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FREE Business Phone Number for your Shopify Store hey beauties what's going on it's your,girl loris

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

FREE Business Phone Number for your Shopify Store

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FREE Business Phone Number for your Shopify Store

hey beauties what's going on it's your,girl loris here the founding owner of,,thank you for tuning in to another one,of my videos and if this is your first,time being here,welcome and thank you for tuning in in,today's video i want to talk to you,about,your business phone number setting up a,business phone account,now listen you don't want to be like,some of these businesses,where your customers are potential,customers have no way of contacting you,what if they have a question what if,they have a concern or what if they want,to give you some feedback on your,products or services,you want to give them a way to reach you,and actually be able to speak to you,you know that's all part of customer,service and standing out because,nowadays,a lot of these new businesses they're,hiding behind the computer screen,they don't want to talk to customers and,the only way the customers or potential,customers can reach out,is by emailing them and that's kind of,frustrating because sometimes it takes,them a long time to get back to you,you know sometimes it's not even a real,person that you're talking to,it might be a computer generated email,so,you want to stand out be professional,not be afraid,and have a phone number for your,customers and potential customers to,reach out and actually speak to you,with their concerns so before we get,into the content of this video,you already know what i'm going to ask,you make sure you subscribe to my,channel,and make sure you hit that bell,notification so every time we upload a,video,you will be notified so stay tuned,all right beauties so there's two things,that you can do,or there's two things that you know i've,done,in my business so the first thing that i,did,when i got my phone number or my,business phone,started with beyond body i didn't,necessarily want to use my,um personal cell phone i didn't want to,give this,out i didn't want to list this on,my website or on social media um so,what i did was i got a google account a,google voice account,and so if you already have gmail then,you're all set but if you don't have a,gmail account then you would need to go,in and create yourself a gmail account,first and so after you create your gmail,account,you just go to,and i'm going to hop over right now and,share my screen so,we can walk through the video together,or walk through these steps together,okay so here we are i am on as you can,see right here at the top,voice dot google dot com,so this is where you want to go to and,so i have a couple,of gmail accounts so i'm on,one of my gmail accounts where i do not,have,a google voice number and so as you can,see,down here this little black box it says,to call,and text get a google voice number and,then you see in green it says get a,number,so i do not have a google voice number,and i chose this one just for,demonstration purposes so,what you will want to do is log into,your google,account gmail account and then um,again go to and so,you would click on get a number,and then you can search by city or area,code i am in,san diego california and then they have,numbers that you can choose from,so this is pretty cool because it's not,like they just give you a number,you can look through the selection and,pick which one that,you seem to like best and so i'm just,going to select the first one,and so you select it 619 354,1194 to complete set up and start using,google voice,you need to verify your existing phone,number so,you verify and then you would put in,your real,cell phone number into this box now,the reason why you put your real phone,number into this box is again because,google has to verify that it's a real,number it's a working number,and this is the number that you're,connecting the new google voice number,to your cell phone,but when somebody calls your google,voice phone number,they don't see or they don't know your,real phone number,they won't have your personal cell phone,number so,that's the the good part about,you know having a google voice member if,you don't want to give out your personal,cell phone number,so once you enter in your real phone,number,then you will get um a text message from,google,and they will send you out a six digit,code and then you just need to verify,and i'm not going to do that step but,that's how you,get your business cell phone number,if you don't want to post your personal,phone number,all over social media or all over the,internet,but i don't even use um google voice,anymore i've done that for,maybe the first couple of months uh,starting,beyond body but after a while i just i,don't know,i don't want to say i was over it but i,just chose to have a whole separate cell,phone,you know um so i no longer use the,google voice,and again there's nothing wrong with,google voice i can't even,honestly tell you why i went away from,google voice,um i just decided to have another cell,phone,so i have my personal phone and then i,have my business phone and this is,strictly business and so i don't mind,giving this phone number out,posting it on social media putting it on,the internet because,this is just for business so when this,phone rings,i already know what it's about so i,answer the phone,professionally um thank you for calling,beyondbody this is larice,when i answer this it's just hello so i,don't have to,um be confused or you know always answer,it professionally,because i'm not sure who's calling this,phone does that make sense,so i just got another phone and so,having a separate phone outside of a,google voice,here let me unshare my screen so i can,talk to you really quick,okay so a good thing about having your,own personal phone,versus using a google voice is,you know two things either you can have,the same these are two separate carriers,but you can have the same carrier and,then you already know no matter if it's,verizon sprint t-mobile whatever,you know if you have more than one phone,on the account,then you get a bundled discount so that,drives down the,cost of your cell phone bill anyways so,you can do that,or you can get the second phone your,business phone and,put it in your business name instead of,your name but,it wouldn't be a bundled deal because,it's,not your personal phone it's under your,business name,so you can do that and then that can be,a tax write-off,so if you get the phone in your business,name um your business pays the bills and,all of that stuff then you can use this,as a tax write-off and again there's no,confusion,when you answer the phone because you,will know that it is a business call,so again there's two ways to do this,either you can do google voice,or you can just go out and get you,another cell phone and use that strictly,for business,so hopefully this video was informative,and it helped you out,but just know it is always best,whichever route you choose,to have a business phone number so your,customers and potential customers will,have a way to reach out to you,again you want to stand out you don't,want to look like an amateur and you,want to be professional,put yourself in that customer shoes are,in that potential customers shoes,if you had a question or if you had a,concern about an order that you've,already placed or you're interested in,placing an order but,you're on the website and you go down to,contact us and there's no phone number,like,how does that really make you feel and,all you see is,an email address how does that make you,feel you know like it's like,if you're on their website right now and,you want to order something,right now and you can't call and talk to,them,and you have to wait nine times out of,ten,you may not buy whatever it is unless,it's something you really really want it,and you're willing to wait,for that email response but a rule of,thumb,just have a number make it easy for your,customers and potential customers to,reach out and contact you,and um get the sale guys stop being,afraid don't hide behind the computer,they're humans just like you are and,it's all about,being personable it's all about that,one-on-one,contact that one-on-one connection,feeling,like someone understands someone's,listening and someone,um cares about your concerns and wants,to,address your concerns and solve whatever,issue or problem it is that you have,so again you guys this is your girl,larisse here thank you for tuning in,make sure you like this video and if you,have any comments please don't hesitate,to leave them down in the comment,section take care love you all,peace beauties,let it be

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