how to start a tshirt business on shopify

Start a T-shirt business in 20 Mins : Printify And Shopify Tutorial one another way to start a t-shi

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Start a T-shirt business in 20 Mins : Printify And Shopify Tutorial

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Start a T-shirt business in 20 Mins : Printify And Shopify Tutorial

one another way to start a t-shirt,business with no inventory no t-shirt,blanks to buy no screen printing no DTG,machine no vinyl cutter to buy and,everything gets shipped out for you and,you don't have to do a thing well the,answers coming right up in this video,right now what's up guys Gary a janae,and I know I said a mouthful in that,intro but this is the real deal here,this is print on demand like you've,never seen it before a new take on print,on demand I want to introduce to you,Prince a Phi okay alright,printer fine now I mentioned it once,before but this one is a formal,introduction okay print a Phi is a print,on demand service but it's a little bit,different in that it's not just one,service in one place that you buy and,they ship everything out actually gives,you a choice of different print,providers so you can choose which one is,best for your business you can choose,based on blank you can choose based on,pricing you can choose based on,production time some of them have a,short production time some of them have,a time that's a little bit longer,they're all short production times but,some is just a little bit longer and,they're all in different locations so if,you're in a certain part of the US and,you want to choose a provider that's,close to you you can do that also if,you're in the UK there's a provider in,Great Britain okay so if you want to do,stuff in Europe you have that choice and,not only do you get the choice of,different t-shirts they have so many of,the awesome products to choose from,let's take a look all right guys you can,see right here their clothings you have,t-shirts men's t-shirts from all,different types of vendors you have,women's clothing women's t-shirts okay,from all different type of vendors and,in both of these you don't just have tea,you have hoodies and all that good stuff,you even have sublimation you can do all,over printing I mean it's crazy,you also have bags and accessories,little tote bags carry bags knapsacks I,mean and you can do printing everything,that I'm showing you you can do printing,even accessories okay jewelry I mean,it's crazy and not only that you can,also do art and wall decor all these you,can hang on your walls you can do,posters pictures you can do clocks so,many different things including shower,curtains bath mats I mean a microfiber,duvets I mean mugs and there's one thing,right here you can also do which is yoga,mats where are those yoga mats right,here in accessories your yoga mat is,crazy and this is just a few of the,things you can do at prenta fie alright,guys that was awesome,another great thing about prenta is your,ability to integrate with the biggest,e-commerce platforms on the planet,that's right Shopify Etsy and,WooCommerce which is WordPress which is,the biggest website creation platform on,the planet okay,all that sounds good but let's take a,look under the hood all right this is,printf I this is what you're gonna see,when you first get here and let me go,ahead and login alright now once you get,in you can see that you can go right,over here to the left and you can choose,what you want to print on the print,providers the brand's your favorites new,arrivals and you can see all the good,stuff that well this is just means that,you can print on it's really really,simple,also you can print on canvas sneakers oh,man I didn't show that and flip-flop I,mean this place is awesome it just goes,on and on and on,and that's pretty much it it's so simple,alright so now we're gonna sign up for,an account I mean it's just like any,online so let's show you how it's done,just go right up here to the top and hit,sign up or if you already limbo hit,login but we're gonna hit sign up right,you want to enter your email continue,you gonna make a password for this bad,boy I am NOT a robot I am a man okay,create an account and that's some of the,policies of course I accept damn nope,now what is your store name okay so,we're just gonna call uh store the UH,call it see sure help disk store why the,hell not alright so now you're gonna add,in your address okay let's go saved,successfully that's how easy it is now,boom let's start easy was that,so let's go in and let's create a,product let's make a t-shirt alright so,we're in the back end of prenta file and,this is the catalog page alright and,what we're gonna do is we're gonna make,a t-shirt but I just want to go through,a couple of things to give you an,overview first alright we're gonna take,a t-shirt and we're gonna put it here on,my Shopify store this is a Shopify theme,available a t-shirt hope this calm,awesome thing these are our t-shirts,here and I'm gonna add a t-shirt it's,gonna come right here okay so this thing,was available at t-shirt helpdesk calm,awesome Shopify theme and this is the,Shopify platform now I'm showing you all,these things because there's a few,tricky little things that you have to,keep in mind when doing this okay,so let's get back and let's make our,product so I'm actually gonna make a,women's product so I'm gonna go down,here to women's clothing and of course,I'm gonna choose the Bella canvas,so right now we have a woman's favorite,tea and you can go down here you can,choose this is a great thing you can,choose which provider you're gonna go,with they have one in Florida Michigan,and one here in the UK and told you,about that before so you can go by,production time you can go by geographic,location okay they have one here in the,UK because whatever you want to do right,now I'm just gonna go with Florida all,right there we go and you have your,color and you have your artwork the,first thing that I'm gonna do is I'm,gonna post our artwork so we're gonna go,right here,add your design that's him off work,already here but we're gonna do a new,upload choose file and you go in and you,add your artwork,alright so I added the love peace and,hair grease so I'm gonna select that and,bam look at that and a great thing about,this you can go right here you can go up,and down and choose how big you want,your artwork I'm just gonna move this,one up I want it a little bit higher,okay now we're gonna go in we're gonna,go up right here we're gonna add our,colors there's a lot of colors in that,so I'm only gonna do black and white,alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm,gonna go right here and click and get,rid of everything okay and now I'm gonna,go and I'm gonna choose I'm gonna click,on white and I'm gonna click on black,because that's all I want I don't want,any of the other stuff okay,and it comes in these colors but if I,didn't want one of these sizes I can,click and say you know I don't want to X,or I don't want small but all these are,fine safe and like that we're gonna save,and continue,look at that we have our shirt all right,looking beautiful and I'm going to,continue again and we're just gonna call,this one love peace and hair grease tea,and right here is your description it's,already done for you but if you wanted,to go in and change and add some stuff,you can go right ahead so we're just,gonna leave that and press continue and,right here is where the money is made,okay so you can go right in here and you,can add the price now you're gonna see,right here that this is your costs that,you're gonna pay and this right here is,the cost that you're gonna charge and,any difference is your profit so if we,go right here we're gonna put $24.99 o99,okay and you see a profit right there,ten bucks,alright so I'm just going to copy that,put that in for all the sizes and there,you go continue okay we just did the,pricing before we connect the store,let's get into how you actually collect,money all right now after all of that is,done you need a way to collect your,money so let me show you how to set up,the payment system all right so you,simply go up to the green round little,button up here it's gonna be whatever,initials you put in and then you're,gonna click on that and it's gonna give,you a drop-down and you simply want to,go to payment all right and right here,is you can do a couple of ways you can,use a credit card just go in add your,credit card information and you're all,set,or you can uh your PayPal and you go,right here and you enter an amount one,hundred two hundred three hundred and,you transfer that money in so that any,time you make a sale it'll take from,that balance so how it works is this,whenever you make a sale they take it,out of your balance from PayPal or they,charge your credit card $10 $12 whatever,it is it costs you sell it on your,platform Shopify at sea will commerce,right when you make the sale print if I,gets paid and then you get paid your,profit it's as simple as that,alright now back to where we were or I,just wanted to show you guys the money,part so back to where we were we created,our products that up here in the store,that's where all your products are,stored and now we are going to connect,our store to Shopify okay alright guys,we are about to connect this store all,right I want you to pay very close,attention and watch the steps,okay just pay close attention because,this could be a little confusing because,there's different stores being made but,if you just do it right you're gonna go,straight to your store and everything's,gonna be good so let's get into it so,we're gonna click on connect store and,of course we're gonna click Shopify all,right we're gonna go right here and this,is my store right here and I'm gonna,copy the whole URL but I'm gonna paste,it but you don't need all of this right,here all you need is this ok so that,first part the HTTPS and the semi colon,backslash you don't need that so we're,gonna click continue now you can see at,the top it says you are about to install,the printer fire app and you can see,right here that the store is called,t-shir help this store which is the name,of the Shopify store but the print if I,store is just T sure helpdesk but you're,gonna see everything isn't gonna correct,itself so let's get this app installed,ok so now you can see that once you go,through your store is here ok and if you,go right here and you're in Shopify and,you go ahead in my store you can see,that this product is here alright so now,what you want to go to do is you want to,hit publish all right so now that love,peace and hair grease that is has been,created so let's go over here to our,products so let's click on products and,you can see the love peace and hair,grease that's actually right here ok but,with the with the but the difference is,it doesn't have a let's click on it,both of these are here but it doesn't,have a thumbnail so we're just gonna add,a thumbnail real quick so we're gonna,click on add images we have old girl,right here it's a great little thumbnail,gonna choose and there she is but what,we're gonna do is right now this is the,main thumbnail we're gonna take her,we're going to move,right over here nice okay there's one,more thing you need to do is that and if,you know anything about Shopify is you,want to add this to the collection so,the collection is going to be on home,page so that means that now you're gonna,see these you're gonna see this one on,the home page so save now let's click on,online store now let's click customize,don't go down and you can see that she,is there she's right there where she,ought to be okay,we've and just like that you have added,a style that you're selling right here,on Shopify so let's go to that front,page and you see it's not there and,there she goes you you are now selling a,t-shirt and it is as simple as that and,there you have it,prettify and Shopify counting the,lobbies together now you know you in,trouble anyway my overall take on it is,that it's a really great service I mean,the fact that this print-on-demand thing,is catching on and these guys have,really I think they have taken it to a,whole nother level the fact that they,have the different providers in,different parts of the United States and,in the UK just takes it to a whole,nother level it's like the uber of the,print-on-demand,industry alright you know you're not,dealing with a place that stuck in one,spot you understand what I'm saying,so I think that's great I will say the,only drawback or con would be the,integration if you just go straight,through Shopify it's really smooth but,if you already have an account and let's,just say your own WooCommerce Etsy and,now you want to switch over to Shopify,it can be a little tricky and also I,think that they need to have it so that,when you start a when you're in Shopify,and you add the printer fire app it,automatically makes an account for you,using your Shopify information I think,that that's great if they're coming from,scratch but if they are,having an account it could cause some,confusion so I think it just should be,an option just like anything log in or,sign up that would just alleviate any of,the problems also and I know that this,is going to come with time is that when,they do start to expand it would be,great if they had some providers on the,East Coast and the south and the Midwest,and some more parts of Europe New,Zealand South Africa Australia but I,know all of that's coming in time I know,I'm being a little bit greedy right now,but it's a great service I strongly,suggest that you go down to the link in,the description box and check them out,and also go up to the card and subscribe,to the printer 5 channel they have a,channel right here on YouTube and if you,think this video was something they just,give so much really phenomenal,information about the company,you guys who are getting into the,t-shirt industry oh I don't know I don't,know this is the perfect place to start,because it really costs you virtually,nothing and you can get so much,knowledge is so much know-how of the,t-shirt industry what a very very low if,not I mean no startup costs alright so,get into the t-shirt industry right now,all right printer fly ok and it's always,guys do something good with somebody if,you don't have anyone to do something,good for do something good for yourself,know what I'm going to do right I'm,gonna put some butter on these shoes and,slide on out the dough until next time,peace and God bless and of course cheers,to your t-shirts I'm a holla peace

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