what is the shopify unite hashtag

shopify unite 2021 | Upcoming Shopify Features | Shopify Update hey greetings of the day my name is,

Anup Thakur

Updated on Jan 20,2023

shopify unite 2021 | Upcoming Shopify Features | Shopify Update

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shopify unite 2021 | Upcoming Shopify Features | Shopify Update

hey greetings of the day my name is,anupan in this video we'll be talking,about,shopify unite 2021 so what is shopify,unite 2021,shopify is organizing a global event for,all designers and developers,to discuss what's new features is about,to come in shopify,so if you are a developer designer or,work for shopify or a,agency owner then this event is must for,you because they will announce what's,new is about to come in,shopify so let's visit,it is the official,uh website if you want to join this,event,so you need to go on,and you only have to sign up,register for this event so as you can,see i,am on website,so here it is showing only two days left,and four hours,two days and four hours left so the,event is on 29th june 2021,and the main time for the main event,timing is,1 to 2 30 p.m est,and for discord session it is 3 to 5,est so you only have to uh,register for this event so when you,click on add to cart it will,redirect you to the registration page so,i already have registered you can do,your,do it yourself,so it's not any physical event,you can join anywhere you are so they,will,provide you a joining link on your email,and you can join just like a meeting,so they will provide all key keynotes,announcement live demos like,if some new feature is about to come,they will show the demo how it is,working,and after that discord section we have,so there is a frequently asked question,on the bottom of the page so let's dive,in,who is shopify unite 2021 so obviously,if you work on shopify like if you are,designer,developer app developer theme developer,than this event for you is there any,code of conduct for the event yes you,can't uh there are some basic rules like,you can't,record live or audio or video,so some basic disciplinary code of,conduct here,the next question is i have registered,for shopify unite 2021,so if you have registered then you can,join on time,on 29 june 1 pm est,so how do i watch shopify unite 2021 to,watch shopify 2021 you need to go on,uh they will do,live streaming on this website it means,here,what if i miss shopify unite 2021,so if you miss 2021 shopify unite event,you can also watch the later streaming,on the youtube channel,i think it's shopify devs youtube,channel,here you can get the link and,what happens after after shopify unite,2021 so it is like similar question,of above so if you missed you can watch,on,their uh youtube channel or,also watch the little streaming read,from here,is there any shopify unite 2021 hashtag,yes,they have created a hashtag shopify,unite so if you want to tweet on,instagram or twitter you can use this,text,so thanks for watching this video this,was anu and if you visited this channel,first time,make sure you have subscribed my channel,you also,clicked on bell icon so that whenever i,upload any video about money making,freelancing,and shopify you will get on firstly,basis thanks for watching this was a,signing of

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