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How to create custom page and product templates in our themes hi everyone this is tim from milehi,th

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to create custom page and product templates in our themes

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How to create custom page and product templates in our themes

hi everyone this is tim from milehi, in this video i'm going to,show you briefly how to create custom,page and product templates using our,themes,this functionality is supported in any,of our theme versions that support,online store 2.0,in this case we're looking at the,showtime theme but the same principles,will apply to any of our themes,so we're looking at the home page right,now,but if i click on this customer support,page this is an example of a custom page,template that we've used created in the,theme,we've got a banner up here with some,icons with text we've got an faq section,and we've got a contact us form that's,just an example of a landing page you,could create using the new sections,everywhere,so let's jump into a dev version of our,theme,and show you how that's done,so i'm going to go ahead and customize,our theme,and you'll see this drop down menu at,the top where we can quickly navigate to,pages or products,in this case i'm going to go to a page,and you'll see that there are a few page,templates that are included with the,theme here by default,as well as some that i've also created,for other videos,so if i click on the default page this,shows me what just a regular page in the,theme will look like,it's basically just got the content that,you've added in the rich text editor in,shopify,if i win if i wanted to i could go ahead,and add additional sections to this,template,but if i did that and saved then every,page that's using the default template,would also have the same sections with,the same content,that's not necessarily what you want to,do unless you want to have the same,sections and content with the same,images and text on every page,so a better thing to do would be,to click pages and create a template,we'll just call this custom three,and we can base it on different pages,depending on how we want the layout to,be so if we've already created a custom,page template that has sections that we,want to reuse but instead of having all,the same images and text,we use,unique content for each one then we can,base it on that in this case i'm going,to keep it based on the default page and,create a template,so now we're previewing this custom,three page template that i've created,it's not assigned to any pages yet and,we're previewing the about us page,now what we're previewing the page,doesn't really matter because we have to,set,the template that we're going to use for,each page,on the page settings itself,so for now it doesn't really matter what,page we're using in this case we've got,a few options for your heading and,regular page content over here depending,on your theme settings,we can go ahead and add sections to this,page now,and populate them just like we would,anything else and then save,so we've created our custom page,template and now we just need to assign,a page to it so to do that we can exit,out of the customizer,go to online store pages,and choose any page,so we've got this custom page that i've,used for another purpose,you see there's this online store drop,down where you choose a theme template,i'm going to choose custom 3 for this,page and save,now if i view this page you can see that,it's got the heading the title of the,page there's no content on the page,because i didn't add any in this editor,but it's got the custom sections that i,added to the page,so once that's assigned i can go back,into the customizer,and if i navigate to pages and choose,custom three you will now see that it is,assigned to one page,and it takes me to that page to preview,it,so i can continue to do that and create,multiple page templates using the same,methodology now if you did want to have,the same content,in sections like this for every page,utilizing the same images and text then,you could just assign this custom,template you've created to multiple,pages and it would show up that way,the same is true for products,so on the product page you can do,something similar you'll notice that we,have a couple of custom templates in,here already,if i go to a default product,if i choose this one you see that there,is already this image with text heading,section here we also have recommended,products and a gallery,so by default all product pages will,have this,if i wanted to have a different unique,custom product page i could just go down,here go to products and choose create,template,we'll call this custom,product,2.,create a template,and again you have all of this,information over here where you can edit,your sections drag and drop them around,just like you would on the home page,so in the same way you saved this,and then you would go back to,your product pages,select a product,and you can assign that custom page,template you've created in the same way,that i showed you for the pages,so there's custom product 2. so now,whatever sections you've added to custom,product 2 will show on this product page,in addition to all of its regular,product information,that's about it,in another video i'll show you how to,create advanced product templates using,meta fields so you can reuse sections,but have different content without,creating a new page or product template,for each one,so check our support knowledge base for,that,thank you for watching and i hope you,have a great day

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