content just reveals itself as we scroll,love that it's such a pleasant,experience it's like the equivalent of,walking into a store and they just have,like a candle burning you know what i,mean we also have a very strong color,presence and we're gonna keep those,customers focused hence the name focal,and yeah just like overall this theme,looks like it was built by your very own,team of top tier designers so many good,features but i think one of my favorite,features of this theme is the shop the,look feature guys this is basically like,seeing a mannequin in a real store and,just wanting to buy everything that it's,wearing,so for you as a business owner that,means you can really easily cross-sell,an entire look with this feature so i,love that and then if we're looking on,the product page here you have a sticky,add to cart as you scroll down now,because online store 2.0 lets you do so,many sections on product pages now your,page can get really long so this button,i think is genius because a customer can,click add to cart no matter where they,are on the page now i would literally,choose a theme just for that feature but,if you are wondering who this theme is,right for i would say this is good for,businesses that have you know like a,really deep meaning and a really deep,message behind their business and they,need a theme to support that,all right so who is in the food and,beverage industry these themes are going,to be perfect for you guys okay first up,is crave so,with this theme it really feels like a,pop-up store you know what i mean the,products really just like jump off the,page the seam is so bold so vibrant so,playful you guys can just really demand,so much tension with this theme and i,kind of love that this theme is designed,for this you know like on the go buyer,you know it just has mobile optimized,layouts and dynamic checkout options and,by default you'll also get sections for,instructions and recipes so if you're,the type that needs to have complete,control over how customized your store,is then guys hands down go with crave,this is going to be a really good one,and it's also free,if you guys are a stickler for a design,right i feel like you guys are gonna,love this next theme this theme is,called fresh it is so vibrant it's so,fun and i feel like it's actually,engaging i mean aside from just the way,it looks its features are actually,designed for food and beverage stores so,for example you can get customers to,confirm their age before entering that,might be key for a lot of you and if you,have a lot of products the advanced,filtering is going to help customers,find exactly what they came for and,check out right away we love that so,this theme is good if you have 20,products or more and if also you have an,in-person location maybe you plan to,make one this theme is going to be,perfect for you because the features are,going to help you sell online as well as,in person next on the menu is foodie,guys i cannot with how good the menu,looks with this theme if you guys are a,restaurant and you have a really complex,menu you're going to want to go with,foodie you have photos you have,different sections everything that you,need and then you also have this amazing,announcement bar guys i have never seen,an announcement bar like this it has,three different sections so this is,super unique and just overall the theme,just feels modern but not overly stuffy,it's still very playful and the one more,thing that i want to mention about this,theme is that the product page is so,good for ingredients and product details,this theme would be perfect if you're a,restaurant but also if you have food and,merch to sell,okay lastly we have one more food and,beverage theme that is available on the,free theme catalog so,unlike crave which is like super fun and,vibrant taste is going to be a spacious,theme that catches your eye because it's,got bold headlines thin strokes,industrial fonts and look at this high,contrast color palette guys this is,gorgeous so this is a really great theme,for merchants with bold packaging or if,you have like very unique value props,with a focus on sustainability for,example because there's just so much,opportunity like lots of storytelling,elements with this theme even the,product section guys look at the product,sections the support larger product,cards it gives you specialty product,highlights and it gives you space for,bespoke faqs to help buyers just make a,more informed decision,if you're in health and beauty,these themes are going to be for you,guys i am obsessed with this theme,guys,sense well first of all it's free which,is great but it's also stunning there's,just so much energy in this design okay,first off you have a fresh color palette,you've got these like soft gradients,curved design elements it's just,it feels very like health and beauty in,2022 you know what i mean so very,energetic very trustworthy so with this,theme you can add testimonials videos,and the product descriptions are so easy,just to toggle through there are also,sections for product ratings ingredient,lists and how to use instructions by,default love it and because it is free,this will be good for those store owners,that are really just getting started,if you're the type of person that,doesn't want to commit to like a super,bold aesthetic but almost would rather,have your images do the talking then,venue is going to be perfect for you,specifically the twilight preset because,it's very simple clean and it's giving,me a mature vibe and it's got all the,functionality that a beauty or health,store would need so for example on the,product page they can choose what size,product they want they can look at,customer reviews and any key details,that your customers need to know that's,going to help close that sale,this theme is going to be perfect if you,are marketing to gen x potentially or if,you're going for more of an understated,look um if you want a store that's like,really pretty and very classy maybe has,a little bit less edge but gives more of,a luxury feel then i feel like block,shop is gonna be perfect for you and,guys can we just look at this product,page for one sec i feel like i have,never seen a theme like this before we,have all the information organized so,nicely at the top here love it and this,is basically just going to reduce the,amount of scrolling that a customer has,to do,which means that they're more likely to,get all the information that they need,right away and then click that add to,cart button and of course we want that,so this is really well designed,i love this and this theme is going to,be perfect for someone who has a,high-end luxury beauty brand or maybe,wants their store to be set up really,quickly,here are the themes that should be on,your radar if you have a home and decor,business if you don't already know about,the craft theme,you need to know about this theme i feel,like this theme evokes a sense of,craftsmanship um you have a very honest,and authentic maker story you have a,product that deserves to be recognized,for its quality and don't you feel like,this theme is like subtle and refined,it's perfect if you want a lot of,breathing room and if you want elegant,typography this theme is also so perfect,to showcase who you are your brand story,what you stand for so this is going to,be good for artisans and makers who have,a story to tell if you're a home and,decor store and you want to focus on the,promotional aspect of your store then,this theme here is amazing it's called,loft i'm obsessed with it look at this,card layout i feel like it just gives,such a nice mood board quality and can,you guys see how this might be perfect,for someone who has a home and decor,store i feel like it would be perfect,and like i said this theme is super,promotional so take a look at these,promotional treatments first of all we,have it in the navigation we also have,it in the featured collection section,and the pop-up banner but guys this,pop-up has such a strong impact,guys my heart literally does a little,twirl every time i see this theme this,is highlight okay and i feel like this,is for my design snobs so if this theme,were a dinner guest they would talk to,you about architecture and the time that,they met chet baker in the 80s if you,guys are looking for something that,stands out from the crowd i feel like,this is just it like just the way that,this theme is built is going to be,really memorable for your customers okay,they have like really nice gentle,animations you've got like some,beautiful and very clever scroll effects,i just think that it feels more of an,experience rather than like a functional,shopping thing so yeah this theme is,beautiful,one thing i want to mention is the key,feature section on the product page i,love this because instead of having to,work around the template you get to,customize the size of your images and,the text and a lot of that wasn't really,possible before online store 2.0 so this,is just such a pleasure,finally if you're selling art of any,kind i have a really good and free theme,for you it's going to be very colorful,and it is special for artists so studio,lets you showcase your creations with,nice typography really beautiful accents,that are going to frame your products,well and you can really help your buyers,find something that's very unique and,original using the collection based,navigation creator filters featured,collections for galleries and new,arrivals and artist profiles if you guys,are watching this video then obviously,you're interested in shopify you're,interested in shopify themes but if you,want to kind of like,give a shopify store a little bit of a,test run and try some themes out then i,would 100,recommend that you do we actually have a,two-week free trial so if you want to,try it out build a store see how you,like it,we'll have a link in the description box,for you guys so that you can try that,out no credit card required which is,amazing and yeah let's get back to the,video okay for all my drop shippers out,there these themes are going to be for,you so in no particular order let's just,start with warehouse so if you guys are,drop shippers you guys know how hard it,is to make your store look very like,neat and professional so i love this,because first of all the design lets you,organize a large amount of content while,still making it look professional i,think that's amazing and with a lot of,products it can get really confusing for,customers so i feel like the ability to,search by category is key,and this search bar is really great to,help customers find exactly what they're,looking for super super fast now the,product page the product page has this,amazing,content scroll effect so when i scroll i,can see the images the description,shipping info trust badges all that fun,stuff but i can still see the add to,cart function front and center i think,this amazing and this is going to be,good for stores with tons of products,that need lots of information to help,close those sales another amazing option,is empire you guys might have like a,dump truck of photos and information,that you don't know what to do with um i,feel like that's very common for drop,shippers but if you have this theme it's,just gonna get you sorted there's some,really key features too you have,advanced filtering promotion tiles quick,buy and menu lists so all that's amazing,and again this theme is going to cater,to stores with a large catalog and high,volume,expanse is such a good theme because you,would never be able to tell that it's a,drop shipping store i just find like the,small details make it feel really,personal so look at these hover,animations um look at these hover icons,i feel like those kinds of little things,are gonna get customers clicking around,interacting with your website i know,these are like really small touches but,they really do help with conversions,one of my favorite things about this,store is that it has a drop-down cart i,feel like this is so good because it,gets people to check out very quickly,and continue shopping because customers,never have to leave the page that,they're on,as much as themes are created for,merchants like the store creators in,mind they also consider buyers so let's,take a look at some of these themes that,are really good for the buyer experience,all right let's check out drop this is a,great example of a theme that is focused,on a certain buyer experience so this,theme is aimed at creating hype and,creating a sense of buyer anticipation i,think the main way that they do this is,through the countdown timer so you guys,can see like right over here you can set,dates for product launches and really,just increase buyer urgency around the,end of a sale so i really love that this,is also facilitated without the need of,an app this is baked right into the,theme which is amazing and it leverages,shopify's powerful meta fields feature,that was released in 2.0 so that's what,makes this feature available for this,theme which is great,but let's check out this next theme,right here this theme uses meta fields,in a very novel way to enhance the buyer,experience and this theme right here is,called label love this theme this theme,is aimed at the arts and entertainment,industry and by using metafields it,allows buyers the ability to listen to,tracks and also creates a real,interactive element to stores okay next,theme guys i love this theme this is,avenue this is a really good example of,a theme that focuses on the experience,around like product filtering and,discoverability if you guys have no idea,what i just said don't worry i got you,basically that just means that this,theme is built towards getting the buyer,to the right products as quickly as,possible so check out this filter search,right here so this feature,is first of all it's position center,stage which means that the buyer can,start filtering products,right from the home page and that's,going to help them find exactly what it,is that they're looking for and the best,part is right is that the results,automatically refresh without needing to,hit apply which just makes the buyer's,path the conversion a lot lighter guys,how did you like that video i feel like,it was a long one but i feel like it was,a useful one let me know in the comments,section um what theme that you have your,eye on and if you have any questions,about any individual themes leave them,down there i will get back to you as,soon as possible thank you guys so much,for watching if you are new here this,channel here is called with shopify we,have tips weekly weekly videos just like,this where we tell you all the things,that you need in order to start run and,grow an online business so if that's you,if you're an entrepreneur if you're a,solopreneur hit that subscribe button,because we got the knowledge here thank,you guys so much for watching my name is,michelle bally and i will see you in the,next one bye,foreign

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