how to verify shopify domain on facebook

Shopify Domain Verification on Facebook hello and welcome my name is,you are watching tubemint,in th


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Shopify Domain Verification on Facebook

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how to verify shopify domain on facebook catalogs

Shopify Domain Verification on Facebook

hello and welcome my name is,you are watching tubemint,in this video i'm going to show you how,you can verify your shopify domain name,on,facebook business settings,so let's get started so simply go ahead,and take the domain name that you want,to add to facebook or verify on facebook,then you simply go to,business settings so click on here,and then go to business settings,and then simply scroll down so you'll,see something like this,go to brand safety,and click on domains,you can see i already have one domain,that is,verified,to add a new domain you simply click on,add,and,enter the domain name this is just for,demo demo purpose,you should enter your actual domain name,of shopify store,and you do not need to add http or https,you simply have to type in the domain,name,with extension and then click on add,you have to copy this,metadata remember you have got three,options,to verify your domain so either you can,take the meta tag,html file,or dns text record that you can put it,that you can put on your,domain name,as a record text record,so that's a long process i'm going to,simply follow this meta tag,which is html meta type you simply copy,this so as soon as you click on this it,will be copied to your clipboard,and that needs to be put in your head,section of the website or theme whatever,you are using,so it's been already copied i'll go to,shopify,and then go to edit code so go to online,store,and then from actions edit code,and we will just copy this and put in,the head section of the shopify,theme so depending on the theme that,you're using,you definitely should have this theme,dot liquid so go ahead and open this and,this is head section,that's opening and this is where it's,ending so in between this you have to,put that code,so,metadata,for,a facebook domain,verification so once it's there go ahead,and save it,remember it may take some time so you,definitely want to go ahead and view,your store first,so that,it starts,recognizing the changes in your head,section,so if i go ahead and open it you can see,you can see it says facebook domain,verification,so once it starts showing this you,simply go to facebook,and all you have to do click on verify,to main,and,this should be,it so your domain should be verified now,go ahead and click done,and this is where,it is so your domain name is verified,now you can go ahead and,do the other stuff,if you need any help,you can contact me thank you for,watching bye for now

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