how to upload html verification file to shopify

Facebook Ads Domain Verification html File Upload hey it's james nicholson and in this,video we're g

James Nicholson

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Facebook Ads Domain Verification html File Upload

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how to upload html verification file to shopify catalogs

Facebook Ads Domain Verification html File Upload

hey it's james nicholson and in this,video we're going to look at facebook,ads domain verification,using an html file right so in the last,video,we looked at the dns verification and,ours is waiting at the moment it's,pending with our host,to get updated so we're going to look at,a faster option which is to use an,html file and so,you're going to go into settings,business settings so we're going to go,let's go back there start from the,beginning so you're going to go to the,cog,you're going to go business settings,over here you're going to go domains,and if you watch the last video you,should already have,the domain put in there if you didn't,you just put add and,just put the domain name without the www,dot,and then we've already got our domain in,there this time right so we're going to,go with the,html file download,and i'm going to click here and that's,going to download the file that i need,and so that's downloaded,now into my documents on my computer,so what we're going to look at here uh,is grabbing that document,i'm going to grab that document and,we're going to find it here,okay so it's put it into my stuff,here and then i am going,to just drag that,using ftp into my wordpress,right so i'm just going to click it in,here into the root,and i wouldn't ask you to do this if,you're not um a marketing person if you,don't know ftp,all you should do is take this file here,download it and give it to your web guy,right,or you can find someone on a website,like fiverr,or up work and get someone to just do,this so you just need to know what you,need to do,and what you need to do is download this,html file,and get it into uh the root,of your domain name right and there's,tons of people online doing this stuff,for you guys,uh so just spend five quid right and get,it done but at least you know what needs,to,do right so let's just try this uh it,should be there,cool great so i mean it's not looking,like much it's a load of gobbledygook,right,uh but that's the file that facebook,wanted us to uh,upload and hopefully we click verify now,it,should verify our domain name,so it should verify our name yep great,we're verified,and that's what we needed to do we,needed to get our domain name,verified so we are done and that's,the easiest way to do it uh the file,is really really easy now the the the,dns way that i said in the last way,is more of a longer term thing uh if,you're uploading the file as we have,done here,you can see that here and that needs to,stay there,right so if any web guy or anything like,that does any work,on here don't let them delete that right,you need to let them know that that's,there,because someone might take on your,website in a few years and they think oh,look that looks weird a load of,gobbledygook what's that,well it's there and it needs to stay,there or you won't be permitted to,advertise,right and so i recommend you do the dns,version as well because,that stays in your hosting and uh it,will always be there so you've got a,backup right,you've got two ways to do this uh,well there's three ways there was,another way which is a meta tag way,which isn't,the best way in my opinion so this one,was the,html file upload very simple there,and now we are verified which is good,news,uh and we can advertise more effectively,using ios,14 and beyond so that's it um i hope you,found that useful cheers guys

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