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How to add Back in Stock Alerts In Shopify hey everyone this is jess from,non-techie entrepreneur,if

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to add Back in Stock Alerts In Shopify

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How to add Back in Stock Alerts In Shopify

hey everyone this is jess from,non-techie entrepreneur,if this is your first time visiting my,channel thank you for watching,if you are looking for other resources,on the shopify platform please subscribe,and check out the mastering shopify,playlist,in this video we will be going over how,to create back in stock alerts in,shopify this is great to have for,customers when you sell out of products,pretty quickly or you have seasonal,products,and you want to make sure that you don't,lose your customers just because of an,out of stock,product,so creating a back in stock alert gets,your,email and product back in the face of,the customer so that they can come,and purchase once the product is back in,stock without losing them,so to do this we will need to go to the,shopify app store and get the back in,stock alert,app,so to do this we will go to apps,and,shop for apps,this will open up the shopify,app store where we will be able to,search,product alerts,for this we will be using the booster,back in stock alerts app,so we will open it up and,initially we see that this is a free app,we're able to see,the reviews and,we're going to click add app this will,add this app to our shopify store,click install app,and you will be brought into,the booster apps,dashboard,from here gives you a couple of,information,about,their free platform,and you're able to click start to start,the 6d seconds,install,so we'll click start,and go through,here you can update,the information for,the back and stock notification now this,is for,browser notifications which you can,preview,you can update the text here in the,description that you will shown to your,customers,then we will click preview and continue,then we will click continue,from here,you're able to set up the widget that,will live on your out of stock products,so you can turn the back in stock button,on,update the information here and brand it,to,the colors of your store,you can also change the color of the,text and once you have that set how you,would like,then you are able to,hit save and finish,this will finish the setup,and it will be added to your out of,stock products,so once it's done it will bring you back,to the dashboard of the booster apps,here we see you are now preventing lost,sales does everything look good so if,you have out of stock products and you,can go and,review,your products and if everything looks,good we click yes and we will now be,redirected to the dashboard,now back on the dashboard you're able to,see how many people have subscribed to,your back and stock notifications how,many messages were sent,they have a getting started video that,goes over the install of,your,app,you're able also able to go to reports,and review how many sales you were able,to recover,on the left hand side here you have your,main navigation,where you can always come back to your,dashboard,and,there's a product section,that will list,the products that you have that are out,of stock,and will,track those subscribe products,that your customers would like to be,updated with,and under settings you are able to,update your widget,your store information,under settings you're able to make,changes to,your back in stock button the subscribe,form,add in your delivery policies and,your push notifications,so this will be the form that your,customers use to get,notified,of out of stock products in delivery,policies,will say for how many,with delivery policies you're able to,turn on the notifications and the,minimum amount of inventory so as long,as you put,more than,one product for that stock it will send,a notification,then you have your settings for your,push notification and you can send,notifications to your,self to view how it would look,you have your support section with your,help center and you're able to see,set up video of your store,so that is how to add back in stock,alerts using the booster app in shopify

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