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Shopify Review 2021 - Is it still worth it in 2021? hey what's up my name is Chris winter,and welcom

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Shopify Review 2021 - Is it still worth it in 2021?

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Shopify Review 2021 - Is it still worth it in 2021?

hey what's up my name is Chris winter,and welcome to my in-depth Shopify,review for this year now in this video I,want to go through some of the pros and,also more importantly some of the cons,of Shopify so hopefully you can figure,out whether it's going to be the right,platform for you to sell your own things,and also guys I've got a little present,for you for watching this video I'll put,a link to the 25 best FREE Shopify apps,that you need to add to your next,Shopify store these can really help,increase the amount of sales and money,that you can make from your store that,list is totally free and if you want to,get it I'll put a link right underneath,this video and you can check it out but,anyway let's jump in to this review of,Shopify so the first thing that I want,to talk about is the ease of use of,Shopify and whether or not it's easy to,use or it's difficult especially if,you're a beginner or just like a,business owner and you don't really know,a lot of technical coding and things,like that,well the good thing is I think Shopify,is incredibly easy to use even if you,aren't technical even if you don't know,coding like CSS JavaScript all of that,kind of stuff you can generally get your,website store looking pretty good pretty,quickly so now I'm able to get a Shopify,website up and running within around,about 30 minutes because of the power of,themes and we'll talk about themes a,little bit more in this review coming up,but Shopify has essentially these themes,which allow you to brand your website or,design your website without having to,you know pretty much any coding now the,other great thing about Shopify is that,they also have a thing called sections,and essentially what sections allow you,to do is move content in different spots,and add different pieces of content,without having to hard code that in so,for example if you wanted to have a map,on your home page you can easily just,add that in or if you want to have a you,know a section with text and an image,they've already created sections and,this is one of the great things about,Shopify now if you do want to code into,your in your website if you do know,about web development things like that,they do have a programming language,called liquid and it's actually really,powerful so if you do know about coding,Shopify can definitely work and that's,one of the great things about Shopify is,that it's definitely scalable and it's,easy if you want to start as a small,little creator who doesn't know anything,about Web Design all the way up to if,you really,I have a robust store with very you know,validated code and things like that it,works really really well hey guys if,you're enjoying this review I'd love it,if you leave a thumbs up cuz that's,always appreciate it,now did briefly just touch on themes and,I wanted to talk about these because,this is what I really find is so,powerful about Shopify and it's actually,the reason why I used samba fire as a,website builder for me not just for,e-commerce so the shop if I have a,Shopify theme store which is essentially,a place where you can go and buy a,themes or download them because they do,also have a number of free themes so if,you take a look right here you can see,that this is their Shopify theme store,and they have a number of different,things which you can download some are,free some are paid there's not a massive,difference between the free and paid,themes you just gonna be getting maybe a,little bit more functionality a,different design but I find that some of,their free themes are really really good,so for example I love the Brooklyn theme,and this is what I generally make all of,my tutorials on and the reason why I,love it is because it's very quick it's,very nice and it looks fantastic you,wouldn't expect to have a free theme,that looks this good so you can see we,have this large hero image at the top,here with this menu we've got these,different sections which is what I was,talking about before sections are great,in Shopify and this for example is a,category section and you can have your,featured products and it's just so easy,to make now you might think this is,really difficult to make but you can,pretty much get a website up and running,like this in under about 10 minutes now,I actually made a Shopify tutorial that,I can link to in the description box,below where I get our website up in 10,minutes if you want to do that but what,I really just wanted to talk about is,just how nice the things are so for,example we have this theme here this is,called the streamline theme as you can,see this is an incredibly good-looking,theme you've got your products coming in,with these nice animations you've got,really nice fonts you can even have,different slideshows again different,sections coming in and you can even have,different things like videos as well,playing in your whole theme and this is,that map kind of section that I was,talking to you about you can have a,full-on map right here but what I really,like is that this looks super nice for,just a thing that you would just,essentially go add to your shop and it's,really really easy to do so,you can I'll just take a look at a,product here and you can see that it's,really quick to load as well Shopify is,incredibly quick to load they have all,of these different you know features,like nice reviews pricing and all of,this stuff is really amazing and one of,the great things about Shopify is that,the themes are getting better and better,like I said before this was the Brooklyn,theme and this was a really big and,theme for a long time a lot of people,use it but now we're getting themes such,as this one right here the streamlined,theme which is just really pushing the,boundaries and it is a fantastic way to,get your shop up and running and one of,my favorite things about Shopify is that,they have a free trial and it's a 14-day,free trial but generally you can get,that extended to 30 days if you just,contact customer care and say hey I need,a bit more time to get my store set up,but like I said before you can really,test out all of the features and that's,probably one of the best things about,the free trial is you don't need to put,any credit card details in at all so,what I will often do is if I have a,brain wave of starting up a new business,or selling a product or something like,that or if I just want to go in and,design a website I'll often just create,a Shopify store with their free trial,because you don't have to put any credit,card details in and I'll just start,designing I'll try out different things,and one of the great things is you can,actually use paid themes as your design,before even buying those paid themes so,if you go in with your free trial this,is what I often do I'll test out those,things make sure they're really good,before I'm gonna invest you know a,hundred dollars into buying a theme and,this is probably one of the best things,so there have been you know maybe like,five different Shopify sites that I have,had a free trial with and I never,followed through with them because I,figured I it didn't work out in the end,but it is actually really nice that you,can have a free trial with Shopify test,out which templates look good show it to,your friends with a password-protected,kind of site so that's the great thing,with your free trial none can see it but,you can send out a password so people,can check it out and have a look test it,out beforehand and it's great because,you don't actually have to put any money,upfront to get it started another,incredibly powerful part of Shopify is,their app store so if you don't know,what an app store is it's essentially,similar to what you would have on the,Apple App Store or the Google Play Store,and it's a,way of adding a lot of functionality to,your website by external developers so,they will create an app or like a,plug-in kind of that you add to your,apps out to your website so for example,if you need like an Instagram feed or,something like that so you want to have,your Instagram on your website you can,get the insta feed app and it's in,essentially what this is going to allow,you to do is have a list of all of your,photos on to your website so if we look,down here you can see that it's added,this app right here so if someone clicks,on it they can see this then they can go,over to Instagram but obviously there's,a lot more different apps and,functionality so you can have so for,example if you wanted to have a pop up,which might be something that you would,want to have so you can collect people's,emails so that then you can contact them,later on there's so many like privy,which is a really good one where you can,customize how it looks pretty is a,really popular one even all the way,through to you know Aberle o which you,might have heard of if you're doing,Shopify dropshipping essentially what a,burrow does is connect all the way up to,Aliexpress which is a place where you,can drop ship from and they will do,everything from connecting you to the,wholesaler importing those products and,then when someone comes to your website,they can buy them and then they will be,dropship for all the way from China or,you don't even have to ever touch the,product it's a very very powerful thing,and the App Store is one of the my,favorite things about Shopify it's,really come a long way in the last few,years the the App Store because it's,they they're very robust with the app so,they don't really allow buggy apps now,if you ever use WordPress you'll,probably know that you can get some,pretty buggy,plugins which can slow down your website,generally the apps on the Shopify App,Store a really good you can have a lot,of fun what I would do is put a link in,the description box below if you want to,check out the App Store it can be a lot,of fun to check out there are so many,different apps that can really help you,get more sales and it's one of the,reasons why I really do like so I wanted,to talk about some competitors to shop a,fire because it's important to kind of,not just think of one platform there are,definitely some other competitors that,you might want to think about so the way,that I would like to think this is,through a few different categories so,first off you could begin you,be thinking about using WordPress as,your online store WordPress is a,incredibly powerful platform and I do,love WordPress and you can use something,like WooCommerce to integrate it to have,all of the e-commerce functionality is,that you really need to know a fair bit,more to get this store up and running so,you need to know how to install,WordPress you also need to have hosting,and that's one of the great things about,Shopify you've got hosting built in and,all done for you and it's an all-in-one,store whereas with WordPress you might,have to go through someone like Bluehost,or SiteGround,or WP engine to get the hosting for,WordPress you need to then install it,and then on top of that you need to,install WooCommerce and get that set up,now if you know what you're doing this,can work really well but if you're brand,new I would highly recommend using,Shopify for this because it's just all,done for you pretty much all you need to,do is enter in your name your your store,name and then choose a template and it's,pretty much halfway done there add a few,products and you're pretty much good to,go there are other options as well that,I would definitely look at I'd look at,selfie calm SEL LF i FY dot-com and this,is gonna allow you to sell individual,products maybe and really it's very good,for digital downloads so let's say for,example you have Lightroom presets that,you want to sell or you've got calendar,downloads that you want to sell selfies,really good for that you can also,checkout Gumroad,gum roads very similar to selfie where,it's really good if you've got a smaller,catalogue and especially if you're gonna,be selling digital downloads that's a,great one as well and then of course,there are you know website builders like,wicks and Squarespace which are moving,more into the online store kind of,territory now these ones are more basic,and no one your is robust I would say,compared to Shopify if you want a really,solid ecommerce based experience but,they are quite easy to set up and easy,to make nice templates as well so it's,going to come down to what you really,want if you know that you want to build,a website dedicated to making money,online by selling your products whether,it be digital or physical products and,you want to expand out,I definitely look for Shopify if you,want just a website that's gonna you,know be a portfolio or something like,that and then you want to maybe sell a,few products on the side I'd look at,Squarespace or Wix and then if you want,to really customize product and you're,kind of comfortable with WordPress I,definitely look at WordPress and,WooCommerce but for most people I'm,gonna be recommending Shopify so Shopify,pricing is actually really quite,competitive now twenty nine dollars a,month might seem like a lot if you're,coming from something that's a free plan,but for me I'm gonna say that this is a,perfect starter kit for pretty much,everyone you probably don't even need,the $79 a month plan until you your,business is growing quite a lot so like,I said before the twenty nine dollar a,month plan pretty much comes with,everything and this is what I use for,pretty much everything the only thing,that you're not gonna be having is gift,cards which is something that you might,want to give out to people although you,can still use use coupon codes in the,twenty nine dollar a month plan and,professional reports which are kind of,like analytics but you get analytics in,the twenty nine dollar a month plan,anyway the big difference is going to be,coming down to the credit card fees and,just the fees in general so if you are,gonna be you know selling a whole lot,more products and you're gonna be making,a lot more money you probably will want,to go for the $79 a month plan because,it's going to just become a more,financial better option because you've,got 2.9 percent credit card rate on the,twenty nine dollar a month plan and that,goes down point-three of a percent on,the the $79 a month plan for most people,that's not going to be a lot if you're,just starting out if you're just selling,you know ten things every week or,something like that but once you are,going to be getting up to the $5,000 a,month $10,000 a month you definitely,want to be looking at the $79 a month,plan but for most people I'd highly,recommend to starting out with at $29 a,month plan save you money you don't need,it,of course there is a $299 advance,chopper fire one again you know if you,need this you're gonna have to be having,a bigger business to start off with but,the great thing is that all you need to,do is click the start free trial don't,even put your credit card details in and,you can start with each other phone so,they would say that would so they were,my thoughts on Shopify I really really,love this program and this is why I,spent so much time making videos about,fire teaching guys my short tutorials,and my long tutorial teaching you guys,the best apps for Shopify and the best,themes it is my go-to place for creating,websites creating online stores and,pretty much just anything I love Shopify,it's probably my favorite online,platform at the moment so if you guys,are interested in checking out Shopify,highly recommend it just start a free,trial go and play around with it you can,watch my tutorial if you want to it's a,little plug there and I'll teach you how,to create a really nice store super easy,and it's all free as well so check it,out play around with it usually a few of,the templates and hopefully you guys,will be having your store up and running,in about 30 minutes and having it,looking awesome,and starting to make some money I hope,you guys have a great day if you like,this video please do leave a thumbs up,and make sure to subscribe as well and,I'll see you next time bye

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