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Selling Products on Showit Through Shopify hey everyone so today I want to show you,how to sell all

Gillian Sarah

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Selling Products on Showit Through Shopify

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Selling Products on Showit Through Shopify

hey everyone so today I want to show you,how to sell all Shopify products on your,short website so in order to do this all,you need is a shortcut and a Shopify,light account so I'm currently using,Shopify basic but all you need is shop,by light which i think is nine dollars a,month so there's a few extra features I,have here that you might not have but,I'm only gonna use the ones you will,have so um here's one I made earlier a,template sales page a template a sales,page template so here it's got a product,name a price a description some images,and I've got other X I'm bout to put a,button in here and this button will link,directly to my Shopify product and,you'll be able to buy that directly,through the short website so again,here's one I made earlier here are some,of my templates so I'm going to add the,add line to the add line website so what,you want to do here is inch off,highlight you can add your products and,you can also add a Buy button so that's,in a sales channel so that's what I want,to add I want to go to the buy button,create a Buy button and it will ask me,what product I want to do it for so in,this case I want to use add line select,product so my face is getting in the way,and it will give you options so you can,have a full picture with the title and,that car at a price you can have one,that shows all the details of it but for,this I've put everything in really nice,I just want the actual button itself so,I click button you can Center it left or,right and choose what it does here but I,just want to add the product to the cart,and you can also change the fonts,stylings everything like that in here,your shopping cart Styles things like,that so I'm happy with this I generate,the code and then I copy to the,clipboard now with insurance there's a,lovely button down here this has embed,code pull that up and paste the code,into it so that's what we want it's a,very long piece of code here but it's,all good save that and it will appear,there we go,and then you just kind of resize it so,it fits in properly this might look a,bit weird depending on what you're using,in terms of like desktop mobile so if i,zoom in on it it's gonna size,differently so it might take a bit of,playing about but if you make it roughly,the right size of it it will Center it,anyway so there should be any issues so,I'm gonna line it up there select these,and Center it so this is what the,product page is like right now before,I've saved it and added the button if I,go back here and I preview it that i,refresh it here you'll see I've got my,button so it's not entirely in the,center so I'm just gonna remove that and,see that should hopefully be about it,sometimes these do have a size on them,if you check through it but there are,sometimes really hard to see is their,size here we go,minimum wouldn't know that's not right,no we're fine anyway I'm gonna preview,that again see how we are there we go,it's pretty much in the center now so,now you'll see my buttons been added it,is responsive and if you click on it now,this lovely section comes up here with,your product your picture you've added,on top by the price of it and if you hit,checkouts,it will pop up and all your theme colors,you've added throughout Shopify will be,in there you'll be able to put all this,in pay through PayPal or any payments,you've linked up through Shopify and the,the purchase will go directly to the,person who buys it so they don't need to,go through Shopify they can do it,directly through your website everything,can stay on brand and whenever they're,on a page that has a current button this,will appear so this won't appear in your,regular pages but if you sell many,different things then this will appear,on all of them if they've got one of,them in your app and they're in their,basket so that is how you set up shop,buy on your shirts it's really simple,you just need to embed a few buttons in,it wherever you want them and there you,go that's all if this videos been useful,to you hit the thumbs up button and I,will make more content like this

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