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How To Setup Shopify Payment Gateway For Your Country 2022 (Beginners) how to set up shopify payment

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How To Setup Shopify Payment Gateway For Your Country 2022 (Beginners)

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How To Setup Shopify Payment Gateway For Your Country 2022 (Beginners)

how to set up shopify payment gateway,for your country hi guys welcome back,today i'm giving you a tutorial on,shopify payments and how you can set up,shopify payment gateways for your,company so let's get into it first of,all what you guys have to do is you will,open up your shopify store and you'll,get to the admin right here i have,opened up my shopify store and this is,my admin right here if you do not have,an account on shopify you can create one,with your email address and then create,your online store so once you are inside,your shopify admin then you get all of,these different options now when it,comes to the payment option it's really,easy to set up our payment gateways but,before that you actually have to create,different products and then we can,actually add different you know drop,shipping services as well so let me,actually show you that first first of,all you can go to the product section,right here and you can create different,products you can see i have these,products and i can create a brand new,product as well by just clicking on add,product and it will allow me to create a,brand new product within here so i,already have a product and let's say,that i want to now get started with the,payments and i want to accept payments,for my products so what i need to do is,i will go to the settings right here and,in settings we have the payment option,given here so this is the payment option,and you can see we have different,payment option available in our shopify,so this is where we set up our payments,on shopify now let's check out the,options so when it comes to setting,payments for your country you will,select this option we have payment,providers supported payment methods and,manual payment method so for our country,we will be going with a supported,payment method that means payment,methods that are available with once,shopify's approved payment providers so,i'm going to click on add payment method,and it will open up this option for us,so this is the window where i can search,for different payment methods so you,just have to select right here and it,will show you the different payment,methods that are available there is visa,there is discover union pay american,express ideal then there we have klorna,cryptocoin is also available if you want,to accept cryptocurrency then we have,pay now zip alipay kb card then we have,like all of the options are available,now what i'm going to do is i'm going to,select the options that i want so let's,say that i want to accept visa,master american express then maybe mr,okay,perfect so i'll just select the ones,that i want discover and now it's,actually showing me some of the payment,providers that actually have all of the,options that i'm selecting right now so,this one is actually pretty good i'm,going to check this one out that what,are the different payment methods,available so it has visa mastercard,american express master or discover the,ones that i wanted transaction fee is,going to be zero percent so this one,looks perfect i'm gonna click on,activate so once you click on activate,now you can connect the party that they,have selected for you so they have,selected ocean payment for me and it's,available for my country for my region,and will allow me to accept payments now,you just have to click on connect and it,will take you to your platform to your,payment method that you want to connect,so you can see it will open it up right,here okay so we have ocean payment and,they're asking me to install the payment,app so i'm going to click on install,so that it's added on my shopify and,there you go now we have our own payment,method and what i can do is i can create,my,account on this platform now and connect,it to my shopify so this is how easy it,is to connect any type of payment method,to your shopify so let's say that i want,to maybe you know add clariner so i'll,just click on clarina and now what i,need to do is so i'll just click on,karna and now what i need to do is i,will activate it and once i click on,activate then i will require an account,on karna so just again i will click on,connect and it will take me to klarna,similarly if i want to connect paypal i,want to connect stripe so you'll just,connect that platform to your shopify,that's it you can see now they're asking,me to connect this payment method to,shopify so that's it you just create an,account on that platform first like,whatever you think is good for you for,example if i'm looking to add stripe i,will create an account on stripe and,then just connect my stripe to my,shopify from this option so we have,supported payment methods given here,similarly we have a manual payment,method so in manuals we have create,custom payment method,bank deposit money order and cash on,delivery so let's say that i want to,create a custom payment method so click,on custom and let's say that there is a,payment method that is not available in,shopify but it works in your country and,it works really good you can accept,payments from that so what you need to,do is you need to enter the name,additional details and payment,instruction click on activate and again,it will allow you to connect that,specific payment option to your shopify,or i can go with bank deposits money,orders and cash on delivery so this is,the manual payment method and then we,have payment providers now this is also,one of the options that's available on,shopify and i really like this option,which is a third party providers so it's,quite similar to what we did earlier,where we were selecting different,payment methods separately and at the,end it was saying that okay this,provider is available and you can select,this one so it's the same thing here,that we have different providers and you,can see that what are the different,services and what are the different,payment methods they have so we have,this one right here which is corvus pay,and it will also show you that which one,is available in your country and which,one is not so of course you will be,going with the one available in your,country so you can see we have different,options and you can search for the one,as well let's say that i want to search,for maybe stripe so this is stripe right,here i can just click on it it will open,it up and again it will take me to the,connect window where i need to connect,strive to my shopify so you can see it,has opened it up for me and i will just,now login to my stripe and you can see,shopify partnered with strive for secure,payments uh similarly i can now go back,and i can connect more as well so let me,actually show you the different options,available,when it comes to the third party,providers there is to check out and then,we have epay,icon then we have ip88 more and we have,different for crypto as well just keep,in mind to check different options,available here and if it's available in,your country or not and then the next,step is similar you will just log into,that application with your you know,shopify we even have one for crypto,right here which is bogus for testing so,this one is like a testing gateway that,we can connect to our shopify and will,allow me to actually just test my um you,know payment method and i can just,activate it from here this is like a,gateway that i can connect so these are,the different payment gateways available,we have a third party uh providers,available we have supported payment,methods and then we have manual payment,method so you will just connect one to,your shopify i give you some of the,examples just connect your store of,course if i just go to the stores to,that platform now it will just open it,up and that's like separate there are,already videos on this channel on stripe,and other payment methods so you can,check them out how they actually work,and how you can use them and once you,know that then you just need to connect,it to your shopify uh once you have them,that's actually pretty amazing and now,we have our own payment gateways on our,shopify and we will be able to accept,payments if you want to add discounts to,your payments just go to the discount,option right here it allows you to,create a discount so let me actually,quickly show you just click on create,discount then we have option of amount,of products amount of order buy x and,get y free shipping so what i'm to do is,i'm going to amount of product discount,code or automatic discounts i'm going to,go with a discount code let's generate,our code so this is the code that people,will be using customers for the discount,so it's going to be a percentage and i'm,actually having a 20 off of my products,on the minimum purchase requirement,there is no minimum requirement customer,eligibility all customers maximum,discount and then we can select a start,and end date for our discount as well,click on save discount and this will be,saved and you will be able to actually,give your customers some discount on the,payments on the orders that they do now,you can go to the products that i showed,you right now i can just list these,products and whenever somebody orders,the product they will be able to pay,through the payment method that i have,you will be able to check the payment,method by just going to your settings,right here and then you have to go to,payments and it will open up the,payments for you so that's how easy it,is and now what we need to do is we will,simply set up our gateway any of these,we can also manage them from here and,test our payment gateway as well,and once it's done you will be able to,run a successful business online so yeah,guys this brings us to the end of the,video i hope that i was a big help to,you and now you know how to set up,payment gateways on shopify don't forget,to give this video a big thumbs up leave,a comment down below turn on bell,notification and subscribe to the,youtube channel

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