how many shopify stores are there 2018

Revealing The Top Shopify Stores In 2018 what is up everybody 10 or if not the,video hope you're all

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Revealing The Top Shopify Stores In 2018

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Revealing The Top Shopify Stores In 2018

what is up everybody 10 or if not the,video hope you're all having a great day,today I'm gonna be showing you guys how,to look at the top Shopify stores I mean,some of you that have been around for a,while and followed my channel and other,e-commerce entrepreneurs on YouTube and,Instagram whatever you guys are probably,heard of this or seen this method but,for those of you that don't know I,figured this would be good to show while,we're waiting for this other store could,be built up so I can show you guys the,ad sets and everything like that but,today is kind of a crazy day,I think I'm gonna do a hundred dollar,giveaway on here something like that,no I feel like I should may check the,chat make sure everything's good while,some people hop in here yeah let me put,this on my um I need to put this on my,Instagram because I'm going to give away,some money yeah you guys are getting a,sneak peak today I got a Rolex my first,watch it's pretty exciting,alright let me post this on my Instagram,real quick that I'm doing a 100 dollar,giveaway alright guys I'm doing a 100,dollar giveaway on my YouTube right now,so swipe up if you want to watch the,livestream and get a chance to win see,you there alright sorry guys one second,gotta upload this yeah one hundred,dollar giveaway I want to do it let's do,it,all right that's up there we have that I,can put my phone down now yeah sorry,guys the stream is a little bit early,today 11:45 Oh wasn't really paying,attention to the time I sort of hopped,on here real quick but as far as the 100,dollar giveaway goes we'll get into that,a little bit later on into the video the,qualifications will be super easy all I,have to do is like the video and have,post notifications on and be subscribed,that's about it and I know most of you,guys already have that so there's no,true you know any true qualification,that's super simple to enter guys look,at this my button I went to put on this,shirt I went to button I always keep,like one button on and there's no button,there I've no idea where I win I don't,know if it looks weird if it looks,normal but uh yeah guys let me answer a,few questions you guys have real quick,and then we'll get into the top Shopify,stores for those of you that want to,know you know the stores that are making,millions and millions and millions of,dollars whether it's drop shipping or,not drop shipping we're able to look at,it and determine what it is and then you,know really it's not really used for,product research as more of as it's used,to like actually what's the word just,learn from stores and you know stores,that are doing well and how you can make,your store sort of look like those,let's see good quality what the stream,has good quality awesome yeah the,streams been alright Rolex yeah I got it,today everybody wants me to review this,store I don't do those that often I mean,if you want a store if you go watch the,other store reviews I've made I made one,yesterday this sort of base your store,off of one of the ones that I uh that I,did oh the chat just like exploded,it's a good time to start selling,Halloween decorations yep go ahead do it,you'll make some money you know I can't,guarantee you're making money but I feel,like it's a good time what are your,opinions on affiliate marketing,affiliate marketing is awesome I do,affiliate marketing you need that shirt,with the giveaway how can you find a,winner through subbing and liking a post,notification sounds like a fake giveaway,I said that's just one of the,qualifications I'm gonna be giving it,away in the chat so many people are,skeptical they they don't think that,giving away money or giving away iPhones,it's real but I've given away probably,over ten thousand dollars in items and,cash just this year alone I do a lot of,Giveaways you know I feel like it's good,to get back to know the people that,support me Congrats on the Rolly awesome,thank you yeah my I don't know if I,should make a video about it or just,show it I don't know your view my store,I'll give you five hundred dollars deal,DM me on Instagram PayPal me five,hundred dollars if you pay MUP PayPal me,five hundred dollars right now give it,away to people in the stream and I'll,review you're still hurt,alright let's go ahead and get started,how long has the stream been on what,four minutes geez almost five minutes,time gets away fast so I'm gonna go,through show how to find the top Shopify,stores and then I'll do the $100,giveaway,five dollars thank you for the five,dollars bro all right man that's pretty,smart you know you paid only five,dollars to get an Instagram shout-out on,my stream oh you want me to follow you,maybe for five dollars maybe a little,more,yeah the hundred dollar giveaway will do,it next let me show my computer we'll,get started with the top Shopify stores,for those of you that don't know how to,do it already,alright here we go you can follow this,kid if you want he paid $5.00 for that,but anyways here we are basically this,is an IP database that shows you know,specific hosting platforms and which,sites on the Hosting's are getting the,most traffic so if we go here to my IP,IMS,you know he's to put the exact link or,you can go on here and look up Shopify,on the my IP IMS and what this is gonna,do is basically bring up Shopify so shop,wise its own hosting platform and then,you'll be able to see so Shopify is,based in Canada and you'll be able to,see all the websites that are hosted on,Shopify so any store made on Shopify is,going to be hosted in Canada on their,own servers so if we go here this is,gonna show all of the top Shopify stores,just by traffic so this isn't based on,sales but it's based by traffic but you,know the top stores are getting a lot of,sales if they're getting the most,traffic so just looking here you know we,can see the top one is my shop Viacom,because that's the default one that,comes with every little Shopify store,you create but it's crazy to see the,number one actual store that's hosted on,Shopify is colour-pop comm and if we go,to it it's what make up it's crazy how,much money is being made right now at,the make up you know just looking at,this store like it just nothing super,fancy it's basic it's a Shopify store,but at the same time this is the number,one store think about that the number,one store on Shopify and if you think,about how much of my if I had to guess,how much money they're making I would,say I would say over a million a day I,know that sounds crazy but I feel like,that's gonna be like for the top for a,shop by store that's definitely doable,and we go down jeffree star cosmetics,another probably yeah cosmetics makeup,store,let me see yeah wait summer collection,yeah another makeup shop so makeup is,making tons of money right now fashion,over I'm sure you've seen them,everywhere on Instagram and Twitter and,different platforms I know they've,invested so much money into advertising,on Instagram and I've guessed it's paid,off since they're the number four store,number three aside from the my Shopify,but you know you can go through and look,at these it's not just the top fifth you,can go and look at all of the stores,hosted on Shopify you know these are the,the five thousand Cove speakers this,sounds familiar,what is this Cove speakers yeah so a,little speaker here,and even that you know that's the almost,a 5,000 Shopify store buy traffic I bet,they're still making decent money you,know if you had to if I to guess how,many Shopify stores are actually there,yeah 100,000 Shopify store so you know,five thousands are still probably doing,thousands of dollars a day in revenue,you know as a clean website looks cool,but really I'd like to look at this I,don't like it is for product research or,anything like that,I really just simply use these websites,to look at and see you know these are,the ones doing well and how can I make,my websites look like them you know ones,that are related whether it's a general,store or niche you know how can I make,my store look similar to these stores,you know if it's similar to whatever,you're trying to sell so I do that and,then you know the more I look at them,the more I see you know maybe sometimes,you'll find a decent product if you're,on a little ecommerce store if we go way,down to like all the stores you know,there's so many pages here let's look at,the last Shopify store all right so here,we're at this is the last Shopify store,gift lover calm this one has the least,traffic alright basic this one looks,actually it looks better than most drop,shipping stores that I see but yeah no,traffic so I'm guessing this is like a,brand new store yeah we go back to no,it's crazy just to look at how big these,stores are and I'm sure a lot of you,guys have seen these and they're all,hosted on Shopify like movement watches,I've seen from the starts to say begin,began kids is a popular clothing brand,spigen I think is like phone cases Jim,sharks is very very popular G fuel gos,all come up from like four years ago,like all these really big brands that,you've heard of before are coming,together all on Shopify so it's crazy to,see all that happening get more people,donating money $5 bet well you sent,extra money for me to uh me to follow,you yeah it's a good time to start,selling winter stuff yeah I actually,have a lot of people or someone trying,to sell me a store that's for bathing,suits I was doing well but the thing is,you know how to think it out the seasons,going out for summer so it's not gonna,be easy to make a lot of money be super,profitable with the bathing suit store,at the end of at the end of summer,but yeah guys I don't want to go talk,about this for hours and hours I just,want to use this as a simple tool for,you guys to see it for some of you guys,that don't know about this already just,this simple website on how you can look,at all the Shopify stores you know even,you look up any of my websites or your,websites they'll be on there if they're,hosted on Shopify so it's pretty cool to,see this and how it all comes together,but yeah Tortuga backpacks Tortugas,turtle in Spanish I get these backpacks,Wow,that's number what 44 that's crazy this,these backpacks I've seen everywhere,seen just look how basic these websites,are like I've told you guys it's really,not about the website as much as it is,the marketing and the actual products,but uh let's see all right he donated,another all right he donated $10 so I'll,follow him on Instagram let me see,ristin I don't know if this money is,like Y to me or how I get paid by this,but I bro I just followed you thanks for,the $10 oh my gosh all right let's get,let's go ahead and get started with this,$100 giveaway I don't want to make this,giveaway like super long and make you,guys wait and hype it up a ton you know,it's a basic giveaway all I want you,guys to do is like the video right now,like the video make sure you're,subscribed make sure you follow me on,Instagram and if you've done that DM me,on Instagram and I'm gonna choose,someone in like a few minutes I'll keep,answering your questions but all I want,you to do like this video okay and then,I want you to subscribe post,notifications on and follow me on,Instagram and after you do all of those,things then DM me on Instagram okay and,then I'll be choosing someone in like,five minutes I just want to go ahead and,answer a few of your questions and if,you want to win then uh let me know 173,people watching role like something,wrist cheese right yeah I got the Rolex,oh my gosh I can't believe I bought a,Rolex it's a lot of money but it's,something I like man if it's not just,like the money is in the watch like this,is like a sentimental thing it means a,lot to be based on like how far I've,gone I'm getting a lot of deals right,now and one more thing I want you guys,to alright this is gonna he's gonna cap,it out okay I want you to post on your,story to follow me on Instagram that's,all I want okay tag me on your story and,then you'll be entered okay I'll pick,someone very soon so make sure all those,things are done you follow me on,instagram you follow me on youtube you,like the stream video already and you,give me an instagram shout out on your,story and one of those people I'm gonna,give them $100 so I'll give it a couple,more minutes,let me type this up Rolex date just yeah,for those of you guys watching this is,like my loyal subscribers I appreciate,you guys I'll go ahead and show you the,watch it's a Rolex date just to has the,fluted bezel it's a black face let me,take it off and see if the camera can,see it lets see full video it'll,probably be reverse yeah it's reversed,on the camera but uh yeah it's a pretty,clean watch so far so good,just the titanium band nothing crazy,fancy you know it's a lot of money but,it's not a nice style watch I can't wear,i style watches and i probably can't,afford to me that but uh can you follow,me $5 more people donating money,donating man I've made a lot of money,during the stream what is this I've made,ten fifteen seventeen I made twenty two,dollars so far alright guys let's see,who's tagged me on the story I'm doing,the 100k challenge live still so for,those of you guys wondering about the,100k challenge the reason why I'm doing,these filler live streams for now still,everyday is because I I,we're working on the duplicated store so,if you watch the stream from two days,ago I'll give you you guys will see a,real explanation on what happened with,the store and why the audiences weren't,scalable because I had so many,entrepreneurs on there with the,look-alikes the ads were just targeting,entrepreneurs instead of people,interested in the specific products on,my store so the other store just got,finished being built yesterday I can't,give out the link because then we'll,have the same issue with the audience's,but the ads the props are being tested,right now and you know after a day or,two of them running we'll go through,I'll be able to show you guys the,products and the ad sets but I won't be,able to show the actual website but once,it's a hundred thousand in revenue I'll,show you guys whatever you want because,then we'll have some consistent money,coming in and yeah I'll be doing well so,for those of you guys that are just in,here the $100 if you want the $100,follow me on instagram at tanner with,two bars at the end subscribe to the,channel like this video and then post me,on your story tagging my instagram,account alright how much is the Rolex I,don't have to be on a later date you,guys can guess if you want it's,expensive I could have got a car any,advice on how to talk to clients better,or get a good brand story one thing that,I've learned a lot just through YouTube,talking to a camera has been you know,being more confident actually conveying,myself with the exact message that I'm,trying to portray because you know,before I did all my stuff online I,wasn't really talking to people on the,phone I was scared to talk to people on,the phone like not absolutely scared it,was just like I wasn't nervous I would,do it but I was nervous because I didn't,know if I'm gonna I'm gonna say the,right thing I'm gonna be able to get my,point across even just in real life,being able to talk to someone to convey,your message and be confident no it,really comes down to sales you know,calling people on the phone I just,caught a bunch of people on the phone,I'll do calls with other entrepreneurs,we'll talk about we're doing I've tried,to sell people with stuff you know it's,a learning process we get shut down a,lot with sales at the beginning but you,know it all comes down you're the go-to,dollars thank you five dollars how about,now man what software do you use big fan,preciate it fin whether he donate five,dollars before all right ten dollars let,me follow you on Instagram everybody's,uh paying ten dollars for an Instagram,follow,it's your own Instagram follow $10 no,I'm just joking you guys want to donate,any money I don't need your money,basically I'm gonna make all my $100,back from people donating all right Finn,I just uh I just followed you back on,Instagram all right appreciate the,support let's see did you finish the,challenge no the challenge is not done,no it's not gonna be a video suit it's,still gonna be a livestream series I,just have to wait a few days you guys,will see what I mean after that,can you show who won on stream yeah I'll,show the winner on stream or giving away,on camera yes let's see if you guys are,posting me on their stories let's see,what we got mention you in the story all,right we're getting a few tags,appreciate it guys tag drove my story,oh yeah it's a private account no,worries now we're getting a lot of tags,you motivate me appreciate it yeah we,got a lot of people tagging me in the,story I'm scared though a lot too a lot,who are gonna delete me off their story,if they don't win yeah guys like the,stream if you haven't already,like the stream subscribe and we'll get,started here I feel bad because after,this streams we're gonna upload as a,video and not many people are gonna be,able to they're not gonna be able to,enter the giveaway cuz it's gonna be,over but it's whatever you need any more,web design bro yeah soon bro DM me on,this game up I'll pay you or or help you,with your thing tag you alright let's go,ahead and do the how to win the giveaway,I'm giving away $100 right now all you,have to do is follow me on instagram at,tanner with two hours at the end,subscribe to the youtube channel and,like this video and what else oh yeah,you have to post me on the story and tag,me dude if I don't win you are staying,on my story KC or,appreciate everybody alright let's see,what we got we're getting a lot of tags,so let's go ahead and choose someone to,those of you watching after this video,has already been over and uploading the,giveaways over you should still follow,me on instagram and subscribe but um,alright we have a bunch of dm's here I'm,just gonna scroll through okay I'm gonna,do this as fair as possible so these are,all the the DM tier and I'm just gonna,scroll through and pick someone it's,gonna be simple and I'm just gonna land,on the profile and if they have me,tagged on their story and I'll have them,I'll confirm and have them send me a,picture subscribed and stuff like that,so let's go ahead and see what happens,all right oh I miss I messed up right,here alright here we go,mr. Logan branch okay he's the one my,finger landed on I tagged me in his,story twice says hey I've been,subscribed and I put you in my story and,I like your video I know I'm probably,not going to win but it's a shot love,your videos so congrats to you bro $100,winner right here so everybody that,didn't win,you know it's not a big deal it's a,hundred dollars I'll do more giveaways,thanks to more people don't hate money,but yeah guys more giveaways to come,Logan if you're watching this DM me a,picture of you subscribe and like to the,thing,I love and I just stand you on its trip,maybe I'll do more giveaways Logan haha,you guys are funny yeah be nice to Logan,Logan branch you just saw my DM but yeah,guys more diems alright not more games,more giveaways don't worry guys I love,doing giveaways you guys like it 190,people watching I feel bad this videos,20 minutes long and only like five,minutes of it is actually the content of,showing the the stores and stuff but so,I love doing the giveaways alright,he sent me that he sent me a picture,subscribed and liked let me ask him for,a paypal I'm gonna wait for him to send,a PayPal so I can pay him so then,hopefully he has a paypal he looks,pretty young he's in seventh grade his,bio says so hopefully he has a PayPal,giveaway my course yeah Michael I'd,rather give away $100 in my course my,course is more valuable than $100 all,the content and working there I don't,want to give out that knowledge for free,see if he has a paper if he doesn't have,a paypal we're gonna have to pick a new,winner leave a like leave a like he's,typing it's taking a while I'm getting,it what does that mean probably get his,dad's paypal or something I don't know,let me see if he can hurry up and send,it,all right he said he's sending a thank,you so much he said you have made my,year come on guys,be more have the higher aspirations in,just a hundred dollars guys a hundred,dollars for a year you need more than,that Logan Paul won $100 yeah Logan,pause the giveaway winner bro you're,only scrolling through DM requests yeah,I only went through the request because,all the people that are already in my,teams have been for most of my giveaways,like every giveaway I'd choose requester,already people I've talked to let's see,I'm waiting from the Senate so I can pay,him if not I'll have to post it on the,do what's it called my Instagram story,or something see how many people deleted,their their stories not bad getting a,few followers appreciate it everybody,wants to see the Rolex on my Instagram,story but nobody's gonna see it yet on,the Instagram all right let's see I'm,waiting for this kid to send me his uh,let's go bro Samir PayPal,if I don't have your PayPal in two,minutes I'm gonna have to pick someone,else everybody's made their fate belt,how are you today I'm great how are you,ten or do you know Trey Cockrum no I do,not come on Logan you got one minute,until I pick someone else for the,giveaway what do you do when you get in,order when you get an order you go to,overload where your products are synced,up and then you fulfill it it's simple,all right I got his PayPal so let me,show you guys when I pay him oh that's,the wrong PayPal logout sorry guys it,felt like I should show it on the stream,for those of you that think that I'll,actually do my giveaways,that small amount of people the people,always doubt it they never win because I,don't enter I do a security challenge,almost all right we're in PayPal now you,guys can't see my screen but I'll show,when I when the money sent put his email,friends and family $100 so you guys can,see right there sending his friends and,family all right,I sent $100 to John Williams that's,maybe his dad or something I don't know,yeah hundred dollars there it is good to,go nothing in my PayPal balance that's,just my giveaway PayPal all right more,giveaways soon to come guys maybe I'll,start doing these I used to give away,$100 every day I think wow I can't,believe I did that that's so much money,that's it's a lot 3,000 a month,yeah chat is really spamming all right,guys I can't keep the stream going too,much longer sorry been 25 minutes but,appreciate all of you like this stream,if you haven't already take it easy have,a good one let me know if you have any,questions I'll see you guys tomorrow,with a more planned out professional,stream offering some real value so I,will see you there hope you guys enjoyed,the giveaway

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