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How To Remove or Change Powered by Shopify Link From Footer | For a Non - Coder | Ishi Themes | 2020

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Remove or Change Powered by Shopify Link From Footer | For a Non - Coder | Ishi Themes | 2020

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How To Remove or Change Powered by Shopify Link From Footer | For a Non - Coder | Ishi Themes | 2020

hey guys,welcome to the channel today we'll be,discussing simple trick,in shopify to either remove or,change the copyright line from the,footer of your theme,this is a copyright line which is,inserted by default,in any shopify theme that you use there,are different ways to remove,or change the content of this line,well there are a lot of people asking,just to change this line instead of,modifying or,removing everything which is present,over here,so let me tell you you can easily modify,this powered by shopify,and write your own text here issue,themes is a store name,whereas 2020 refers to the current year,so to change this powered by shopify,text let's go to shopify admin,the debut is my currently activated,theme if i want to modify,shopify powered by shopify text i'll,have,go to action and then click on edit,languages,edit languages will allow me to,translate my theme,and here in this page will have to,search for powered,by shopify shopify will find,translations,related to the string and get us the,list and from this list will have to,find powered by shopify's here,so i will modify this i want this line,to look like copyright 2020,issue themes and then all rights,reserved,so i'll modify this to all rights,reserved,and save this,translations updated and let's check the,front end,and yes it's updated copyright 2020,issue themes,all right reserved so yes this is how,you,change the text in the footer,and now let me tell you how to remove,this line,completely or modify some of the parts,of this line,all right so to remove this line let's,go to shopify admin again,this time you'll have to go to action,and then click on edit code,so this will take you to a code editor,page where you can edit the code for,your theme,this is the list of the file that are,available for your theme you can click,on any of them and modify it,for now we'll search for footer dot,liquid,so yeah we have this footer.liquid file,just click on it,and it'll open up the file this code is,the,footer of your theme will not mess up,with the code of the theme,but we'll just for search for powered by,so yeah here it's powered by and,we'll just modify this part see if you,want to remove this,entire part,including copyright and this line,will just remove this line 321 and 322.,it's better to comment this line instead,of,removing them altogether so let's,comment this line,and since this lines are now commented,let's,look at the front end the line should,disappear,yeah so line has disappeared now let's,look at the code,line by line let's uncomment it first,okay so since lines are now uncommented,this lines are going to appear in the,front end now let's save the file again,and let's see here okay so the line is,back now,let's try to remove copyright 2020 and,this comma,first and then we'll remove the store,name and then we'll remove the already,reserved,so,the entire line is broken up into these,two lines right the first line,refers to this content here,and the second line of the code refers,to the all rights reserved,so let's first remove the copyright,this part is for copyright,this part is for the current year and,then this is,for the comma that we can see okay we've,removed,the copyright symbol the current year,and the comma so now this line,will look like issue themes the store,name and all writes result text,let's save this,and refresh the front end,okay so now this line displays the store,name,and the all rights reserved line let's,change this or let's remove this issue,themes and we just want to keep,all rights reserved so we'll just uh,remove this,as well if we remove this there's no,meaning of keeping this line so we'll,remove entire line if you don't want,all the components of this part,okay so let's save the changes,and after the changes are saved we'll,refresh this,page and check if all the changes are,proper,okay so we can just see this line all,right reserved as a result of the,second line if you don't want this line,as well you can remove this,select it and delete and press on save,okay so this is saved now and let's,refresh the front end will not be able,to see this as well so because,we've removed it from back end,okay so this is how you modify or delete,the,copyright line from the footer of your,shopify theme,i'd like to clarify one more thing,before we end up,that because this copyright line in the,footer,might be different in each shopify theme,i have showed you,the default way to remove or modify it,it might be different from theme to team,you can go through theme documentation,to modify this,or take help from your team author,thanks for watching

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