how to use dsers with shopify

DSers Shopify Tutorial | How To Use DSers With Shopify teaser shopify tutorial hi guys welcome,back

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

DSers Shopify Tutorial | How To Use DSers With Shopify

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DSers Shopify Tutorial | How To Use DSers With Shopify

teaser shopify tutorial hi guys welcome,back to another video and in this video,i'm going to be telling you how you can,use these here on shopify and how you,can use it to drop ship items so let's,get started so over here what i want you,guys to do is just simply you know sign,into your shopify account or sign up,whatever it is that you want to do and,then we will continue,all right so once you've logged in this,is how it's going to look like right so,you're just simply going to use,this deezer app to add products right so,it's pretty simple your homepage is,going to look like this what you're,going to do is you're going to go into,apps over here and once you come over,here on apps you will see you have the,deezer,aliexpress drop shipping app right here,but if you don't have that what you can,do is click on find product options over,here and click on view more in,collection and over here you will see,the dc ali express drop shipping,application right here so just simply,click on the application right here and,then just simply click on a find app,over here you can just simply add this,application into your shopify account so,as you can see right now it's loading up,right here and then what you got to do,is just simply click on install app over,here and once it's installed this is how,it's going to look like so now you just,have to register yourself create an,account for you or register yourself so,let's go ahead and create an account for,us registry and then we are good to go,so then it's pretty simple now all we,need to do is just you know get started,so we're gonna choose the free plan for,now and get started so step number three,is to link your aliexpress okay so,simply click on aliexpress and now we,just simply sign in with our aliexpress,account and now we just simply agree to,their terms and services and just simply,click on authorize and now it is done,and we are good to go so let's start,importing products all right let's go,ahead and do that so it's pretty simple,we just they basically show you a small,little tutorial and you are good to go,so now what we're going to do is we're,just simply going to click on find,supplier,and over here this is aliexpress and,over here we have these all these,different products are from aliexpress,so all these products are from,aliexpress and we can go ahead and start,importing them so just simply choose the,product that you want all right let's,say we want to import this one so we'll,just hover our mouse over here and as,you can see it has the option right here,we have copy link import,or,you know,have the supplier optimization so if we,go over to import list that is one way,to do it but there is another way we,just have to import the aliexpress,product by url or search product over,here so let's go ahead and open up,aliexpress,so over here,um we are already logged in no but it,doesn't really matter okay we are logged,in so,now what we'll do is we'll actually go,ahead and start to,you know from import different products,so let's go with men's fashion over here,and uh we'll just choose,casual pants,and it should be over here here we go so,as you can see we have all these,different pads so let's say we want to,import this one right so we'll click on,the product we'll copy the product url,we'll go back to deezer and then we'll,just paste the product over here and,we'll just simply click on this button,push to shopify and we'll click on ok,and here we go so we have this product,now when we want to add this product,into our shopify account we just simply,click on push to shopify and then,continue selling when out of stock and,also publish online store as well,so,we're not gonna continue selling it once,it's out of stock so of course we can't,sell it because it's out of stock but,then we just simply click on push to,shopify and then it's gonna be added,into our shopify account as you can see,over here let's just wait for it to be,added and we'll and i'll show you okay i,believe it has been added let's go ahead,and check it out we'll go back to,products go back to our shopify,account and in products as you can see,we have it over here so now,you can go ahead and click on this,product and start editing it out like,you can choose which variants you want,to sell you can change the name you can,edit the prices the colors,all of that so as you can see this is,the description we'll leave it at that,as it is then we have the sizes we have,the variance over here you have the,prices as well,and the quantity in stock as well so,luxury straight business casual pants so,we'll just say,this is straight,we'll just get 2022 luxury out the way,and we'll say we'll also get this one as,well so this is a straight business or,casual i'm gonna add like ore,or casual men's pants all right this is,how it looks like then over here we can,change the pricing of it as well so,currently this was going over for 3 000,over here,including shipment,including shipment it should be around 5,000 so i'll just say 5 000.,5000 means it's going to be at least 50,dollars so don't worry about that i have,i'm sorry five thousand is gonna mean,it's gonna be at least um,twenty dollars or twenty five dollars i,believe and once you've added all of,your icings over here there's a lot of,variants the different sizes different,colors so you're gonna have to do this,tedious task for a little while there,isn't unfortunately any button for you,to change all the prices at once but you,know you can go ahead and do this,manually but it's going to take some,time but,as you can see didn't take a lot of time,but we are good to go now so then once,you have added the prices and all of,that actually there should be there we,go edit prices oh i could have oh my god,i could have done this and that could,have saved a lot of time so over here,you just enter in the price and just,simply click on apply to all and you,should be good to go,damn i should have done that but once,it's done that you are good to go then,you just simply click on save and now,you are good to go so as you can see,it's pretty simple guys,another cool thing about deezer is their,supplier optimizer what that basically,means that you can find the same product,by using aliexpress product link and,click here so if i click the link over,here let's say this product right this,was the product we'll just copy the link,we'll paste that over here and we'll,click on search,it's going to upload pictures of the,product supplier then we can download,the pictures as well and you can find,multiple you know,suppliers for the exact same products,and you can see which one is cheaper,which one it has better reviews which,one is much more better so as you can,see they're all casual pants and they,all have different prices over here,different shipping methods different,variants,and different ratings as well and,different sales numbers also we'll go,with the highest sale number so this is,the person that has the highest sale,number highest sale number over here,three dollars over here shipping 25 you,know dollars per product three dollars,per shipping and as you can see 105,15 products have been sold another thing,we can do is maybe we want to have like,another thing like we want to upload,something else let's go with these pants,i mean these pants looks pretty nice so,what we'll do is again copy the link go,back to deezer and i'm gonna post it,over here this is a pretty cool option,that they provide not a lot of people,provide this option the supplier,optimizer which helps you get the best,supplier out of them with the highest,rating and the highest sales and the,cheapest products right so over here,let's go with the sales number here we,go so this is the person right here,eighteen dollars and zero dollars for,shipping and 24 sales and 19 and has a,rating of 4.5,it doesn't have the highest ratings this,one has the highest rating but not a lot,of sales all right so actually these,also have the highest sales number as,well eight dollars as you can see,one dollar per shipping 509 units as in,sales and 4.5 so i think this is much,better so we could just copy the link,over there and then we just simply go to,the find supplier or we completely click,on import you know list and we paste the,link over there we click on ok we have,at the product right here and then we,just simply edit it out over here by,clicking on edit button we added the,prices let's go let's remove this one,and we'll say,and we'll just say you know these are,casual trouser pants because the name is,very unusual over here and then we can,add it to a collection a type we can add,tags we can select the vendors and we,have variants over here,description we have the images shipping,info and all of that and then we just,simply click on push to shopify and,click on save wait for it to be pushed,over here click on push to store wait,for it to be you know updated,successfully here we go,now if we go back to our store right,we'll click on product there we go we,have another product so as you can see,52 000 products in stock 53 000 over,here with 84 with 48 variants so as you,can see it actually works so,as you can see it's pretty simple and,nothing too complicated so that is it,for this video guys i hope you guys,enjoyed this video if you have any,questions let me know in the comment,section down below and i'll be sure to,answer them as soon as possible so,having said that i will catch you guys,the next video and until then take care,and goodbye

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