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Never Miss A Sale With Shopify RESTOCK Alerts [TUTORIAL] hello everyone christian here today,we're g


Updated on Jan 11,2023

Never Miss A Sale With Shopify RESTOCK Alerts [TUTORIAL]

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Never Miss A Sale With Shopify RESTOCK Alerts [TUTORIAL]

hello everyone christian here today,we're going to go over why restock,alerts are so powerful how they work in,our recommended apps to set it up let's,get started,everyone runs into inventory problems,from time to time and shopify owners are,no strangers to these running out of,products and failing to get rid of those,out of stock products can hurt your,business customers want to see the,products they want available and if not,offer them some alternatives the,solution is backing stock notifications,or restock notifications so why should,you use restock notification so on,shopify unfortunately out of stock,products are not automatically hidden so,customers who stumble on those products,they may love it and realize it's not,available it will just be incredibly,frustrating for them and potentially,they could even leave your site because,maybe it happens more than once right,trust me i've been there by using back,in stock email or push notifications you,can actually capture that lost revenue,for people leaving your store because,they're getting frustrated right so with,restock alerts visitors or customers,they will realize that actually this,product will be back available sometime,soon so word of caution is do not use,any restock alert or anything like that,if you're not planning on getting more,inventory so that would be the only copy,out here don't just install this will in,italy and,pretend that yeah because again it's,just gonna frustrate your customer even,more um that's gonna be just bad for the,whole experience um i've actually been,trying to get these uh shorts from,target for the longest time i signed up,probably a year ago for restock,notifications just like this obviously,on the target website so it works a,little bit different,i'm still waiting,before we're moving on i just want to,say being meninos my name is christian,pinana one of the co-founders here at,bed brandy we're an e-commerce growth,agency that specializes in helping,clothing stores grow and scale,profitably online we drop new videos,every week so make sure that you hit,that subscribe button turn on,notifications so you don't miss out so,having restock notifications actually,benefit you in multiple ways,one you actually get increased traffic,in sales obviously because you're,notified notifying and emailing and,sometimes sending sms messages to your,customers and visitors when a new,product is being brought back so they,get like hey we got your product come,back and purchase it so you can actually,also build a relationship with a,customer,it makes them feel,important right,you're actually messaging me whenever,something's available,it just takes it to an extra level of,care,for them so it just creates a,psychological connection with them,another great thing is that it's all,automated and just easy to use as you'll,see here in a little bit we're going to,jump in and i'm going to show you how to,install one of the apps i'm gonna,recommend a few of them but it's super,easy to to set up you set it up once and,that's it it automatically sends those,emails to your customers if you're,liking this video so far please consider,clicking on that like button okay so,let's go over some of the recommended,apps um this is what you guys came here,for uh these are absolutely recommend,based on uh the back in stock,notifications so there's a lot of them,out there that have other features sort,of built into them,we're just trying to focus on just that,this back in the stock modification,feature uh and then disclaimer also none,of these apps are sponsoring or anything,like that um so first off number one,it's gonna be restock by hen game um,good thing about this one has really,good reviews and,it integrates with clavio and your,contact list which is really good if,you're using clavio which a lot of you,are,and then it's also super simple i,believe it's just kind of like a one,click and you're it's installed in your,store already um it has insightful,reports you can import export uh your,email list which is very important for,the future and they do offer a sort of,light plan so if you,test this for more than just a typical,you know seven day free trial,you can just follow it fall under that,light plan if you're just starting out,and you may not get a lot of these then,they also give you 10 notifications per,month so again might be something to,look into whenever it has those you know,those 10 notifications what you really,want to look for here in some of these,apps um all the ones that we're talking,about today are are great,but it's it's the the feature set that,they have and if it's actually going to,work with some of the other apps that,you have installed in your store and,with your future plans right that you,have we have with your store you may,want something that's a little bit more,robust or something more stripped down,right which we're going to talk about,here in a second um the next one is,probably one of the longest running,backing stock apps that i found here on,the app store it has probably the most,reviews,out of all the back in stock or restock,alerts again super simple easy setup,something a little bit different from,this one is they actually offer the sms,or text message alerts as well as the,email ones um again all automated um,it's pretty easy to customize just like,the other one this one integrates with a,few more,male software so mailchimp clavio,constant contact campaign monitor so it,has a few more,in there,and then they also do have a free plan,they do have an extended 14-day free,trial on this one,so if you want to test the full feature,set for a little bit longer you can with,this,now the free plan um is very very,limited it only has five email,notifications uh per month um,and then yeah you get the reports the,analytics and all that kind of stuff and,then the last one is called back in,stock by seal apps,this one just caught my attention it,seems like it's pretty new,but it's completely free,but it's also,super simple so they just send that one,notification,you have the ability to customize it a,little bit,and the other thing that caught my,attention was that they support the,theme 2.0 so you can kind of move that,button wherever you want which we're,going to talk about here in a second i,want to show you how to add this app and,like i said the pricing is just,completely free,right now so i think that their sort of,strategy is to get people to install the,app,and have it free for now and once they,start adding maybe more features to the,app then they'll sort they'll start,tearing up uh the pricing,on that so just word of caution right if,you're thinking that this is gonna be,free forever it may not be just because,they're just starting out they're trying,to get some people in to install the app,and use it but i've used it and it's,super simple easy to use and it works,just as well as the other ones so now,more than ever you need to be able to,see your blind spots in your business,and your opportunities we found a,software called triple well you can see,the link below that will literally put,all the data points you need to know,about your business into one place so,that every single day you can see where,your gross profit net profit your,opportunities are to continue to grow,your clothing store check it out in the,description below,all right so let's install the this last,one that we talked about the back in,stock by seal apps um i'm very excited,to show you this because it's just super,simple all right so we're going to go to,apps we're going to customize your store,and search for,back in stock,then in here i want to look for the,company so seal apps it's gonna be this,one,okay so after you install your app all,you have to do is step one which is,activate a button you push that that's,it,and then they do have a quick tutorial,on the shopify 2.0 theme which i highly,recommend that you,install with your store,or upgrade right if you have a previous,theme that they might have upgraded to,the 2.0 make sure that you do that and,then i just want to show you real quick,in here uh they have to get started,which just gives you the steps which it,was just activate the button uh they do,have a dashboard so you will see in here,their requests for people and what,actually they're clicking on so you,actually get a better idea on what,products are actually wanting more of,you get statistics you also get,unchecked emails people who haven't,opened them,the email template so right within here,we can change this,to totally,90s kids,you can change the color on that we can,also add our store logo,change the color of the button make it,bigger make it smaller,what it actually says and then the,actual content of the email as well so,this one just is very generic hey there,we want to let you know that your,product just came back in stock,and it actually shows them the,uh the product title pricing the image,of the product and the buy now button,that will take them directly back to,your store once they click,so that's pretty simple,the email template,and then as far as settings just a,couple of things that you can customize,so the style of the button pop-up,and then visibility and email settings,pretty pretty cool,okay so now let's go to our online store,and see where,this button will actually fall under,we're actually gonna go in here if you,guys remember from one of our previous,videos where we were working on shibbies,so on this one let's go to the product,page,and then default product,we're using here the new dawn theme with,the os 2.0,and so as we can see,technically it's already added but,let me,let me remove it so you can see the,process of that so,when you go here the first time you're,not going to see the button,being added automatically what you want,to do is add block and then in here,depending on the apps that you have this,will show you,those options so right now because we,have that back in stock email,notification app,we have it as a block available to add,into this page so we can click on it and,then this is where you actually get to,customize it a little bit and,you can tell shopify where you want this,button show up typically it's going to,be right next to the,buy now button or where that would,typically be at so that you can see this,sold out and then you can click on the,email me when available so i'm gonna,click save on that,and then let's see if we can do a little,preview of that,click on shop,so as you can see this product right,here is sold out,but i can click on it,i can still see all the information the,sizes that you offer,but then it says sold out so i can't,really do anything with that but with,that new email me when available i can,actually select the the size that i want,i'll input my email address and then,i'll just click that button and that,will notify me when that product is back,in stock,okay so that's how you add the back in,stock notifications to your product page,if you're still interested in improving,your product page even further then i,would highly suggest to check out this,video on how to use seo on your product,page and more specifically the meta,descriptions so now you're done with,this video go check out that video right,now,see on the next one

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