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Customizing Your Shopify Store | Best Homepage Setup To Get Sales all right so let's make our store

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Customizing Your Shopify Store | Best Homepage Setup To Get Sales

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Customizing Your Shopify Store | Best Homepage Setup To Get Sales

all right so let's make our store look,nice so if you click on this little,eyeball here right next to online store,it will show you what your store looks,like right now,now we haven't done anything to it so it,looks pretty basic there's nothing going,on here but we're just gonna go ahead,and hit edit homepage here you can also,get to this page by the way by clicking,into online store and right here,clicking customize that'll bring you to,the same page the customize will show,you on the right side here this is what,your store looks like and this is what,each category is in your store what it,looks like right now this is how we edit,it so it's very simple up here you can,also see what your store looks like for,mobile devices like this which is,actually very important because you'll,find that 70 to 80 percent of your,website's traffic will be coming from a,mobile device so it's really important,that your store looks good on mobile as,well this is your standard computer and,you could do this one just to make it,the full widescreen so let's go back to,this and let's start editing here on the,left hand side here we have these,sections right at the top we have the,header this is this section here and if,we click into it this is how we'll edit,this section same thing for all the,other sections this is how we edit each,section we'll just click on that section,and it'll bring up various options for,that section and we can edit it now it's,important to note too that what we're,using is the standard Shopify theme,there are many themes you can choose,from with Shopify this is the basic,debut theme but if you go back you can,actually there's a theme store so you go,to online stores and themes and you can,actually explore the free themes or you,could go to the Shopify theme store and,download new themes,so the free themes some of these are,very popular you can see debut this is,the one we're using this kind of what it,looks like if you want to change the,look of your store you can mess around,with any of these other themes you can,see they look a little bit different,some are more modern and stuff I'm just,gonna use the standard debut theme not,necessarily because it looks the best,but in my opinion many almost every,add-on out there,works with debut theme and it also seems,to have the most options at least for me,there's a lot of these other things that,sometimes you can't change things so I'm,gonna use the debut theme let's go back,to customize here we have all these,different sections I am actually gonna,delete all these sections that come with,the store so if you just click into the,section scroll down to the bottom and,hit remove section you can delete all of,these so let's start from a blank canvas,here and delete every section that they,have here by default so this is a blank,canvas all we have is our header and,footer this is our footer you can see in,the footer we have the policies that we,made and the header has nothing going on,so we're gonna start by adding a section,let's add a section and we're gonna do,image with text overlay and then hit add,this is just gonna have a big image and,some text and an overlay it's just gonna,be really simple so you can upload any,image you want on here but we're gonna,do Explorer free images and since we're,doing like a bikini bathing suit type,thing we're gonna go like tropical so,let me type in tropical and see what,comes up so these are pretty,nice-looking let's go to beach let's,type in beach so these are all free to,use we can use any one of these images,let's load more let's find a good one,here okay we don't sell that bikini but,let's just use it as an example so we're,gonna hit select a mistake that I see a,lot of stores make is they put some sort,of cool wording here something that,sounds really nice but it has really,nothing to do,with what they sell marketing tip for,you since this is the first thing that,your customers are gonna see in your,store within the first 5 seconds or even,two seconds they need to know what you,sell how it helps them and how they can,buy one those are the three things you,need to keep in mind right when they,visit their store that's what they need,to know keeping that in mind we're gonna,make the heading something that sounds,good is very catchy but is also lets,people know what you're selling and how,it helps them so we're gonna address the,problem its solving as well as what,we're selling they should know this from,this one little sentence very short,sentence so let's say swimsuits that,look and feel good okay very simple they,come to our page they know what we're,about and in the text the sub headline,here this is where you put the little,cool little saying but it still has to,reflect what your brand is and why it,exists and what problem it's solving so,maybe something like we believe,swimsuits should not only look good,let's see how about not only make you,look good but also feel good they're,very simple maybe it doesn't need a,period spell believe wrong and systems,subheading I'm gonna just make these all,capitals now when someone visits a site,this is the first thing they're gonna,see they're gonna see this girl in a,swimsuit and they will know right away,in the first three or four seconds of,seeing this page seeing that we sell,swimsuits and our goal is to sell,swimsuits that feel good as well as look,good the last thing we need to address,for the customer is how they can get one,right away first five seconds they know,what we sell what problem we're solving,and how they can buy one there is no how,they can buy one here so we're gonna add,a button link down here and what I,usually do is just all-caps shop now I,do one of these little things and right,now I'll just link it to the collection,we made bikinis that's it,you

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