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PayPal Almost Killed My Shopify Dropshipping Business i decided to,see,if i can still continue makin

Jakub Wieckowski

Updated on Jan 12,2023

PayPal Almost Killed My Shopify Dropshipping Business

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PayPal Almost Killed My Shopify Dropshipping Business

i decided to,see,if i can still continue making sales if,i cut paypal completely and only use,shopify payment gateway,what,what the,okay so i have been doing drop shipping,basically from the beginning of this,year it's been almost,eight eight and a half months now and,things were pretty rocky on the,beginning but then i found my first,winning products as you know from my,previous videos and i started generating,pretty healthy,um profits from 200 to,550 dollars in profit in one day and,it's pretty consistent now as you can,see in the past month after finding out,my first true winning product i was able,to generate almost 30 dollars in sales,with about 25,profit margin so this gave me about,eight thousand dollars profit in one,month now this is almost six figure,basically salary um per year which it's,mind-blowing because i all i do is sit,in front of my laptop monitor the ads,and and money is rolling in and then do,a little bit of customer service of,course so that's like mind-blowing it's,life-changing really,unless,there's something that messes it up and,this someone is,paypal so i've been using paypal with my,store like most people do and most,people talk about but the problem with,paypal is that they have put my account,under,investigation if you like basically what,happened was,paypal,i think didn't like the fact that i,started generating so many sales with my,store and they decided to put my entire,account on hold,withholding or like freezing over seven,thousand dollars in the account now that,was pretty scary for me because this was,the entire profit that i have generated,with this winning product i've lost so,much money in the past trying to find,the winning product now i finally found,it and paypal is withholding all my,profits so how am i supposed to grow,this business it's just super stressful,so after paypal sent me an email saying,that,they had to put my account on hold,because they want to see my papers and,bear in mind i have been,using this paypal account since 2019,consistently making sales because i was,doing some web design for clients so,there was money coming in it was active,use actively used all the time,nevertheless they decided to put a hold,on my account restrict me from using,paypal,before they investigated further so,oh they've asked me for all bunch of,papers like the registration for papers,for the company my id um they asked me,even for,invoices from the supplier to prove that,i've actually paid for the products that,i have sent out to clients it's crazy,because,when people are,my when my customers i are inquiring,about their products i'm always replying,to them immediately whenever they make i,make a sale and someone purchases the,product literally the tracking number is,uploaded to paypal within less than 24,hours and even on weekends so my,customer service is spot on of so far,and i've i don't know i had probably,813 orders so far i can see it here on,the screen and i had maybe three,claims from some actually i think it was,two claims on,a paypal from the customers who were not,happy with,the service that i provided,from those two cases paypal decided that,i should win one so i won one basically,they they said that customer was not,right i was right,as a company was right so they basically,closed the case uh,with favor to me so they could see that,i was doing everything right but they,yet still wanted to put the hold on my,account holding over seven thousand,dollars of my profits without me being,able to take them now,here's the thing that was pretty,frustrating but i was like okay maybe,it's part of the game so i immediately,uploaded all the documents they needed,from like i said my id to invoices,screenshots like everything so they,could see that i'm a legitimate company,paying taxes everything,they've told me that they will take,three days to,solve this issue to look at the papers,and let me know what's going to happen,next so i was waiting for three days,three days went past nothing not a word,from paper so i started getting worried,a little bit but i was like maybe it,takes a little bit longer maybe you know,they have a backlog of cases like that,i'm gonna give them a few more days so i,waited for another three days so six,days in total nothing not a world so i,was like okay that's getting pretty,sketchy like i'm i'm getting pretty,worried now so what i decided to do is,to get in touch with paypal so i went to,um the the messaging service if you like,with paypal and i decided to message,their customer service i sent the,message they said they're gonna don't,going to reply to me within a couple of,hours no one replied to me for over a,day,so then i went back and followed up with,my message saying hey guys can you,please reply because i really need my,money i need my profits to continuously,i need cash flow right to grow the,business,couple hours later um someone eventually,replied to me saying that they are,really sorry for the delay,and that they will escalate this issue,to another,department and i have to wait another,three days so i was like okay this is,getting weird and i this is when i,decided to do a little bit of research,um on similar cases like can paypal,actually do that can they hold my money,without even giving me explanation like,what i did wrong,and turned out there's plenty of people,like literally thousands of people,getting their money,risk not only withheld but also,confiscated by people and lawfully,every single day and it's it's carried,the living, out of me because if i continue,making sales and this is another sketchy,part because when they,withhold my founds and restricted my,account they said i cannot pay with,paypal i cannot,withdraw my money i cannot do anything,the only thing i can do is still accept,payments from my customers so they,withheld all my profits they didn't,allow me to do anything even paid for,goods and services but they were happy,to accept more money into the account,that i couldn't withdraw how sketchy is,that,anyway i went ahead went on youtube and,started looking for more information,like why is this happening and there's,plenty of people,getting in the same problems now i've,watched one video where there was three,people three different companies,who decided to,make a claim or,go to the court take paypal to the court,because paypal not only put their,account on hold without explanation but,seized their money and it wasn't just,couple thousand one company had,twenty eight thousand dollars seized the,other one had like 49 i think and the,last one which is the most mind-blowing,one it was a company that used paypal,for over 20 years and they had,150 000 or close to that basically just,confiscated with no explanation so i,don't know,how the lawsuit,basically turned out if they did get the,money back or not i have no idea i can't,remember but if this can happen to,companies that use paypal for so many,years are basically proven to be,legitimate companies and if people can,just take this much money from them i'm,scared to basically see what they can do,with my money so here's what i decided,to do i decided to,see,if i can still continue making sales if,i cut paypal completely and only use,shopify payment gateway right so not,allowing my customers paid with paypal,but only with their credit cards and,listen i was super scared to do that,because this could,make or break my business basically,and this could either,give me the freedom of getting my,hard-earned money immediately getting,access to my money immediately you know,being happy with the profits reuse the,profits to grow the company or it could,break everything you know the sales,would just stop rolling and i would,be made or i would have to use paypal,even though i couldn't access that money,i don't know what i would do then,but turned out after switching paypal,things didn't break in fact today i had,probably the best day so far when it,comes to conversion rate not sales just,yet but when it comes to conversion rate,so let's jump into my computer and i'll,show you all the numbers right now,okay guys so we are in my computer now,let's take a look at yesterday for,example yesterday was the day when i,decided to,switch off paypal as one of my payment,options it was middle of the day so it,wasn't the beginning of the day but as,you can see yesterday i generated,1351 dollars in sales with the,conversion rate of 1.55 so i was like if,i switch it off it's probably not going,to work but to my surprise,even though i switched it off,the orders were still coming in and,pretty consistently i didn't have i,didn't realize i didn't see it didn't,notice any slowdown i was like okay,maybe it's lack but let's see what's,going to happen to the next day which is,basically today and today,is actually one of the best days when it,comes to conversion y conversion rate,wise because i'm having,2.55 conversion rate like,the average for the entire basically,month that i'm,selling this product,is,1.95 i think the highest i had was 2.14,as far as i remember but nevertheless,today,there's no paypal in my uh as a payment,option for my store,sales are not slowing down so listen,guys if you are thinking about if if you,can i don't know have paypal or if,paypal is doing the same thing to you or,if you're worried that it will do the,same thing to you,do not use paypal you don't have to it,doesn't hurt your conversions at all i,even spoke to my wife and she's frequent,buyer when it comes to online shopping,and she says nowadays i don't even,look at pay i don't even think of paypal,basically all the cards are saved on my,phone so i just tap the number,press the button and my entire credit,card details are entered automatically,so i don't bother with logging into,paypal i was like that makes sense and,you know what it actually works so,listen guys,if paypal is withholding,your money like it is with mine and i,hope it will give it back because it's,my very first profit god damn it,then i'm just hoping they are going to,give it back to me but if you are in the,similar situation don't use paypal don't,use paypal you're gonna it's just going,to give you too much stress and hassle,so that's it for this videos i just,wanted to show you what i have found out,if you like this video make sure to,leave it a thumbs up help me out with,the older heel here a little bit and if,you had similar cases let me know down,below in the comments what you have,found out,or what problems you had from paypal and,how you fixed them so that's it for this,video thank you so much for watching and,take care,you

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