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Shopify retargeting without ads using Web Push Notifications with Pushowl did you know that the typi

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Shopify retargeting without ads using Web Push Notifications with Pushowl

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Shopify retargeting without ads using Web Push Notifications with Pushowl

did you know that the typical conversion,rate for an e-commerce website is 2.86,which means if a hundred people visit,your website today only three people end,up buying which is great but what about,the 97 people that left without,purchasing a product is there a way,where you can retarget them,i discovered web push notification when,i used my phone in order to access and,search for products on the ikea website,in the uae,without me providing them my email,without me providing them my phone,number they started sending me push,notifications on my phone which i,thought was brilliant in today's video,we're going to be talking about web push,notifications and how they can help you,promote your products to your website,visitors today's video is specifically,for anyone that is selling on their own,website such as shopify for example and,doesn't function,this video is basically not for you if,you are only an amazon seller however,over 1 million people currently use,shopify only shopify in order to sell,their products online so if you are an,amazon seller this could be your very,next step let's get started,welcome to power your ecommerce business,the go-to series for busy entrepreneurs,like you,product research sales marketing,branding shipping and logistics we share,knowledge and information every week,from top experts serving the mena region,to help you power your ecommerce,business,so it's actually as you know a lot of,people focus,on sales how can i improve my sales of,course that's why we're in the business,of e-commerce however there's a a huge,missed opportunity people that visited,the visit the website and end up not,purchasing or worse yet people who add,the product to cart and end up not,buying it,so today we're going to be talking about,what you can do in order to basically,convert more customers that end up,visiting your page and we're going to be,talking about push owl and you're going,to give us all of the information so,first and foremost welcome and thank you,so much for coming on the channel,yeah thanks for having me uh christian,thank you sashi before we get started,and we give a lot of tips because we've,prepared a lot of interesting uh,information push owl is trusted by over,25 000 different businesses online i'm,not uh you know i'm amazed by the fact,that it's such a simple,solution yet so much overlooked so we're,going to be talking about that but we're,going to be talking about why you guys,created what you did and the the idea,behind posh hour so before we dive into,it can you just give us a quick um,introduction yeah for sure so um hi,everyone i'm sachi i handle partnerships,at pushow,and uh we basically launched pushal in,2015 when web push notifications was a,new channel and i think it still is,a lot of people think about hey what,really is web push notification how it,helps us um you know how it fits into my,marketing with email and i'm already,doing email sms and social media and,whatsapp why do i need another channel,now with web push notification right so,uh you know through this whole um,seminar we're gonna go through why web,push notifications is critical and like,what problem really is it solving on,focusing on you know visitors who are,coming to your website and what are the,different things that you can do uh when,you don't really have their information,right,and you've already,put in so much cost to get these,visitors to your website you don't want,to have like or put more money into now,um you know retaining these visitors,who've come to your website,i i told you it's a very simple it's a,very simple solution,yet um it's something that's very much,overlooked because there's so many,things to think about when you're in,your seller,let's just jump straight into it,so i'm gonna uh take you guys through,what web push notification,is one and then what are the different,things that you can be doing with web,push notification we're not gonna go a,lot into details uh but i'll brush up on,uh the features and also a little bit,about you know when you have so many,things to do,what are the things that you can just,basically do at like and put in one hour,a month into setting it up and just,leave it you know and it's not like,something that you need to keep putting,time into,so let's start with,what web push notifications are,web push notifications are similar to,mobile push notification in the sense,that they're short crisp messages that,appear on the device screens,the difference between web push,notification and mobile push,notification is that you don't need to,have an app,to send these communications to a,customer right when they come to your,store they see this pop-up saying hey do,you want to allow notifications and once,they click on allow they become your,subscribers so they don't need to give,you their names their email ids their,phone numbers for you to start targeting,them through web push notification,and like correctly we spoke about,uh in abandon card recovery uh you have,a lot of people who come to your website,and put a bunch of things in the cart,but never end up checking out right,and uh,you don't have their information so you,how are you supposed to reach them on,whatsapp email sms or other channels,right now you have social media for that,but with the rising app costs and,privacy concerns and you know a lot,going on in that space you want to have,something as like an alternative to,reach out to these customers so web push,notification makes the most sense uh,there,um,one thing to note is that uh web push,notification works on all devices like,your mac windows laptops android phones,it's still not supported on ios devices,but we're hoping that in this year that,is going to change with the ios updates,that apple has come out with this time,so sashi just to make it very clear when,we're talking about web uh web push,notifications you're actually getting a,notification out to uh to a visitor,without them giving you any of their,information like they have not provided,you their phone number their email,nothing so that's how mind-blowing it is,for me,exactly exactly,three ways to be part of the amazon,sellers society you can first of all,join our inner circle to learn exactly,how amazon works and to follow our,step-by-step courses,if you want to be a part of our done for,you service where our expert team sets,up your very own store on amazon and,also provides you with the best products,in order to sell then you can also join,the done for you service program right,here on the website and last but not,least for sure if you are currently,selling on amazon and you need a tool,that can help you increase your sales,while decreasing your ppc ad spend,then you need to join sellers society,sellers society also works on shopify,let's continue,so uh let's look at like from your from,the merchant related standpoint and from,the customer related standpoint on why a,web push notification is crucial so it's,instant communication it takes two,minutes to set up a campaign uh you know,unlike an email uh which is like you,know you have to go through a newsletter,you have to design things you have to,put a bunch of things yeah you can just,basically copy like two texts hey sale,is going on right now buy it and that's,it like that it's that quick um we've,already spoken about how it turns uh,traffic into subscribers and how it,helps in reducing abandoned cars but,another thing to notice is that it's an,unregulated marketing channel that means,you don't have to avoid any spam filters,such as you know your emails uh you have,to like look at what your text line is,what your title is you know that it,doesn't uh go into your spam box your,email is not marked as spam or whatever,it might be with web push notification,you don't have to really care about any,of those things,uh for customers of course they don't,have to give you their personal,information and this is like a win-win,for everybody right i know that i,subscribe to a lot of things and even,when i'm clicking on unsubscribe on,emails i still keep getting emails from,the company,so this way you know uh sometimes the,two kinds of customers right one are the,loyal ones who want to like know things,about your brand instantly on their,device screens and the other ones are,newer customers who might want to know,about what your brand is all about and,stuff like that but still are not like,one still don't want to give you their,personal information,another stat to notice is that 90 of the,shoppers who opt into web push are,anonymous that means that they're not,subscribed to any other channel of,marketing so if you're thinking that hey,i already have email and sms and,whatsapp but you really don't because,these are the ones who've actually not,subscribed to any of these channels,um interesting that's very interesting,yeah plus it's crisp and easy to consume,right they're like these small texts,that come up it's like a text from a,friend so you're like receiving a text,from a friend uh or a brand you know,so these are like some of the reasons,why you should be looking at web push,notification as another add-on channel,to your already all the existing,marketing channels um now let's look at,what are the three things i'm just gonna,brush over three main things that you,can do with web push notification,um,one is campaigns uh of course because uh,these are the campaigns that you can,send when there are events festivals you,have a sale going on you have offers you,have a new collection new product launch,anything right anything that you want,your customers to know you have to like,just put in a brief text and sort of,send it out uh like you know you can see,here we've seen that and uh the web push,notifications have an average of 3.68,cdr compared to emails which stands at,around 2.91,um and plus these are like coming right,at the screen right so even if people,are not clicking on it it's more of a,brand recall that hey,um you know disney uh texted me or,forever 21 has a sale going on or,something like that,um then let's look at like what are the,different kinds of campaigns so these,like on the screen are the different,kinds of campaigns that actual brands,have sent out uh during uh you know,black friday cyber monday you have you,know uh a lot of events now coming up,with halloween and yes uh thank giving,and christmas and so on and so forth,um we've seen uh with culture kings,which is a brand uh from australia and,the us and we've seen that they've got a,four figure roi with push out uh they've,got around three point one percent,average ctr is what they see and then,they this year eight point three percent,increase in the average order value so,if they're getting hundred dollars from,like a normal marketing campaign they,get about 108 uh dollars through uh you,know a campaign on web bush,uh now let's see at you know when ads,are too expensive to recover abandoned,cards right and how so this is one of,the things that uh you can sort of set,up on autopilot once you install push,out you can just have this on and it,runs in the background you don't have to,do anything you know it's just like a,money making automation that's right,there for you,um and they're basically a series of,three notifications that are sent out at,a pre determined time from when the,person has abandoned their cards,and what really you can do here when you,think about hey i'm already doing emails,and sms now why am i again doing a web,push with this as well i don't want to,spam my customers what if they get,annoyed so the two things first to,notice that of course 90 of the people,like we saw don't actually subscribe to,any other channel of marketing correct,and the second is,these are warm leads for you right so,now think about it uh if you're sending,an email out at 20 minutes to us,one day you can send a web push out at,30 minutes,four hours two days you know like,compliment it with emails,or your sms tactics or strategies uh,just so that you're sort of hitting them,from everywhere that you can correct not,a lot of times people are gonna open,them emails not a lot of times they're,gonna open their email box or you know,anything like that right so you want to,make sure that these people are like,buying since they've already shown,interest by putting products in the cart,and you're like sort of hitting them,from an omni channel approach yeah,and uh then the third thing is you know,when um you have sent campaigns or say,you don't have time to send campaigns,and you have your card recovery on but,what do you do about the ones who don't,leave things in their cart right,there we have a series of three uh,notifications which are called browse,abandonment which are basically launched,when a person is putting some not,putting anything in their carts or,making a purchase just viewing a product,right so this is more of a retargeting,activity you know you have like retarget,ads going on on instagram and on,facebook and stuff like that right,which again is so expensive in today's,day here you just have these automations,going on like hey you like this product,why don't you come check out some more,products so it's more of like getting,them back to the website to check out,more products uh give them a customized,notification which is you know suiting,to what they wanted and then um sort of,eventually make a sale,um yeah and then uh there is just a,little bit about segmentation that you,should be doing with your emails sms and,web push notification,in terms of like you know you have,unique segments you have so many,different festivals in the middle east,in you know australia in the us you know,you don't want to be,doing a pan subscriber approach right,you want to be healing people where uh,you know,it's it's more relevant so you know when,it comes to the middle east you want to,look at like you know what are the,different uh you know um look,legendaries or yeah all it is exactly,exactly so and then you know be doing,those campaigns in those ways right um,so yeah so you always sort of do,segmentation and uh,with all of your marketing channels just,not with web push yeah,and uh yeah and then just wanted to sort,of brush through the industry benchmarks,that people see,so when you have uh the opt-in rate,stands around 2.7 with a range of 2.3 to,5,which means that if you have 100,visitors on your website you will see,around three to five of them subscribing,to web push notifications,um so it's always better the more,visitors you have the more subscribers,you'll have and then you know eventually,more results from it uh the campaigns,like i said have around a 3.68 ctr uh,and abandoned cart recovery which is,like our main feature which you know if,you don't want to do anything with web,push notification you should just,install push out have your card recovery,notification automation switched on and,that's it and then come back in like one,or two months and i'll guarantee that,you'll see results from it uh which i,love automation it's so good,exactly right because you don't have to,really do you do not have to put any,effort right just switch them on and,leave it and the ones who are,subscribing to it get these,notifications and then you know you can,see the magic for yourself,and with browse abandonment you see a a,ctr of about 5.79,so uh sashay for everyone that's,interested so uh push owl currently only,operates on shopify,yes yes uh shopify and become us,okay uh are you guys planning to go to,like woocommerce or somewhere else or,are you just thick you know you know,we're big shopify fans but are you,thinking of expanding somewhere else,yes so basically we are integrated with,sendinblue which is the marketing crm um,and sendinblue works with pan customers,from whichever uh you know,whichever platform it's platform,agnostic so basically if you wanted,like a channel for all kinds of products,with your email sms web push everything,in one then send in blue would be,somewhere where you could see web push,out of the shopify and big commerce,arena,perfect thank you sasha so much for your,time and for all the valuable,information,um people can learn a little bit more,about bushowl i'll just leave all of the,information in the description box of,the video but it's quite easy to find,you and your website so thank you so,much anything else you would like to say,no that's it thank you so much crystal,and if at any time anyone has any,queries and you're not even sure of like,installing push out you can always go to,the page and you know chat,with our support uh you know the three,amazing human beings behind it so it's,not like a bot who's going to be,answering your questions or whatever and,they love to talk about football netflix,and everything,you can just talk to them about that,thank you so much,yeah thank you so much you'll find a,specific code in the description box of,this video where you can use push owl,for two months for free,um make sure that you subscribe to the,channel don't forget to thumbs up this,video so that we can continue creating,videos just like this one just for you,i'll see you in another video with more,information bye

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