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How To Add Favicon On Shopify in this video i'm going to show you how,to add a favicon to shopify an


Updated on Feb 27,2023

How To Add Favicon On Shopify

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How To Add Favicon On Shopify

in this video i'm going to show you how,to add a favicon to shopify and it's,pretty easy to do once you know how so,let's get started,okay so by favicon i mean the small icon,that will appear up here on the tab of,your store and you can see that i,currently have the default world favicon,that it gives you and most people put,their company logos here something that,relates to your store or the web page to,brand their store even more this also,helps the customers remember when,they're on your store when on a,different tab and as a good example of,this,as you can see shopify have their logo,as their favicon for their website here,so to do this,first things first go to your shopify,admin dashboard just like this,and then click on online store under,sales channels on the left side of your,screen,just here,from here make sure that you have themes,selected just underneath online store,and click on customize just here,now on the left sidebar here go down to,the bottom and click on the theme,settings,and then come over to the right side of,your screen and click on favicon near,the bottom of this list just here now,you can see the option to add a favicon,image comes up and you need to take note,that your image will be scaled down to,32 by 32 pixels,so just make sure that the image you add,is a perfect square for the best results,and to make sure that there's no,distortion so click select image and,then you can either choose an image from,your library or upload one from your,computer files now you can see that i,have one in my library just here but if,i wanted to upload that same image all,you have to do is click on upload find,the image,click on it,and then click open then click on the,image and make sure that it has a tick,on it like this,and then go down and click select down,here,now you can see we have the option to,edit alt text and if you click on this,it explains what alt text is,and to put it briefly it's for seo,so you could put in here a brief,description of your logo or business,you don't have to do this but if you do,remember to click save at the bottom,right once you've done this it's,important to remember to go to the top,right of your screen and click on save,to save these changes,now if we go back to our shopify store,and update it,you can see that the favicon uploaded is,now there,so that's how to add a favicon on,shopify if this video helps you out,please leave a like and consider,subscribing for more useful tutorials,like this one and if you have any,questions leave them in the comments,below and i'm sure i can help you out,anyway take care bye

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