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Shopify Markets Full Tutorial | Globalize Your Shopify Store in september 2021 shopify launched,shop

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Shopify Markets Full Tutorial | Globalize Your Shopify Store

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Shopify Markets Full Tutorial | Globalize Your Shopify Store

in september 2021 shopify launched,shopify markets which allows you to sell,internationally from your shopify store,it allows you to convert your store into,multiple different currencies it allows,you to translate your storefront into,different languages it allows you to add,local payment methods to your checkout,depending on which country your customer,is coming from and it also allows you to,add custom domains to your store,depending on which country your customer,is coming from so in today's tutorial,i'm going to be showing you how to set,up shopify markets for your drop,shipping and e-commerce shopify stores,so let's get straight into it so the,first thing you're going to have to do,is sign up for shopify markets so we'll,leave a link in the description to the,shopify markets sign up page so you can,just go to shopify dot co uk slash,markets or markets depending,on which country you're in or you can,just google sign up for shopify markets,all you then need to do is click on,login to get started and it will ask you,to log in to your shopify store and then,you can just click apply for access for,shopify markets once you click on apply,for access,hopefully after a few weeks you should,receive an email like this which will,say we're excited to let you know that,your store has been selected for early,access to shopify markets from here it,will say you can now navigate to the,shopify markets in your admin so just,click on here in the email it will then,bring you to your shopify settings and,then you will be in the shopify markets,area so from here you can add a market,which basically means you can add a,country that you want to start selling,to so all you need to do is click on add,market now from here you can choose a,market name so this is going to be the,country or region that you want to,target so i can come in here let's just,say spain for example then you can add,countries and regions so you can choose,a bunch of countries or just one country,so let's say for example i chose south,america i could go and add all of the,south american countries to my market,but for this example i'm just going to,use one country so we are just going to,go and type in spain and then i'm just,going to go and choose this and click on,done now from here all you need to do is,hit save and now from here it will bring,you to that market and it will say,active so there are a few things that we,need to set up in order to actually,start selling to this international,market so the first thing we are going,to set up is the domains and languages,so we are going to go to manage and from,here it's going to say market domains,and subfolders so under the subfolders,it will automatically set up a suffix,for this market so you can see it's put,es which is going to be for spain so i'm,just going to leave that as the default,but you can name it differently if you,want to but i do recommend just leaving,it as the default that shopify,recommends next up we are going to want,to add a language to this market so,because this is for spain i'm going to,want to add spanish as the language so,in order to do this it's going to say,select the languages to offer customers,in this market you can manage these,languages in shop languages so we're,going to click on shop languages now,from here we are going to add a language,so we're going to click on add a,language and then from here we are going,to go and choose our language so i'm,just going to scroll down until i see,spanish and then i'm just going to click,on this and i'm going to hit add now,from here we're going to need to,translate our store into that language,so in order to do this it's going to say,visit the shopify app store in order to,translate our store so we're going to,click on visit shopify app store from,here it's going to show us all of the,apps that will allow us to translate our,store so we are going to look for an app,called convey this so we're going to go,to search and we are going to type in,convey,this and now just hit enter from here,you will see the app that says language,translate convey this so we are going to,click on this and from here we can add,this app now this app only allows you to,translate your store into one other,language so be slightly selective about,which language you want to translate,your store into so i'm going to choose,spanish of course but if you want to go,and translate your store into french or,into another language then just,prioritize the language that you want to,translate your store into because if you,want to translate into multiple,different languages you do have to go,for the premium version of this app so,we're just going to go and click on add,app and start with the free version from,here we are going to click on install,app now once you hit install app you,should be brought to the convey this,dashboard that will look a little,something like this and from here we are,going to hit settings now alternatively,you might automatically be brought over,to this page now from here we're going,to choose our domain name we are going,to choose our website technology which,will be shopify and we are going to hit,next step once you click on that you,should be brought over to your settings,again and from here you can now choose,your target language now like i say on,the free plan of convey this you can,only choose one language so you can just,come in here if we just get rid of this,you can just come in here and type in,the language you want so we're just,going to choose spanish and then you can,just hit save now from here we want to,translate the pages on our store so,we're going to go to my translations now,under my translations it should,automatically pick up your store so you,can see it has picked up my store the,english and spanish version and then the,spanish and spanish version so it has,translated all of the words on my store,so now that we have done this we can,head back to our shopify markets area,and start setting up some of the,currencies so from your shopify,dashboard you are going to now click on,settings and from here we are going to,click on markets so now from here we can,go to domains and languages again we can,click on manage and now from here what,we can do is we can go and add our,language so once again where it says,select languages we are going to go to,shopify languages and now from here if,we scroll down we will see spanish so we,are going to hit publish on spanish now,and now that we have published that it,will say customers in supported regions,will be prompted to shop in their local,language so we can click on manage in,geolocation app it will then bring you,over to this geolocation app and it will,show you what your store is going to,look like depending on which country,your customer is arriving from so what,we can do is we can go and test this out,now so if we go and change this from the,united kingdom we can go and choose,spain and now that we have chosen spain,we can go and choose our language which,will be spanish and now we can see that,this is what our store will look like so,it's all coming up in spanish so that is,perfect so now we can just close this so,that is going to be the default so once,again now we can head back to our,shopify markets so we're just going to,go and hit settings and from here once,again we're going to go to domains and,languages we are going to hit manage and,now from here if we scroll down we are,going to choose spanish and we are going,to hit save so now that we have saved,that we can scroll up and we can hit,this back button and we can set up the,currency so we can go to currency and,pricing and we can hit manage and now,from here you can go and choose the,currency that you want to use for this,market so you can see for me it's,automatically set me up with euros which,is the currency for spain it's using an,automatic conversion rate to convert it,from pounds to euros and it's also,rounding it automatically to 95 cents,for all of my products so i recommend,just going with the default for your,currency for this shopify market that,you're setting up so once we've done,that we can hit the back button once,again now there are a few last things,that you can set up for a particular,market that you are setting up so you've,got duties and import taxes so if we,click on manage for this you can go and,set this up for a region you can,obviously see that i'm not collecting,duties and import taxes so we'll say set,up duties and import taxes for your,store first and then you can go and,select the region but you might not,necessarily have to collect this,depending on on what country is so i'm,just going to hit back and not set that,up for now but that is pretty,straightforward when you go to setup you,can just click on enable duties and,import taxes and then it will enable,that for you and you can select the,shopify market you can also create a,shipping zone for this region for this,market or the country that you are,setting up the market for so if we go,click on go to shipping you can then,click on manage rates and it will allow,you to set up a shipping rate so you can,see for my two rates that i already have,they're both free shipping so i've got,free shipping for the uk and free,shipping for the rest of the world so,for this spain market they're going to,come under rest of the world so they're,going to get free shipping regardless,but you can always add a rate so for,rest of the world i can click on add,rates and then i can go and choose a,different rate so it could be standard,international and i could go and put a,price in and you can go and add your,conditions as well to your shipping so,it could say let's say based on order,price the minimum order price would be,let's say 50 pounds for them to get free,shipping something like that so you can,go and set up your shipping but like i,said i recommend just to keep it with,your domestic so that's the country,where your store is based and then just,do rest of the world and that makes it,so much easier when it comes to sorting,out shipping rates unless you are having,very expensive shipping rates to,particular countries then you can go and,add a shipping rate so from here we're,just going to go back to our shopify,market so from here we can go and set up,a payment method so we can click on go,to payments and then it will show you,all of the active payment methods that,you can use in that country so you can,see for spain they pretty much accept,all of the default payment methods so i,don't really need to set anything else,up but for particular countries it might,show you a different payment method that,is more popular in that country that you,can set up so now that we've done that,we can once again just go back to,markets and the last thing that you can,do is collect taxes so we click on go to,taxes and you can see for me i am,collecting taxes for customers in the,united kingdom but for the rest of the,world i'm not so just go and do some,research about whether you have to,collect taxes depending on which country,that your store is based in so now that,we have set all of that up we can go and,have a look at this new shopify market,so if we just go to markets and now from,here what you can do is you can go to,preview and you can choose your new,language and we can see that my whole,store has been translated into spanish,so we can see it's got the euros it's,got everything that's been translated,into spanish so it's all looking really,good and it is set up ready to start,selling to the spanish market and this,actually helps with search engine,optimization as well when it comes to,marketing your store on google your,products will come up easier on,different international markets if they,have been translated and if they have,been set up on the shopify markets,settings so that is it for this tutorial,you can now hopefully start gaining more,customers from global markets for your,shopify drop shipping and e-commerce,stores if you have enjoyed the video,give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to,the channel for more dropshipping and,e-commerce content and check out the two,videos on screen now if you have enjoyed,the content in this video and hopefully,i'll see you in one of those videos

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